SCP SL MIB server rules

Dec 23rd, 2019
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  1. Rules for this server:
  2. No Racism(Don't even joke about Racism).
  3. Staff have final choice in matters(if you feel staff were incorrect, create a ban appeal on the discord).
  4. No Advertising other servers, without management's explicit approval.
  5. No abusing the bots in any way.
  6. No scamming.
  7. Bot commands go in #bot-commands.
  8. Playing ear-rape anywhere in the server will get you muted, don't do it.
  9. Do not post any NSFW content.
  10. Do not leak other's personal info.
  11. No Game throwing. Intentionally setting off nuke as SCP, suiciding in a winnable position etc
  12. Common sense rule applies(no hacking, glitching exploiting, no arguing with staff etc)
  14. RP Rules:
  15. TK is allowed, NO MASS TK
  16. Inter role teaming is frowned upon and in mass occurrences may result in a kick or ban, but it is allowed
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