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TRE w/ Tube Mode & first run info

Sjorec Mar 13th, 2018 176 Never
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  1. https://youtu.be/y1-xtqJ_ulY
  3. It was recently discovered that Teleporter Room Early can be done with Tube Mode, only on English/PAL versions of the game. This saves close to an hour in the Any% English/PAL category, and cuts out most of chapter 4, and all of chapter 6. On the Japanese version, any stick spin storage gets cancelled when Mario's in the air, so it doesn't work. Because we don't get Ultra Boots, Palace Skip requires an item drop, so that sucks.
  5. I'm going to pick up Ms. Mowz in this run to make Palace Skip a bit easier. It's a pretty big detour, but it doesn't mess up any important menus, and that's mainly why I'm doing a run right now. I'll start skipping her very soon after I seriously return to this category, whenever that will be.
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