Yin Ying

Dec 1st, 2014
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  1. Name: Yin Ying
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Unicorn
  4. Class: Voodoo Doctor (Shaman/Necromancer)
  5. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  6. Age: 24 (nearing 25)
  8. Skills:
  9. -Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  10. -Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  11. -Hornlight: spell; Never get caught in the dark without a light again. You can use your horn to cast a minor light spell illuminating your immediate area or as a flashlight to search for objects. +1 bonus to perception at night or in dark areas. This cannot be used to blind enemies.
  12. -Friends on the Other Side: passive; can count shadows of characters as targets for commune and raise dead. Gives one pet mastery point.
  13. -Commune: spell; ask the dead for aid. The better you roll, the more helpful they are. Crit fail summons a hostile undead.
  14. -Raise Dead: spell, ranged; raises the freshly dead as a mindless undead minion. Undead have double the Hits they had in life, but no wounds. As long as they have more than one Hit remaining, any damage that would render them helpless instead leaves them at 1 hit. Once an Undead loses all hits, it crumbles to nothing. Crit fail summons a hostile undead. If no nearby corpses are available, the spell can still be cast with a crit fail range of 3-.
  15. -Night: Spell; Can bring forth localized darkness that envelops everything nearby. Roll determines duration and intensity. Things are harder to see in the dark, making it easier to hide, slip past enemies and do other things.
  17. Talent: Cutie Mark is a shadow of a unicorn; +2 to Raise Dead
  19. Inventory:
  20. Purse
  21. -TONS of new bits from Cool Breeze
  22. -Gem Radar
  23. -Glasses
  24. -Doppleman (Battle Pet)
  25. -Bladed Zhe Shan War Fan
  27. Appearance:
  28. Female Unicorn, white coat with black mane, wears thin glasses and has her mane done up in a neat bun with the folding fan passed through. Tail is likewise neatly kept in a neat bun. Born and raised in Chineigh. Carries an edged war fan that can be thrown with her telekinesis or used as a weapon at close range. Specializes in communication with the shadows and can summon them at will, including her own which stands at her side as a constant minion to watch over her from the darkness.
  30. AURA: Blue
  32. Blue Aura grows from the body and hangs onto it, like a block. It covers the body, shielding it from harm. Manipulating the shape of blue aura is a nearly impossible task. However, breaking an armor made from Blue Aura is almost equally as difficult. As a result, Blue Aura users are typically seen on the front line. Blue Aura has next to know range and does not budge. Blue Aura is serene. As a result, it has a unique connection to the life around it.
  34. Blue Aura users are typically calculating thinkers. They use their logic to dictate their actions before they use their emotions. That is not to say that they do not feel. They simply keep it inside. Or, in more cases than Blue Aura users like to admit, they bottle it up until it forces its way out. Blue Aura users are typically stubborn, but possess a sincerity that some find appealing.
  36. a. Hard as Steel: Blue Aura is as unbreakable as the pony that wields it, giving them +1 to hits and +2 to wounds
  38. b. If You Can Dodge a Wrench...: you'll be much happier in life. However, if you can't dodge the wrench, you will find yourself in much the same situation anyone hit by a mass of Blue Aura feels. Every offensive attack done by a Blue Aura user does an extra hit of damage.
  40. c. Mental Prowess: Not only can Blue Aura users sense life, they're mental superiority allows them to overwhelm it, giving them a +1 to mental rolls. They are also able to roll to sense life regardless of what skills they possess.
  42. d. I've Fallen And I can't Get Up: Much as you would expect, knocking down a tower of steel makes it very difficult to get back up. Blue Aura users have a -1 to getting up, as does anyone who rolls to help them up.
  44. School: Summoning
  46. The world is alive. Even that which appears dead or inanimate has aura latent within it. Summoning magic uses that latent power to its fullest potential. Using the essence of life, Aura users may affect the world around them or even summon alternate forms of life.
  48. a. Elemental Conjuring: Once per session, the Aura user may summon natural disasters depending on their element. Some examples include a flood if they have the water element, a flash fire if they have the fire element, an earthquake if they have the earth element, or a tornado if they have the air element. In combat, these disasters cause the offensive effect of the element on a larger scale and wider area. Out of combat, the disasters may help the party overcome obstacles. Some Secondary and Tertiary Elements may have their own natural disasters.
  50. b. Little Helper Pony: The Aura user turns its own aura into a miniature version of itself, summoning life into it. It is capable of performing any non-offensive action the original is capable of doing. However, it will disappear after failing. Since the little helper is an extension of the user's willpower, the little helper shares cooldowns with the user.
  53. Blue Aura is as sturdy as the earth, +1 to the conjuring of Earth-based disasters.
  55. Blue Aura little helpers cannot disappear. However, they are also sluggish. When they do fail, they are unable to do anything next turn.
  57. POWER GEMS: 7 (4 Gecko, 3 Nepharsisus)
  58. Abilities Pool(2)
  59. +2 to Raise Shadow (5 (1 + 4))
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