Qt is not for Johnny

Aug 13th, 2018
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  1. Hi Guys,
  2. Interesting that IEEE ranked the programming languages like it did. However the website I have always used to determine programming languages is
  5. Now I'm not a fan of QT at all. It's a very complex system for simple UI's. It just has never fit my needs I guess. Now if I was a C++ programmer I may use it but because of the licensing I would probably shy away from it for anything that is commercial just because of the strange licensing.
  7. I would probably end up going towards wxWidgets if forced to use C++. However I'm a C programmer so I use a library called IUP check it out when you have a chance. It's simple and clean allows you to describe windows in a simple file format that can be loaded.
  9. There are even LUA bindings which I also like. IMHO for quick UI's IUP has been really good to me. Now I would have to say that QT would be the way to go for a team of programmers working on a larger project across platforms with mobile needs but for me it's just too much baggage.
  11. Just my 2¢ on your topics for this episode that interested me. Anyway keep up the good work guys. I'm enjoying the shows as usual.
  13. Thanks,
  14. Johnny
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