MG roulette (shoggoth)

Jun 7th, 2016
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  1. “So people are 50/50 on whether or not the guy actually controlled water?” Oliver asked as he passed his friend a beer. The two where talking on Oliver's front yard.
  3. “Yep, I'm telling you Ollie, either that guy is actually some kind of wizard or that network has some of the most hi-tech CG. It was kinda cool of you ask me.” Bill said as Oliver drank from his can. “Still, it does explain Charlie.”
  5. “Charlie? What's up with him?” Oliver questioned
  7. “I was gathering people last weekend for a drink up and he said he was busy showing his new girlfriend around the town. He mentioned using that email thing.” He said as he opened his can.
  9. “Like what they said on the talk show?” Bill nodded before he took a swig. Oliver got curious “Huh, what did he get?”
  11. “He put a pic up on his Facebook, hold on a sec” Bill got his phone out and showed Oliver a picture of Charlie and what he assumed was his girlfriend on his arm. She was a blushing Asian woman in a loose kimono with ridiculously long flowing black hair. He didn't think the woman was that weird until he noticed that her hair was wrapped tightly around Charlie's other arm and chest.
  13. “What's up with the hair?” Oliver asked
  15. “Apparently that's her `thing` as she's something called a Kejourou.” Bill said. “He didn't say much but according to him that hair the is greatest thing he's ever experienced.”
  17. “Experienced?”
  19. “His words, not mine and with the giddiness when he told me I don't wanna know.” Bill finished with a shrug. “So… don't you want to try out the one you have?”
  21. Oliver looked at his own phone. He had received the e-mail last week and had been thinking about it since. “I'm still not sure, I mean, I could get anything.”
  23. “Isn't that part of the fun, finding out what your girl looks like? Hell, they haven't failed in the looks department as far as I've seen. Hey if you don't want to press it I will.” Bill suggested.
  25. “Its on my E-mail address, even if you press it, it'll probably still work as if I did it.” Oliver said.
  27. “Then what are you waiting for?” Bill said eagerly.
  29. Oliver was getting annoyed. “Why do you even what me to? This isn't even for you!”
  31. “I get to see one of these girls in person! Come on, you might get one London hasn't seen before, who could say no to that?”
  33. Oliver was still unsure. “But what if but if they don't like-”
  35. “Just push the button man!” Bill almost growled
  37. “Ok fine!” Oliver huffed as he opened the e-mail and clicked the button page.
  39. *Shoggoth*
  41. “So? What did you get?” Bill said.
  43. “The thing says Shoggoth, it rings a bell but I can't remember. You heard of one of those?” Oliver said as he opened up a browser on his phone.
  45. Bill looked thoughtful. “I don't think I have.”
  47. “I'm going so see what google images has.” Oliver said as he searched on-line and paled a little at the numerous pictures of the monster he had apparently invited to meet him. The being was a mass of tentacles, slime and eyes. He wasn't actually sure what he was looking at.
  49. “So what kind of animal is a Shoggoth?” his friend asked
  51. “I have no clue.” He said as he handed bill the phone to look at the Images. “It looks one of those `it came from the darkness` movie things. How am I supposed to talk to a thing like that?”
  53. “Well you can't back out now.” Bill said with and chuckled when Oliver sent him a accusing look. “Don't be like that Ollie, I've heard that there are slime girls around that look quite nice despite being made out of... whatever they are. I bet it'll be fine.” He gave the phone back to Oliver and went back to his beer.
  55. Oliver then used the web to find out more info on this creature and skimmed the wiki page. “Dammit, I knew the name was familiar.” he grumbled.
  57. “What's wrong now?” Bill said while crushing the beer can and tossing it into the trash.
  59. “This Shoggoth thing is from lovecraft's stuff. Of all the mythical and fictional thing I could have gotten I get a cosmic horror!” He ranted, putting his hand through his hair.
  61. Bill was going to respond before a noise was heard from inside Oliver's house. “That must be her. You gotta tell me how it goes.” He said as he moved to leave.
  63. Oliver was a bit angry. “Hang on, you give me crap for not pushing the button and now your just gonna go? The hell man?”
  65. “Why would you want to have your best friend next to you while your trying to hit it off with a woman? Your better than that.” Bill said flatly. “I may be eager to see one of these girls in person but if I'm there I'd be grilling her for hours when today should be about you and her.”
  67. “Yeah but-”
  69. “Don't worry it'll be fine, besides would they really let her be on their game-e-mail thing if she was dangerous?” Bill tried to reassure his friend. “Maybe she a really nice girl?”
  71. A sound like something breaking came from the house. Oliver sighed. “Either way, it sounds like if I don't get in there soon, my hose will be trashed, I'll tall to you later about this.”
