Oct 14th, 2018
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POKéMON COBALT & AMETHYST cheat code list

I am NOT responsible for any damage if any of these codes break your save!

This list may not be 100% complete.

Bug fixing codes:

/setblock 15 68 21 redstone_block Bring back up the battle menu. May not fix all problems that can occur in battle.
/scoreboard players set YOURNAME BikeEnabled 0 Manually disables the bike
/scoreboard players set YOURNAME BikeEnabled 1 Manually enables the bike

Codes used for cheating:

/blockdata -78 32 -36 {Command:"scoreboard players operation expType expGain *= MULTIPLIER MULTIPLIER"} Replace both MULTIPLIER with (the same) one of the following: mul4, mul5, mul6, mul7 to get more EXP.
To revert EXP to normal use /blockdata -78 32 -36 {Command:"scoreboard players operation expType expGain += add1 add1"}

/setblock 16 68 -6 redstone_block Lets your foe´s pokémon faint! Do not use outside of battle or when foe did not send the new pokemon out.

/effect @p minecraft:night_vision 1000000 Use flash without having it.

/setblock -42 20 86 redstone_block Use Dig without having it.

/scoreboard players set @p repel NUMBER Sets your repel counter to NUMBER steps

/scoreboard players set @p money NUMBER Sets you money to NUMBER

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