Televised Haunting

May 24th, 2015
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  1. >You were always a big fan of horror movies so today you thought to do a marathon of them.
  2. >So earlier today you rented a good number of them.
  3. >The Tanuki running the video rental store had one movie that she couldn't get rid of.
  4. >It was unlabeled but she couldn't get rid of it so she gave it to you.
  5. >Surprisingly for free which was worrying in its own way.
  6. >Still you were really curious since no one else had rented out before.
  7. >And so from early afternoon to late evening you watched movie after movie for hours stopping only to use the bathroom.
  8. >Finally you make it to the mystery movie.
  9. >Oh boy oh boy
  10. >You put the movie in and play it, eager to see what will happen
  11. >Static at first. And the picture comes on with some dulled color
  12. >A house can be seen the distance. And then the front door opens up.
  13. >A woman with long hair exits the house, Some of the hair obscures her face so seeing her expressions is difficult
  14. >She walks toward the screen
  15. >A little too close in fact.
  16. >You wasted no time hiding behind the couch.
  17. >She exited the TV entirely and you peeked at her.
  18. >She's wearing a kimono whose color and designs had faded. It was also torn in a few places.
  19. >Her head slowly moved around, scanning the area around her.
  20. >She walked around just as slowly, toward the back of the couch.
  21. >You scrambled in the opposite direction but you made quite a bit of noise.
  22. >She went toward where you're hiding now.
  23. >And again you went away from her, back to your original hiding spot.
  24. >She didn't follow you though.
  25. >Actually you don't see her around anywhere. Did she leave...?
  26. >"Found you..."
  27. >That came from above you..?
  28. >Oh hell. Near the ceiling was your visitor. As she descended you went away from her but your back hit the wall
  29. >You still couldn't see her face except for her facial expression which was blank
  30. >She took a moment to fix her hair and when she was finished the rest of her face was visible. Just a blank stare
  31. >She's quite pretty actually which would be nice if you weren't scared for your life right now.
  32. >There was a long silence hanging in the air too. It was honestly more unnerving than anything else
  33. >"What are you going to do?" Not wanting it to last any longer you speak to her
  34. >She tilted her head and she seemed to put some thought into it.
  35. >She shrugged "I dunno...wanna see a movie or something?"
  36. >You didn't know what to say to that.
  37. >You stood up "Well all the theaters are closed by now, sorry to say."
  38. >"Aww..." She looked disappointed.
  39. >"But I have plenty of movies here if you want?" Keeping her on this mindset seemed like a good course of action. Making her mad wouldn't end well you felt.
  40. >You stood up and walked with her to your shelf of movies
  41. >"Pull one out and see what interests you." You gesture toward the movies.
  42. >She pulled them out and read the back of them
  43. >"" She put them back on the shelf one after, with a dissatisfied look on her face
  44. >Her eyes lit up some searching.
  45. >"Let's watch this one!"
  46. >The movie she showed you was one you watched over and over again when you were a kid.
  47. >But it's been years since you've seen it last so you agree to watch it for old time's sake.
  48. >The two of you plopped on the couch although your new companion made significantly less impact on the couch when she sat on it
  49. >You were kind of nervous sitting so close to her but you have a feeling she doesn't mean any real harm. At least that's what you tell yourself.
  50. >The machine you had to put the movie in was an old one, considered to be a relic by this point in time. You ejected the unlabeled movie you put in here earlier and set it aside.
  51. >But there were no problems getting it to play, luckily.
  52. >"Have you seen this one?" You asked her after starting the movie with the logos coming up.
  53. >"Nope. Seemed pretty cute though."
  54. >You didn't want to say anything more at this point as to not spoil anything. You're confident she'll like it.
  55. >You were both pretty silent as the movie played out. The ghost made some cute noises in reaction to what was going on in the movie
  56. >"That was pretty good!" She stated, with a beaming smile.
  57. >"Of course! It's a classic!" You felt a bit like a film snob for saying that.
  58. >You had some light discussion over some parts of the movie although now it was pretty late.
  59. >"Sorry if you wanted to watch another but I'm gonna go to bed for the night. What will you do now?
  60. >"Hmm..I dunno. I didn't really have a plan."
  61. >"Are you going to go back into" You wave the blank movie around she came out of in your hand
  62. >"Nah I don't need to anymore." She smiled and stared at you, giggling softly.