  73. “Right, I'll be off, Introduce me later if it goes well later Ollie” And with that, Bill headed down the road to his own house.
  75. “Welp, no time thing the present” Oliver muttered to himself as he finished his beer, trashed it and went indoors.
  77. “Hello?” Oliver shouted.
  79. Nothing, complete silence. And after hearing the noise from outside, This silence only annoyed him. He first looked around in the living room and there was nobody around.
  81. Entering the kitchen, Oliver tensed. There was a sense of something being off when he entered, it wasn't outright wrong, but something definitely felt different. But then where was the broken Item? There was nothing to say something had broke like what he had heard. The floor was spotless, so was the table, not at trace of a broken plate, or anything for that matter and that's when it clicked to him.
  83. The kitchen was `too clean` there was no dust, no spills as far as he could see. Oliver was no slob. But the Kitchen look like it wasn't lived in, if the intruder cleaned up the mess he would understand, but this was too much too fast, what was going...
  85. “Greetings” Came a voice from behind him.
  87. “Gah!” Oliver in one movement jumped in surprise and twisted round to see her, how the hell did she manage to get behind him and not make a soun...
  89. Thoughts drifted off as he stared into piercing yellow eyes. He took another step back to take a whole look at the intruder.
  91. Her skin was a shade of dark blue, and her hair that was a shade darker than her skin was long and a reached to her hips in a low ponytail with what seemed to be yellow decorations dotted along it, where his gaze was frozen trying to understand what he was seeing. Her arms and chest carried the same yellow decorations, even with paints of what looked like a stylised maid apron. But she had no legs. Where they should be was a mass of ever flowing goop coved in the same yellow decorations as before.
  93. The image search on google came back to him, those where no decorations, they where eyes. If this being was anything like her originator, then he was being watched form a about twelve different places on her body.
  95. Oliver looked bake up to the inhuman woman's face. She has the same sweet smile as if she took no offence to him examining her. With the feeling of being embarrassed that he just took some time ogling a woman instead of greeting her back overtaking the fear of what this woman is, he cleared his throat and straightened up. He thought to himself that he wont be eaten if he's nice, right?
  97. “Um... hi, I take it you are here for the e-mail right?”
  99. “Yes Sir, if I may ask, are you the one who called me?” The Shoggoth polity asked.
  101. “Yeah that would be me. My name is Oliver and you don't have to call me sir.”
  103. “Nonsense Mister Oliver, Respect is to be given all times unless in detestable company that do not deserve it, to do otherwise is to be shamefully rude.” Her words where as stern as they were polite.
  105. “I see...”
  107. “Ah! Here a am talking about manners when I haven't introduced myself! My apologies Mister Oliver.” She said before taking a bow. “My name is Caro Retorta, Caro for short.”
  109. Feeling awkward about her politeness, Oliver decided to move on. “So what was that sound earlier, did you break something by accident?”
  111. “I had broken a plate upon my arrival, no need to worry Mister Oliver it has been taken care of.” Caro said. “I have also taken care to clean this kitchen, is it to your liking Sir?”
  113. Oliver took a look around the room again. “I think its nice, but how did you do so much so fast?” He asked curiously. The broom and mop were nowhere to be seen and there were no track marks.
  115. The eyes across her body flashed before she talked again. “I have my ways Sir. I have learned of the the years to be...” she paused as a tentacle seemed to emerge from her back with a wet sound and dust her own shoulder off. “..Efficient.”
  117. The sight of the tentacle worried Oliver and he took a shaky step back. He could stop looking between the Shoggoth and the appendage that waved in the air like it had a like of it is own. The yellow eye on it that he was sure was staring at him didn't help matters.
  119. “Sir, you appear to be sweating, is everything okay?” Caro asked.
  121. “Uh no, every thing is fine.”Oliver stuttered as he took another step back, only this time Caro was creeping forward.
  123. “Nonsense, it seems to be distracting you, I'll shall take care of it.” The Shoggoth stated firmly as she approached.
  125. Oliver continued to back off only to realise he had backed himself into a wall. Trembling in fear he watched as the tentacle reached over to his forehead, the tip to his amazement morphing into what looked like a handkerchief. Distracted by trying to figure that out, the sensation of his forehead getting rubbed by what felt like cotton brought his mind back to the present. For a second there was a pause and He could see the Caro's smile brighten up in a way that sent a chill down his spine as her caress resumed with more vigor and soon she spreaded her wiping to his cheeks.
  127. He couldn't tell how long this had be going on for before the wiping stopped and he felt the cloth pull back, while he couldn't say he didn't like the experience but his focus was on the shoggoth with worry. She didn't put her extra limb away but instead another grew from her back. Both of them looked to be twitching in excitement. But it was the look on her face that stopped him from asking what was going on. Her `main eyes` had a gleam of both approval and adoration and she seemed to be taking deep breaths.
