Anon - Marron 2

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >You are Marron
  2. >And right now you're jumping on the clouds in the sky, enjoying yourself as you hop from cloud to cloud admiring your great big, very adult wings
  3. >Cus you're a big boy
  4. >And they're for you
  5. >And only you
  6. >As you glide about you find yourself closing your eyes and mouth waters
  7. >Cooooooookieeeees
  8. >You instinctively flutter after the scent
  9. >But it's getting weaker now!
  10. >Your eyes pop open and flap your wings faster after them
  11. >Don't let them get awaaaaaaaay
  12. >Flapping as fast as you can you race for the doughy goodness
  13. >After awhile you give up the chase
  14. >It was taking to long and you feel tired
  15. >You dive down and plop on a cloud
  16. >Your body flops from one cloud to another as you slow down
  17. >Your eyes begin to close as your sleepiness takes you
  18. >Your nap begins just as you were about to land on a small cloud in front of you
  20. >You lift your head
  21. >You're hungry
  22. >But you're still sleepy
  23. >You dig your head back down under a pile of pillows
  24. >You love your little pillow fort at the corner of the living room
  25. >One day dad forgot to return this stack of pillows back to the backroom while he was cleaning
  26. >You used it for a nap one time and he never moved them after that
  27. >He said you looked to adorable under all those pillows and rolls of blankets
  28. >Of course you objected
  29. >But you feel asleep again
  30. >Since then you've arranged the fluffiest and fattest pillows underneath you and the lightest of them on top with the blankets wrapping it all up together
  31. >You spend more time under your pillow fort than you do in your room
  32. >Should you even call it a room?
  33. >It's more like a giant closet
  34. >Yawning, you rest your head on your hooves
  35. >Sweet dre-
  36. >Your stomach hurts
  37. >...
  38. >You need food
  39. >It's well past breakfast and whatever food Dad made have been given away to the neighbors by now
  41. >"Daaaaaad?"
  42. >You hear nothing as you trot over to the hallway where he usually was when he wasn't with you
  43. >Well, nothing except the usual stuff dad has that makes lots of noise
  44. >Makes you wonder why he needs a few of those weird looking doohickies
  45. >Like that ones that goes up and down with a weird rubbery stick thing
  46. >You saw him and a mare using it
  47. >He was planting her on it while he tied her up
  48. >She made lots of weird noises too
  49. >Dad was circling her and calling her a bad girl while spanking her and biting
  50. >Whatever dad was doing it looks painful
  51. >Cus the mare was leaking stuff from the place Dad put the rubber piston thing into
  52. >Don't boys leak red stuff?
  53. >Girls are weird
  55. >You leave the area around the weird room and trot over near the kitchen
  56. >"Daaaaaaad?" you call out again
  57. >Still nothing
  58. >Your tummy is still grumbling and you scrunch your nose
  59. >Fooooooooooood, you want some fooooooooooooood, then you're gonna read one of Dad's big black books, then a nap
  60. >You love naps
  61. >Pushing the stools around yo nose through the various places around the kitchen
  62. >Nothing.... well, except a small chunk of some rice cake
  63. >Can't find anything
  64. >Hmmmm you could try making something...
  65. >Pancakes maybe? or cupcakes... or carrotcake...
  66. >Maybe spongecake! or honeycakes!
  67. >You only wish you know how to make them...
  68. >You've seen dad make them a lot of times
  69. >You're sure you can make it
  70. >You're smart like that
  72. >You dig up your apron and chef hat and get to making honeycakes
  73. >Why honeycakes?
  74. >Dad forgot to buy butter yesterday
  75. >And everyone knows pancakes without butter is the worst
  76. >You place a bowl and an oven tray to your side and lather it up with vegetable oil
  77. >Okay, since that's done now you need to-
  78. >...
  79. >You forgot the rest of the ingredients!
  80. >You scurry over to the pantry closet and swing it open
  81. >You'll need... honey, sugar, flour, salt, eggs... not everything is here and...
  82. >Oooooh! there's the flour!
