VCE Episode 7

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  1. Vyriss's Character Elimination (Season I)
  3. Episode VII
  4. ===
  5. Vyriss:     Welcome back to Vyriss’s Character Elimination! Last time, the players had to run a 5-mile race around the city, while trying to avoid Mr. Happy. Helen and a few others were tagged. Ryan ended up winning to Brook, and Caroline was put up on the block for being last. Needless to say, a lot of people were mad. Then the players had to build computers, while Helen and Ryan had amazing ones, Julian destroyed his own computer like some idiot. I also killed our second intern, Kim Jong-un, for not shutting his mouth. Helen won safety and saved herself from elimination, leading Ashlyn to being eliminated. Who will make it to the merge, and who will come back for a second chance?
  6. Vyriss:     Before we start, I have a couple announcements. Today is a speed round day. All of the competitions will take place today! Also, when the teams merge tonight, two previously eliminated contestants will re-enter the game, along with two new ones.
  7. Vyriss:     Back to gameplay, today’s challenge is to build me a hotel. Whichever team has the better hotel wins, and the team leader will be randomly picked. Go.
  8.     After building...
  9. Vyriss:     Okay! Team Amethyst, you’re up first!
  11. Vyriss:     Why would you hook up your computer to the display? The billboard should be reserved for announcements. Not only that, Windows XP is garbo. Let’s go inside.
  13. Vyriss:     Why is the elevator broken?
  15. Vyriss:     Why does my hotel room look like a dungeon more than anything?
  17. Vyriss:      Why is the toilet so high up?
  19. Vyriss:     I would rather shower naked in public than ever shower in this.
  20.         There was a menu outside I saw, let’s see it.
  22. Vyriss:     What the fuck. “Shenyang Fake Dog Meat”...
  23.         ...YEAH IT BETTER BE FAKE.
  24.         Also, you spelled “vegetable” wrong.
  25.         Here is another menu.
  27. Vyriss:     Ass cakes? I’ll pass. You spelled “fresh” wrong, and why would you use COMIC SANS out of all fonts for a professional business?
  28.         Let’s see the fridge.
  30. Vyriss:     Jesus fuck, dude, I’m about to vomit. I’ve seen enough.
  31.         Fuck it, I’m not even going to see what the other team built, so they already win.
  32.         Now, time to randomly pick a member to be team leader from the bucket...
  33.         ...and the Team Leader is Julian!
  34. Caroline:   Julian!! Congratz!!
  35. Vyriss:     Julian, you may now pick your two nominees.
  36. Julian:     I pick Heather and Ryan.
  38. Vyriss:     Now, let’s move on straight to the Safety Battle!
  39.     After arriving...
  40. Vyriss:     Welcome back to the Safety Battle competition! Now it’s time to pick the competitors!
  41.         Along with Julian, Heather, and Ryan, they will be...
  42.         ...Amina, Nathan, and Helen!
  44. Vyriss:     Today’s challenge is Endless Treadmill. You will be constantly running on your treadmill, which goes faster as you go. Don’t get too behind, as you will fall into a pool of slime if you fall. The last person off their treadmill wins. Go!
  45. Helen:      *jumps off treadmill*
  46. Vyriss:     And Helen is automatically out!
  47.     Intermission..
  48. Ryan:       *in confessional* Why did she just jump off? It only seems nothing but suspicious to me, to put it frankly. Does she want me out? I’m just going to have to win to save myself.
  49.     Back to the game...
  50. Julian:     I can’t lose if I never get off my treadmill, so I’ll just sit on the rails.
  51.     Eventually...
  52. Vyriss:     It comes down to Nathan, Ryan, and Julian...
  53. Nathan:     Augh, AAAA.
  54. Vyriss:     And Ryan wins safety!
  55. Julian:     Hey! What about me! I’m still on!
  56. Vyriss:     Actually, Ryan WAS the last one to get off his treadmill legitimately, you cheated! Ryan, who do you want to save?
  57.     Intermission (again)...
  58. Ryan:       So, I should’ve realized that Vyriss was a smartass for a while... well, now I know.
  59.     Back to the game...
  60. Ryan:       I save myself.
  62. Vyriss:     Okay Julian, your replacement nominee is?
  63. Julian:     Amina.
  64. Vyriss:     Okay, meet me at the Elimination Ceremony.
  65.     When they arrive...
  66. Vyriss:     Welcome back to the Elimination Ceremony! It seems like it happened in the blink of an eye due to the speed day. Anyway, you got your two nominees, Amina and Heather. Girls, you may now give your brief statements.
  67. Amina:      I should’ve seen this coming. I guess I played too quiet of a game. Anyway, my parents won’t be happy with me without my abaya on, but oh well. I had fun with you guys!
  68. Heather:    I guess I’m too kindhearted to throw anyone out of the house myself, but I had fun, nonetheless. The game has given me a bunch of new skills and relationships, and I wanted to say thanks for letting me play.
  69. Vyriss:     Okay, everyone else, you may now vote!
  70.     After voting...
  71. Vyriss:     The votes are set, and by a vote of 5 to 2, the person who is eliminated is...
  72.         ...Amina.
  73. Amina:      Oh well, good luck everyone!
  75. Vyriss:     Congratulations, the rest of you made it to the merge! But what you don’t know yet is that two previously eliminated players are returning! Guess who they are.
  76. Helen:      Ouss?
  77. Ryan:       It better not be Miles.
  78. Vyriss:     Miles is banned from the game.
  79. Brook:      Ashlyn? Veronica?
  80. Vyriss:     Okay, I’ll show you.
  81.         Roll the clip.
  86. Vyriss:     Who do you think?
  87. Ryan:       It’s Ashlyn and Mitchell.
  88. Helen:      Those pictures with them both aren’t old like the other two.
  89. Vyriss:     Open the gates!
  91. Brook:      ASHLYN.
  92. Helen:      How did they get back in?
  93. Vyriss:     A poll online, millions of people voted! They were both the most voted.
  94.         Oh, by the way, along with Ashlyn and Mitchell, there are 2 more new players coming.
  95.         ABEL, SYLVIA, COME ON OVER.
  97. Abel & Sylvia:  Hello!
  98. Ryan:       O.O
  99. Helen:      EEE. Are you cosplayers??? I love your outfits!!
  100. Vyriss:     Well, with the teams officially merged, and with 2 returned players and 2 new players, the game will go into a whole new direction. How will it go? Find out, on the next episode of Vyriss’s Character Elimination!!!
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