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  1. Alright comrades, I'm gonna tell you everything.
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  5. First things first, I apologize for the rape joke. I didn't mean to excuse my behavior earlier, I was merely explaining it. I understand that those kinds of jokes can contribute or normalize rape and also be hurtful to victims of rape or abuse. For that reason they are not ok.
  7. The channel where this happened was only visible to those who chose to access it, so it wasn't exactly public although a lot of people were there but in any case I still regret it and am not trying to justify it. I don't joke about rape and this is the only instance that I've joined in something like this.
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  11. Secondly, yes its true me and Kennedy were close. She was younger then me but not illegal, and saying otherwise is simply bullshit. The people claiming she is 13 are lying. I have no idea where they could have gotten such an idea, unless it was a deliberate malicious lie.
  13. Anyway, we didn't announce this publicly because we thought it would look weird and could be used against the political movement.
  15. We met online and identified with each other. Imo we were both kinda fucked up suffering from similar mental conditions, me from anxiety disorder and she from depression. We never met irl but spoke online quite a bit. And we were close.
  17. We spoke rarely after a certain individual threatened her about releasing information about her and trying to attack my political "reputation". I am convinced this person hated her for personal reasons. They never blackmailed or threatened me, only her, but I heard about the threats and blackmail from her.
  19. What is the point of attacking us now months after all this happened? I believe I know the reason but they are personal and irrelevant so I won't speculate about it here.
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  23. I believe many people's concerns are genuine and that is fair. But many are obviously only trying to exploit this for political reasons. They dragged Kennedy into this, and when she explained her side of the story and asked to not spread shit about her they blocked her. That is vile.
  25. What I will say is this, people can think what ever they like about me. I don't know them personally, and they don't know me. I dont care to know them either. But I refuse to let this be used as some kind of political weapon. My personal reactionary behavior and stupidity has nothing to do with the ideology. You don't have to like me, but don't act like this has something to do with politics. I know my haters and political enemies have been jumping with joy since this happened but people should realize that some of them are just full of shit.
  27. To all those genuinely concerned, I apologize. I'm excusing nothing. Accept my self-criticism or not.
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