  83. >You race over to the end of the room and hop over the sack of rice to get to the sugar
  84. >Poopy. It's higher than you thought
  85. >Bracing yourself against the shelves, you stretch your neck out to bite down on the bag of sugar
  86. >If only you had wings...
  88. >Dream you always has wings
  89. >Unless it's a weird dream
  90. >You get legless and you need to trot with your ears and butt
  91. >Everyone else was weird
  92. >Even the town was weird too
  93. >Everything was color green and the buildings were made from paper and cardboard
  94. >Dandelions with Dandelion's face were growing everywhere
  95. >All the flowers were Flower Tart
  96. >The sun was Orange Pop
  97. >Two weird looking ponies were whizzing around in the air
  98. >One was grey and had a two-tone blue mane wearing a police siren on her head going "eeeeeeeeeeeeee"
  99. >The other was a shiny, metallic mare with sharp teeth and stiff wings
  100. >Everyone else was weird too
  101. >Ms. Butterscotch clouds were ripping spray some aerosol spray and mushrooms pop out of them
  102. >And...
  103. >Hey... wait! You're busy! You need to go bake!
  105. >You push the stool over to the fridge, carrying a small basket with you
  106. >You're gonna need it to reach the top parts
  107. >You scan the insides of the machine for the ingredients
  108. >You're definitely gonna need eggs
  109. >Milk you guess
  110. >You remember Dad using oranges for something
  111. >What else would you need? hmmmmm...
  112. >Bay leaves look like a nice addition
  113. >So does that some of that aloe vera juice
  114. >And oregano
  115. >A bit of cream cheese
  116. >What else...
  117. >You like spicy stuff
  118. >Why not some peppercorns?
  119. >And some of that spicy oil full of hot peppers and chili!
  120. >After a little while getting some more ingredients with some struggling with and getting them in your basket, you hop down with some difficulty but you manage
  122. >You set the stuff in front of you
  123. >You don't remember Dad using that much stuff
  124. >His honeycakes are just right
  125. >So more means better right?
  126. >So yours will be the best ones ever!
  127. >Two cups of flour, some water, a few eggs, a bit salt, the things that have baking on them...
  128. >Of course the honey, a biiiiiiiig scoop of that stuff
  129. >You press the bowl to your small body and hold it down with your back legs
  130. >You get to mixing the base ingredients and start thinking how much of the rest of the stuff should you drop in the bowl
  131. >A hooffull of the bigger stuff and a pinch of the smaller ones should be enough
  132. >In goes the everything you've collected
  133. >You don't know what to do with the orange so you squashed it and dumped the juice and the rest of the orange into it
  134. >After awhile of mixing, it doesn't look like Dad's usual, but that's because your mix is special and new
  135. >You can't wait to eat it!
  136. >It got really hard to mix cus of the orange and maybe cus you didn't put enough liquids in it
  137. >So you mixed in some of the bottled stinky stuff Dad likes drinking
  138. >It smells like some weird, rubbing alcohol
  140. >You tried some but it tasted bad
  141. >And it made you feel warm
  142. >You don't like it much
  143. >And it made you feel funny
  144. >You didn't walk as straight or stay as still after that
  145. >You're not ever touching that stuff again
  146. >At least your batter looks pretty good now
  147. >But it looks lumpy
  148. >Whatever, you add some vegetable oil to the batter and make the last mixxing
  149. >Just as you were rummaging through the cabinets for the muffin cups, you hear something coming from the door
  150. >You pause and listen in
  151. >"Mari! Mari! Dandelion was asked by Orange Pop to tell you that Flower Tart said that-"
  152. >"Just tell me!" you squeak through the door and her banging against the door
  153. >"Wanna go out and get some free ice cream cake and muffins?"
  154. >"Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa" you tell yourself
  155. >It's the 25th birthday of the local dessert shop
  156. >And they have a one-day only free-for-all thing to celebrate
  157. >That must be where dad is
  158. >You look back behind you and stare at the mess you made
  159. >You don't feel like cleaning up
  160. >Free food is worth the scolding later
  161. >"Be out in a bit!" you shout to Dandelion
  162. >Food was all on your mind
  163. >Foooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  164. >"Hey! Don't call me that!"
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