  63. >She didn't expand on what she meant by that so you decided to leave it at that and head to bed.
  64. >You slept fine without any interruptions. When you wake up though, there she was. Floating at the end of your bed.
  65. >"Good morning!" She smiled happily, you responded in kind
  66. >"Did you stay here the whole night?"
  67. >"Yep! You have a very nice house!
  68. >You get up and walk out your bedroom to find your rather messy living room has been tidied up a bit.
  69. >"Oh yeah I got kinda bored. Hope you don't mind" The ghost phased out of your room into the one you were in.
  70. >You didn't of course and told her as such.
  71. >Your pile of movies that you rented were now in a nice stack and put away.
  72. >That's right you need to return those later.
  73. >You eat breakfast while the ghost floated around, watching you eat sometimes. It wasn't anything too fancy but still good.
  74. >"So what plans do you have for today?" She curiously asked.
  75. >"Return the movies that you were so kind to put away properly to start."
  76. >She smiled at that and floated closer to you
  77. >"I'll come along if we can go to the theater afterwards."
  78. >Your day was pretty much open so you agreed to this.
  79. >After doing some cleaning up your meal you head out with your ghostly companion.
  80. >As you drove in the car, videos in tow, she was busy for awhile, looking around the car for nothing in particular.
  81. >She settled on draping her arms around your neck, stroking your chest alittle with her hands with her body phasing through the seat.
  82. >It was a pretty quiet drive aside from her teasing you by playing with your cheek or earlobe, followed by giggling.
  83. >Even after stepping out of the car with the movies in hand she clung to you.
  84. >She was a bit cold to the touch but not uncomfortably so.
  85. >When you stepped inside the video store the Tanuki running the place eyes you and the ghost
  86. >She smirked and laughed a little "Wow, did you really watch all those? Beginning to end?"
  87. >"Yup. Just like I said."
  88. >"Nice see you too." She looked over at the ghost hanging on to you.
  89. >"Huh? You two know each other?"
  90. >She just chuckled and nodded, not saying anything more.
  91. >You had hoped your friend would say something about it but she didn't.
  92. >None of the movies interested you for right so after returning the movies the two of you drove off again. The theater you had in mind was a bit from the store and wasn't a very fancy one. A side result of living in the middle of nowhere you suppose. There weren't too many of them in this town.
  93. >The rather bland look of the theater didn't quell the ghosts' excitement any though. She didn't even wait for you to park the car; She floated out of it and started bouncing around with excitement. But it'd be more accurate to say she floated up and down.
  94. >But you didn't really think through which movie to watch
  95. >You walked over to the posters with her and looked them over.
  96. >This selection of movies covers a wide range of genres. A few action flicks, sappy romantic stuff, a horror flick that you've been meaning to go out and see but have been too lazy.
  97. >Even though it was a modest theater they still had a good number of movies to choose from.
  98. >"Which one do you want to see?" the ghost drifted around, looking thoughtfully at the posters
  99. >"I'm kinda leaning toward this one" you point to the horror flick. It was pretty well received from what you've read about it.
  100. >"Oh that looks too scary..How about this one instead?"
  101. >She pointed to the action flick. That one was also liked by many. You haven't seen it since you're more into horror.
  102. >But what the hell why not?
  103. >You nod "OK Let's go for it."
  104. >Walking inside you order two tickets for the movie. The clerk seems confused that you would order two.
  105. >You wonder why and look behind you only to find that she's gone. You doubt she changed her mind so maybe something else must've come up?
  106. >You decide to order one ticket instead. You weren't in the mood for popcorn or drinks so you skipped out on those.
  107. >When you went to the showing you found her there alone, sitting on the seat.
  108. >"Oh good, you're here. It's just been trailers so far."
  109. >You plop down next to her and ask why she disappeared.
  110. >She winks "Wanted to save you some money."
  111. >Well that's thoughtful of her but you're a little worried you might get in trouble.
  112. >Or maybe the staff are used to ghosts coming and going to watch movies as they please.
  113. >Ah well. It'll be fine. Probably.
  114. >After the last trailer played the movie began. Your ghostly friend let out an excited gasp.
  115. >And so the movie began
  116. >It was decently lengthy film. You found yourself enjoying it quite a lot actually. After all those horror movies last night it was nice to have a change of pace.
  117. >Of course your enjoyment of the movie was helped by the way your friend reacted during certain scenes. It was unbearably cute.
