Jul 9th, 2017
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  1. JC:
  4. >21 years after Snard attack
  5. >New land mass is uncovered due to Snards removal from the ocean
  6. >Turns out there's an entire country preserved under a magic barrier on it, but no people.
  7. >When they break the magic seal, a shit load of dragons pour out of a portal as if they had been frozen in time.
  8. >Huge three way battle between dragons, people who want to kill them all, and people who want to let the Dragon population go back to normal.
  9. >After dragons cement themselves back as a thing, people fight over new land.
  10. >New kingdom is formed on it
  11. >Biggest chunk is seized by Albis, 2nd biggest is taken by Draculus 3rd is Golgear and the smallest is Lamina
  12. >Session Zero starts with the party on a boat named "The S.S. Peace Muffin" which was named by it's highest donater
  13. >Let party introduce themselves, get introduced to the border war concept, etc.
  14. >Ceadus attacks the ship
  15. >Crew gets fucked, party is given the chance to try and save the ship as a bonding exercise
  16. >Ship still gets wrecked, party washes up on shore anyway.
  17. >Rubble of the ship washed ashore, imply party should search it. If they pass a search check they find a couple of potions of cure light wounds.
  18. >Lamias try to sell them stuff.
  19. >Ask party where they want to go
  20. >It takes a long time traveling
  22. Albis: Halfling, Human, Elves, Orcs
  23. Starting Bonus: Max starting gold +10, starting weapon is free. (Not on player, in the ships storage.
  24. Dragons are: Hated
  25. Liked by: Golgarians, Likes: Neutral
  26. Hated by: Dracians, Hates: Dracians
  27. Primary Diety: None, but Bebesaw is common
  28. Draculus: Kobolds, Tiefling, Drow, Dragonborn
  29. Starting Bonus: Stackable +1 to convince like minded individuals, Draculus natives will often defend you.
  30. Dragons are: Loved
  31. Liked by: Lamina , Likes: Lamina
  32. Hated by: Albisians , Hates: Albisians
  33. Primary Diety: Jaceeras
  34. Golgear: Goblins, Tengu/Kenku, Dwarves, Warforged
  35. Starting Bonus: Start with all your gear, +1 on any roll involved with making/negotiating for gear.
  36. Dragons are: Tolerated
  37. Liked by: Neutral, Likes: Albis
  38. Hated by: None, Hates: Lamians
  39. Primary Diety: Chrona and Iscarion
  40. Lamina:Lamias
  41. Starting Bonus: Blessing of Ekwigia medalion (Favor with Lamias/Nagas/daughters of the roach.)
  42. Dragons are: Neutral
  43. Liked by: Dracians, Likes: Dracians
  44. Hated by: Golgarians, Hates: Golgarians
  45. Primary Diety: Ekwigia
  46. IDEAS:
  47. >Everyone has a boon that proves their a citizen of their country.
  48. >Party washes ashore Laminas East most shore.
  49. >Lamias try to sell them shit.
  50. >Party has to decide which way to go.
  51. >Party realizes they're homeless because they never got their deeds.
  52. >Party gets a bit of land or an old building that they can renovate for a variety of different things.
  53. >Depending on what the party chooses for their country they will have a harder time progressing between borders
  54. >No-Death Fight pits
  55. >Giants and halflings used as a fun dice game to bet things.
  58. >Isauras Dragon polymorphed as a small tiefling child. (Polymorph any object, 8th level spell, only should last a week at a time so imply she vanishes from time to time.)
  60. >Draculus is trying to revive a dragon god, doesn't know it's an evil one.
  61. >If the party can't figure out its evil and/or stop them from summoning it then everyones fucked.
  62. >Draculus is lead by the combo of the renegade princess Isaura and the freedom fighter Omiko.
  64. >Lamina is so caught up in selling its artifacts for coin that they don't bother translating them. Turns out some of them have unknown information about dragons lost to time.
  66. >Golgear is obsessed with advancing tech and artificial intelligence, and thus view the sentient constructs Chrona created as beautiful and ideal. They obsess an unhealthy amount over Chrona and especially Aigis.
  67. >Chrona is eventually found crucified in the main town in Golgear.
  69. >Albis has lost its identity in many ways after the shenanigans of last campaign. In many ways for the better, but in general it has left them weaker.
  70. >Subquest to save Dragon eggs from Albis Territory.
  72. >The monolithic white city in the center of the island is protected by a barrier, and past that a stone wall.
  73. >The city has 3 forms. Partially raised by default, raised towards the sky like a tower, and finally flush to the ground in it's final state.
  74. >The area beneath the tower is open like a giant missle silo. There are two magic circles (one on the bottom of the tower and the other at the bottom of the pit) that when touched together grant a wish "Powerful enough to resurrect a God, or kill it where it stands."
  75. >This wish cannot result in the return of "The D"
  76. >Riggs Puppet wants this wish.
  77. >Riggs will mind control as many bards as it takes to get there.
  78. >There are a shit ton of bards who idolize Riggs Stonecaster and call themselves the "Sons of Riggs"
  79. >Sons of Riggs all have Riggs themed stuff like Puppets, clothes, instruments, etc and name themselves something akin to Riggs Stonecaster such as "Biggs Boneblaster" or "Smiggs Moanfaster"
  82. - ***Treasure of the Frozen Chasm*** (CLAIMED)
  83. Location: Frozen Chasm
  84. "Claimed by an unregistered party, no data available"
  86. - ***Bard Pandemic***
  87. Location:All of New Snardia
  88. Reward:10,000 gold
  89. "There's been a slew of attacks by a group of bards calling themselves 'The sons of Riggs', the high council of New Snard is offering a bounty for information or new material that could help bring an end to these attacks. Payment will only be given out for new content."
  92. - ***TEMPLATE***
  93. Location:
  94. Reward:
  95. " "
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