  129. “Mi-mister Oliver. ” Caro's entire body was rippling with what could be discipled as eagerness as more and more tentacles emerged from her body, even her hair had extended and split into tendrils as the calm smile fell away and a wide grin took is place “It appears that your are drenched, don't worry, I shall clean it all!”
  131. Before he could protest, Oliver was swarmed by limbs and was more or less covered in them. Each seeming to be exploring a different part of his chest, arms and legs, leaving out the more private areas apart for the occasional grope. While this was going on Caro's face look to be one in bliss. He didn't know why, but he was more trying to struggle out of her hold than trying to observe her.
  133. “Yes, this will do nicely, very nicely” She sad as her main body waved side to side in joy as the rest of her continued to work. “Don't worry mi... master, I'll be done soon. Just allow me to take care of you a bit longer.”
  135. After what felt like hours, Olivier was finally placed down. “How are you feeling master?” Caro asked while she returned to a normal state. Her face was that's thing to turn back into a simple smile. But her body kept a “flushed look.”
  137. With a `out of place` Expression, Oliver glanced at the Shoggoth. He had to take a pause before anger and confusion had him shout the house down. “I've never felt cleaner in my life, I also don't think I've been manhandled like that before, what the hell was that about?”
  139. “My apologies master” The shoggoth said. “I was caught up in getting to know my master. I shall not do that again without your consent.” she sounded sincere with her words and Oliver was finding hard to hold on to his anger.
  141. Oliver's brain took note of a change and he shook himself out of his dazed state. “What do you mean by master?”
  143. “I have deemed you my master. As your maid I shall serve your every need.” She said with resolution in her voice and a deeper bow than before.
  145. “But, you just met me, how can you just devote yourself?” Oliver asked.
  147. “Nothing to worry about master, I assure you I know what I'm doing. Everything I need to know about you I already know, and now that I belong to you, I can get the joy of discovering your preferences.” It was quite clear that she was set on doing this for him. It was charming in its own way so he guessed bill was right in that sense. “Now master, what do you desire?”
  149. “I don't know, I've never had a...maid before.” He said with shrug. “let me think” he was about to grab a chair. Before he was stopped by Caro's hand.
  151. “What are you doing master?” She asked. It was still polite but there was a sense of displeasure.
  153. “Uh... grabbing a chair?” he was not sure what brought this on.
  155. “Please, allow me.” Without saying anything further, a piece of her streched and separated form her to morph itself into a chair. “Here you are master.”
  157. “You don't need to do to that you know.” He told her.
  159. “Nonsense master, if I can provide the best then I shall give it.” She said with pride.
  161. Oliver contemplated for a second before sitting down on the chair made of.... her... he decided not to think to deeply about it, more so as Caro let out a satisfied hum when he was seated. “Thanks Caro”
  163. “No need master, it's my duty to serve.” She said still with that ever pleasant smile. But she was twitching a little.
  165. “Are you ok?” He asked her
  167. “I'm fine, it just feels so good to serve my master” she told him.
  169. Oliver was about to ask her what she meant until a thought came to him. He poked his chair and Caro almost jumped with a pleased squeak.
  171. “So you can feel that, right?” He asked as he started to prod the chair.
  173. “Y-yes master” The shoggoth said but her smile was strained in a weird way.
  175. Ideas and thoughts came one after the other until Oliver just decided that some punishment was in order. A grin came to his face he continued his gentle assault on the living furniture with the shoggoth happily shuddering under the sensation. And just when her moans got loud, he suddenly stopped and stood up.
  177. “Master? Why did you stop?” She was maintaining her straight face quite well, if it weren't for the hunger for more that was now in her eyes.
  179. “Think of it as punishment for losing yourself earlier. I will finish later but for now” He said as he sat in a normal chair. “You don't get to touch me”
  181. “Yes master.” She didn't sound unhappy, probably due to Oliver not saying `never again` or her mindset as a maid would not allow her to go against him now.
  183. “I think we need to talk about ourselves, I want to know what you can do so it doesn't surprise me and I can handle things as they come.” Oliver told her.
  185. Caro looked a bit too happy. “Master wishes to learn about be?”
  187. The afternoon and night went by as Oliver and Caro conversed with each other. At night, Oliver went to sleep in and woke up the next day covered in a fluffy purple moving blanket. Deciding he liked the feel, he choose to sleep in today and set some rules for her later.
  189. Before he fell asleep, he thought that this must be what Charlie was feeling with that woman's hair. This must be what he meant by `experience`.
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