  118. >She also enjoyed the movie too and was totally absorbed in it.
  119. >When you left out the back door she went on and on about certain parts, that cool explosion, when the main character make that cool just went on and on. Her excitement was rubbing off on you too and you both enjoyed a nice discussion even on your way back home.
  120. >Once you got back home she calmed down some. She floated in front of you and hugged you.
  121. >"Thank you. I had a wonderful time." Her cool body sent some shivers down your spine.
  122. >You sat inside on the same couch where the two of you sort of met last night. The ghost floated next to you
  123. >There a question that was on your mind for awhile now though.
  124. >"So you're fun to have around but I gotta ask...How long do you plan on staying with me?"
  125. >She thinks and then stared at you with a smile. "Forever."
  126. >"Huh..?" That wasn't the sort of answer of you were expecting.
  127. >"I was wandering the world for a long time alone. Until I met that Tanuki from the shop. She has a Lich as a friend and she thought of the idea of putting me inside that blank disc. I dunno the details of how it was done but it's pretty neat."
  128. >She disappeared and then you felt her arms wrap around you from behind in a hug.
  129. >"She tried to give the disc to men who came to the shop but to no luck. You were the only one who actually took it."
  130. >It's then when you realize that your feet are no longer touching the ground. She is carrying you mid-air seemingly with no effort on her part.
  131. >When you panicked after seeing that, she chuckled a little. and held on to you a bit more tightly in response.
  132. >"Please don't try to get rid of me. I don't want to be alone again."
  133. >She moved one her fingers near your cheek and ran her finger along it slowly.
  134. >"Aren't you lonely too? You live far away from people and likely spend alot of time watching those movies judging by the size of your collection."
  135. >Her cool legs wrapped around your own legs. She started to drift around the house while still carrying you around.
  136. >"I can really leave if you want me to but is that what you want?"
  137. >"If you die alone and unloved you'll end up like me. So full of regret, asking yourself "what if.." questions and just wandering."
  138. >"Sure you'll have some fun haunting people at first but it kinda gets old after awhile..."
  139. >She went on and on about her regrets for sometime. She lists things she wished she did when she was alive, stories of cute boys she liked but was rejected by in one way or another..
  140. >You just continued to be embraced by the ghost, not knowing what to say or do in this situation. It was already bizarre and kinda cliche to have a ghost come out of your TV. But this was something else that you weren't excepting.
  141. >While you thought about these things and listened to her go on about her life she eventually finished which snapped you back to reality.
  142. >The both of you floated back down and she stood in front of you, a sad smile on her face.
  143. >"We haven't known each other for very long but I know I like you. Can I please stay?" She clasped her hands together and looked into your eyes, hopeful.
  144. >Ah man, now she was putting on her puppy dog eyes. Some of her earlier words were getting through to you too.
  145. >"Alright. You can stay." Damn she's cute. It's too hard to say no to her.
  146. >She lit up instantly at hearing your response, quickly floating around you in circles a few times.
  147. >"Yay! You won't regret it I promise!"
  148. >She hugged you again.
  149. >"But you know, shouldn't we get you some new clothes?" You took some of her kimono in your hand and tugged on it.
  150. >"That would be nice but then I wouldn't be as spooky!"
  151. >She stopped hugging you and floated near you, doing a stereotypical ghost pose, sticking her tongue, complimented by a "Oooooo..." from her
  152. >That made you chuckle, making your new roommate giggle in reply.
  153. >"How about just for formal occasions then?"
  154. >She thought about that and nodded in agreement.
  155. >The next day you had work to go to unfortunately. Some hours into your shift she popped up suddenly, declaring the chores to be done.
  156. >And then she'd hang around you for a few hours in, help you out in secret to everyone else or pulling small pranks on your co-workers.
  157. >Whenever she was done cleaning up the house she'd always come to seek you out at work.
  158. >Actually the idea of leaving you alone for too long seemed to bother her.
  159. >The two of you became inseperable. Whenever you went out to do an errand instead of telling her you'd be right back you just told her and she hurried along to your side, stopping whatever she was in the middle in.
  160. >It went without saying that the two of you eventually fell in love with each other.
  161. >Recently you have both enjoyed going on some small dates like just going on nature walks nearby town.
  162. >As you watch a newer movie at your place with your ghost girlfriend you're happy with the way things turned out and you can tell that she is too.
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