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Feb 25th, 2014
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  1. - Change: Magic Hoe now has infinite durability.
  2. - Change: Magical crops names don't have the word "Magical" infront of each anymore, it's subtext now.
  3. - Added: Arcane Fences, 12 Colours of arcane fences crafting with Tinted Wood.
  4. Known issue with these, they don't render there colour properly in inventories.
  6. - Added: 9 Different types of Juice.
  7. - Added: Juicer, used to make juice.
  8. - Change: Standard crop seeds are a little hard to find in tall grass.
  9. - Change: You now need nature essence to craft magic fertilizer.
  10. - Added: You can craft milk buckets from 4 essence around an empty bucket.
  11. - Added: Essence Bread, 5 types of bread which is craftable with essence when eaten will give you a specific potion effect.
  12. - Added: Raw Mutton and Squid meats which drops from Sheep and Squid, also cooked versions.
  13. - Added: Juice Berry Blast use 3 berrys with squeezer and bottle to get, restores 4 hunger.
  14. - Added: Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Pork Stew, made with cooked version of meat, tomato, sweetcorn and empty bowl.
  15. - Added: Sugar Cane crop and seeds, get seeds by putting to sugar canes in crafting table.
  16. - Added: Boiled Egg, Dried Red & Brown mushrooms and dried flesh, fills 1.5 hunger, made in furnace.
  17. - Added: Hunger tool tips to all food, showing how much it fills you, this is configurable on or off.
  18. - Fix: Thaumcraft golems now harvest and Plant Essence crops.
  19. - Added: Forestry compatibility for standard crop seeds, you can now use them in the squezer.
  20. - Changed: Re added all the crop textures, they now don't only use the same 3 for all crops, this was a bad move on my behalf for texture/resource packs, sorry.
  21. - Fixed: Wither Skull recipe has been changed to no longer conflict with xp bottle recipe.
  22. - Change: Name & color of infused diamond armor and infused diamond.
  23. - Added: Config option to change the new magic fertilizer recipe back to the older one(bonemeal).
  24. - Added: Epic Infused Armor, made with Infused armor and extreme essence it's the same as infused but has 3x the durability as infused diamond armor.
  25. - Fixed: Infused Diamond armor can now be repaired in anvils, with Infused Diamonds or for epic Extreme essence.
  26. - Updated New Thaumcraft 4.1 API.
  27. - Added: Ability to turn lamp of growth boost on or off in configs for Magical crops (Thaumcraft 4.1 only)
  28. - Added: 5 New types of Coal, Infused Coal, Dust, Weak, Regular, Strong and Extreme.
  29. Essence Coal Dust - 2x Longer than Coal
  30. Essence Coal Weak - 2x Longer than Essence Coal Dust
  31. Essence Coal Regular - 2x Longer than Essence Coal Weak
  32. Essence Coal Strong - 2x Longer than Essence Coal Regular
  33. Essence Coal Extreme - 2x Longer than Essence Coal Strong
  35. - BIG CHANGED: No more mod ingots/ores/gems added by this mod, it will now pull the item from the correct mod and use it instead of adding it's own.
  36. Warning, if you have a stock of ores/gems/ingots from magical crops they will be deleted when updating.
  38. - Fixed: Force Gems and Certus Quartz now all work perfect in any form not just in recipes.
  39. - Added: Infused Shard Crop for Thaumcraft, seeds and essence, these are used to craft Thaumcraft shards.
  40. - Added: Uranium Crop, seeds and essence, used to craft uranium ore, these will cause nausea and poison when walked over.
  41. - Added: New particle effects to fully grown element crops, fire, earth and water.
  42. - Fixed: Walrus bug fixed, no longer do walrus' next to crops help them grow.
  43. - Added: If a magical crops is next to an arcane fence, the arcane fence will become charged and will hurt mobs by 20 magic damage if they walk into it.
  44. - Changed: Food crop textures, thank you Chreaker!
  45. - Added: Infusion stones are now needed to craft a greater power of essence, each infusion stone can be updated with different powers of essence, alsoa master essence which can carft any tier of essence.
  46. - Added: New tool set, Essence tools, Pickaxe, axe, shovel and Sword. They are very expensive, but are unbreakable tools.
  47. - Changed: Recipe for Magic Hoe, now called Essence Hoe
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