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ArtfulPony's Trip To the Store

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  1. One day Artful was walking through the market, doing some shopping for a nice little get together he was going to have with some his other friends. He pulled his checklist out from his saddlebags and glanced it over:
  2. > Apples
  4. > Flour
  6. > Sugar
  8. > Eggs
  10. > Cream
  12. "All right, I can probably get all of this and make it back to the house to start making a cake :D"
  14. Artful's first stop was to get Flour and Sugar. He figured to get the heavier items first because not only did they not require to be chilled but it was good exercise, and he wanted to look rather fit for the upcoming summer season.
  16. "I'll take a bag of sugar and some flour please," Artful said to the mare behind the stand.
  18. "That'll be 10 bits."
  20. The response surprised Artful, normally such supplies wasn't so highly priced but he ended up paying it anyways, hoping that he will still have enough bits to get all the rest of the ingredients. Filling up his sack, Artful continued on under the nice refreshing sunlight, picking up all the rest of the groceries he needed. It was now past noon, and Artful got everything except for cream, the only thing left on his list. Artful checked his wallet to find a measly two bits left, which was not enough for the amount of cream he would need.
  22. Walking over to stand he prepared to come up with an idea to explain how he would pay the store owner back. "Maybe I could help with the gardening, or tidy up the farm or maybe I can get a tab? Nah, that's silly. Tabs are for bars and browsers," thought Artful. But his train of thought was soon interrupted as he came face to face with one of the most exquisite ponies he had ever seen. And as soon as Artful locked eyes on the store owner, all of his previous ideas flushed away. Artful just froze, jaw dropping as his eyes feasted at the glorious display of curves, muscle and tightness that was the shop keep's body.
  24. "Hey there, how can I help you," said the crimson stallion in a voice that could move not only mountains but practically the universe itself. His deep voice was glorious nectar to Artful's ears, and he wished he could just bask in the stallion's presence forever. Artful was in a trance, all he could think about was how godlike the stallion only hooves away from him was.
  26. Suddenly, Artful felt a nudge on his shoulder. Shaking his head, he broke out of his daydream to find that the red stallion was addressing him.
  28. "Um, you feelin' alright there?"
  30. "Oh, uh yeah...um, I just need some cream for a cake I'm baking but I don't have enough bits for it so I was thinking maybe I coul-"
  32. "Now hold on, don't ya'll worry I'll be happy to cover the bill for you. You seem like you're in a bit of a rush, so just worry about paying me later."
  34. "Um, really?" Artful said, not wanting to leave the presence of the dreamy stallion.
  36. "Eeyup, it's on me!" The stallion proclaimed in a voice that would hush the most rowdy of foals.
  38. "Look uh, you don't have to do that for little old me, um, I can pay it back, honest" Artful mumbled.
  40. "You seem a mite worried, is something wrong?" the stallion gazed onto the colt in front of him.
  42. "Look, um, I, uh...kinda and you are," Artful stammered trying to get the words together and tell him how he wanted to be with the glorious crimson colored stallion in front of him forever. Artful knew how uncommon it was for colts to like other colts, in this town it was hard to find someone who was attracted to the same sex. But that's not to say he didn't love mares, he just desired colts soooo much more. The stallion looked upon Artful in a confused fashion.
  44. "I uh, well...you're really..um...well," Artful continued to admire the toned curves of the pony in front of him, he noticed how well rounded his ass was and it was really starting to make him rather hot and bothered. As he continued to display his shyness, a stirring began to develop beneath him, his sheath starting to be brought to life And in the his entrancement, Artful was finally able to let it out.
  46. "I want you, be my stallion," Arty blurted, mind still sparking with various dirty positions and ideas.
  48. The red stallion paused for a bit. Artful realized what he had done and began to panic: "Oh Celestia, shit. Damnit now he'll think I'm crazy and everyone will know and I'll be a laughing stock an-," Artful's mind raced.
  49. "Why don't you come around back for a moment," the stallion gestured, preparing to close the stand to new customers. Artful just stood there, dumbfounded.
  51. "Come on, ya'll wanted me, ah don't have all day." Artful's mind skyrocketed, he could not believe what was going on as he walked into the stand.
  53. "Ya'll set your bags down."
  55. As Artful took off his bags he caught a glimpse of his stallion's tool. "Sweet Celestia! That's huge!" thought Artful in the biggest understatement of his life. The cock was easily larger than practically all the other colts Artful had seen, and it was thick. To top it off, it was glazed black, and shimmered in the light that poured in from the roof. It's as if Celestia herself designed the glorious member to be fit to penetrate gods. But as Artful was admiring the beautiful cock attached to the strong, toned stallion, he got a look at the largest pair of balls in his life.
  57. Artful was speechless. Fortunately, the narrator could easily tell you that if you were to take two average size apples, stick them in a ziplock and then made that your ballsack, that would basically be the view Arty was looking at. Drool escaped from Artful's mouth, not to be unnoticed by the stallion.
