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  1. PREFIX: '&6Auction > &f'
  2. LANG:
  3. CONSOLE: Console
  4. MSG:
  5. ERROR: Error occured, please contact the server owner.
  6. INGAMEONLY: This command can be used only in the game.
  7. NOACCESS: You don't have access to do this.
  8. AUCTIONSNOTLOADED: Auctions aren't loaded yet, please try again later.
  9. NOTLOADED: Your data isn't loaded yet, please try again later.
  10. PLAYERONLY: This command can be used only in the game.
  11. FULLINVENTORY: You don't have enough free space in your inventory.
  12. GAMEMODEBANNED: You can't access auctions when in the %gamemode% gamemode.
  13. USAGE:
  14. SUBCOMMAND: 'Invalid command usage. Correct usage: %usage%'
  15. AUCTION: 'Invalid command usage. Correct usage: /auc start [quantity] [start price]
  16. [increment] [time in seconds]'
  17. BID: 'Invalid command usage. Correct usage: /bid <auction id> [amount]'
  18. ENDED: This auction has ended, please wait until it gets updated.
  19. AUCTION:
  20. RELOAD:
  21. RELOADED: Configuration reloaded!
  22. CANCEL:
  23. BROADCAST: 'Auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) has been cancelled by the
  24. seller.'
  26. CANCELLEDBY: 'Your auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) was cancelled by %player%.'
  27. BROADCAST: 'Auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) has been cancelled by %player%.'
  28. CREATE:
  29. QUANTITY: quantity
  30. PRICE: price
  31. INCREMENT: increment
  32. DURATION: duration
  33. VALUEINVALID: Invalid %setting% specified.
  34. VALUETOOLOW: Too small %setting% specified. You have to specify at least %value%.
  35. VALUETOOHIGH: Too high %setting% specified. You can't specify more than %value%.
  36. TOOFEWITEM: You need at least %quantity% x %item%&f to start the auction.
  37. NOITEM: You must hold an item in your hand to start an auction.
  38. BANNEDITEM: You can't put up this item for an auction.
  39. LIMIT: You can't run more than %limit% auctions at the same time.
  40. CREATED: You put up %quantity% x %item%&f for an auction.
  41. BROADCAST: '%player% put up %quantity% x %item%&f for an auction #%id%! Starting
  42. price: $%startingprice%, bid increment: $%increment%, duration: %duration%'
  43. END:
  44. BOUGHT:
  45. BOUGHT: '%buyer% won your auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) with a bid
  46. of $%price%.'
  47. BOUGHTBY: 'You won %seller%''s auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) with
  48. a bid of $%price%.'
  49. BROADCAST: '%buyer% won auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) with a bid of
  50. $%price%.'
  51. NOBIDS:
  52. ENDED: 'Your auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) ended with no bids.'
  53. BROADCAST: 'Auction #%id% (%quantity% x %item%&f) ended with no bids.'
  54. BID:
  55. ID: auction ID
  56. AMOUNT: amount
  57. VALUEINVALID: Invalid %setting% specified.
  58. CANNOTBIDOWN: You can't bid on your own auction.
  59. CANNOTBIDLASTBID: You have already placed the highest bid, wait until someone overbids you.
  60. CANNOTBIDNOTINPROGRESS: You can bid only on auctions in progress.
  61. TOOFEW: You have to bid at least $%amount%.
  62. NOTMULTIPLY: The increment has to be a multiply of $%amount%.
  63. FIXEDONLY: You can't choose the bid amount, this auction has a fixed increment of $%increment%.
  64. CANNOTAFFORD: You can't afford to place the bid.
  65. BID: 'You successfully placed bid of $%price% on auction #%id% (%quantity% x
  66. %item%&f).'
  67. BIDBROADCAST: '%player% placed bid of $%amount% on auction #%id% (%quantity%
  68. x %item%&f).'
  69. EXPIRE:
  70. EXPIRED: 'Your unclaimed item from auction #%id% has expired.'
  71. AUCTION:
  72. SELLER:
  73. NONE: none
  74. BUYER:
  75. NONE: none
  77. NONE: none
  78. STATUS:
  79. CANCELLED: cancelled
  80. CANCELLEDADMIN: cancelled by admin
  81. INPROGRESS: in progress
  82. ENDEDSOLD: sold
  83. ENDEDENDED: expired
  84. GUI:
  85. CONFIRM: '&a&lOK'
  86. EXPIRED:
  87. TITLE: Auction expired
  88. MESSAGE: '&c&lAuction expired'
  89. DESC: '&7This auction is no longer available.'
  91. TITLE: Auction cancelled
  92. MESSAGE: '&a&lAuction cancelled'
  93. DESC: |-
  94. &7You cancelled auction #%id%
  95. &7(%quantity% x %item%&7).
  96. BID:
  97. TITLE: Bid placed
  98. MESSAGE: '&a&lBid placed'
  99. DESC: "&7You successfully placed bid \n&7of $%price% on auction #%id% \n&7(%quantity%\
  100. \ x %item%&7)."
  102. TITLE: Couldn't place bid
  103. MESSAGE: '&c&lCan''t bid on your own auction'
  104. DESC: '&7You can''t bid on your own auction.'
  106. TITLE: Couldn't place bid
  107. MESSAGE: '&c&lCan''t overbid yourself'
  108. DESC: "&7You have already placed \n&7the highest bid, wait \n&7until someone overbids\
  109. \ you."
  111. TITLE: Couldn't place bid
  112. MESSAGE: '&c&lCan''t afford to bid'
  113. DESC: "&7You need at least $%amount% \n&7to bid on this auction."
  115. TITLE: Couldn't cancel
  116. MESSAGE: '&c&lAuctions cancelling is disabled'
  117. DESC: "&7Cancelling auctions has been \n&7disabled by the server owner."
  118. CLAIMED:
  119. TITLE: Item claimed
  120. MESSAGE: '&a&lItem claimed'
  121. DESC: "&7You claimed %quantity% x %item%&7 \n&7from auction #%id%."
  123. TITLE: Item claimed
  124. MESSAGE: '&a&lItem claimed'
  125. DESC: "&7You claimed %quantity% x %item%&7 \n&7from auction #%id%."
  127. TITLE: Price changed
  128. MESSAGE: '&e&lCurrent price has changed'
  129. DESC: "&7While you were bidding someone \n&7placed a bid and the price changed\
  130. \ \n&7from $%from% to $%to%.\n\n&7New price: &6$%to%"
  131. TIME:
  132. NOW: now
  133. LESSTHAN: less than %time%
  134. YEARS:
  135. SINGULAR: year
  136. PLURAL: years
  137. MONTHS:
  138. SINGULAR: month
  139. PLURAL: months
  140. WEEKS:
  141. SINGULAR: week
  142. PLURAL: weeks
  143. DAYS:
  144. SINGULAR: day
  145. PLURAL: days
  146. HOURS:
  147. SINGULAR: hour
  148. PLURAL: hours
  149. MINUTES:
  150. SINGULAR: minute
  151. PLURAL: minutes
  152. SECONDS:
  153. SINGULAR: second
  154. PLURAL: seconds
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