  59. "Ya'll are quite adorable with your staring like that, I can tell you like what you see~"
  61. Artful just stood there. Luckily, the stallion was able to take control of the situation, and approached the dazed colt, and brought him in close. Artful just stared directly into his stallion's eyes, they were like seas of passion, strength and love.
  62. Arty was lost in the daze, when he felt something touch his lips. Artful snapped out of it to realize that the stallion was kissing him on the lips. The smaller colt melted, relenting control to the bulky stallion in front of him, admiring how despite how strong and toned he was, he could be soft and delicate. The stallion poked his tongue into the colt's mouth, exploring his entranced admirer.
  64. Artful had lost it right there, he was in heaven. The feeling of the colt's tongue inside him, delicately caressing the workings of his mouth was pure, unprocessed bliss to him. He shuddered as the stallion carefully made himself known to Arty's insides. Artful moaned, feeling the colt's tongue resonate with the sound, and his eyes drooped. The bigger pony laid the small brown colt on his back as he continued to stay attached to him. It was too much, but then Artful felt a slippery object approaching his backdoor.
  66. "Yes, oh Celestia," Artful begged through the passionate kiss, as the red stallion penetrated Artful's nethers, slowly pushing inch by inch into the smaller colt below him. Artful could feel the slickness of the colt's member, he could feel everything, the globs of precum being unleashed within him, the throbbing, every single vein; it was as if the cock was made for him. His rectum expanded, letting even more of the stallion's cock inside of him.
  68. Eventually the kiss subsided, and Artful was panting for breath from the sheer exhilaration provided by the stallion who had mounted him. As the stallion began to thrust in and out, Artful dedicated his energy to clenching and squeezing the colt's member as much as possible. It was glorious in all senses of the word, never before had he felt so full before. He tried to milk the stallions penis for all it was worth and to Artful, it was worth everything.
  70. The thrusting got more heavy, as the stallion breathed heavily onto the miniature colt below him, the breath caressing the fur of Artful's brown coat. It was as if the sunrays on the most pleasant day had been converted to a physical form, and were massaging his body. Artful moaned, his senses overloaded from the fucking he was receiving. "Deeper, faster, oh Celestia it's so much please." Artful didn't know really want to say, he just never wanted this to never end. Fortunately for him, the colt above obliged and hilted himself. And just then, Artful felt what was the greatest feeling in his life.
  72. Time moved at a glacial pace, the stallion's balls began to vibrate from the impact they made with the tiny colt's plot. The testicles swelled and grinded against Arty's fur, the friction sending a shiver up his spine. Artful clenched around the stallion's cock as hard as he could, until he felt all the pressure from their fucking be released within him. The stallion came with the force of several fireworks being freed into the nightsky. Waves of liquid filled Artful, painting his insides with warm stallion cum. Artful let out a moan that would forever be the symbol of the pleasure he felt in this instance. The colt above him was looking right at him, and Artful could barely keep his eyes open. His energy drained as his body continued to focus on milking as much of the stallion's essence as possible. The big pony above him lowered his head and began to kiss the colt's face, planting little licks of love all over.
  74. Eventually time resumed again, and the colt had finished unloading himself. He lowered himself to continue his marks of love, though Artful dreamed they were signs of ownership. His cock was still hilted inside the little brown colt below him, and he lowered himself down to give Artful one last passionate kiss. The stallion began to pull out, eliciting a groan as Artful felt the thick shaft be removed from his body. At that moment, Artful passed out.
  76. When he awoke, he found himself all cleaned up and still in the store stand. The big stallion was sitting across from him and it appeared the booth was open for business
  77. again. As Arty began to regain his senses, he suddenly remembered what had occurred within the booth.
  79. "Th...Thank you," the brown colored pony said.
  81. "Nah, it was mah pleasure to help a fellow colt out. It seemed like y'all enjoyed it from the number of times you came."
  83. Artful blushed a florescent hue, as the stallion moved over to him and gave him a little kiss.
  85. "Now I filled yer sack with loads of cream, Ah even included the apple family recipe so y'all can make yourself a big cake"
  87. Arty was speechless, yet again. He had never had somepony treat him this well, and the stallion in front of him was somepony he had to know. "Um, thank you so much for your kindness, it really means a lot to me. I really enjoyed our time together, and I must know how I can ever find you again." Artful bashfully said to the stallion of his dreams.
  89. The stallion chuckled and explained, "Well, the name is Big Macintosh, and ah am the colt who runs things down on Sweet Apple Acres. Ya'll are welcome to join me sometime, it's a good workout as well."
  91. Yet again, Artful stood, dumbfounded.
  93. "Ya'll a silly little colt, and ah adore that in ya," Big Mac said in between a quick kiss, "But you better head back now, that cake will take awhile before it is ready."
  94. Artful put back on his bags, and proceeded to head home, beaming from delight from the events of the day.
  96. THE END.
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