[RGRE] (short) Guard's Life

Dec 27th, 2019
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  1. >>34784779
  2. >You are Lieutenant Noble Cause.
  3. >You volunteered for guard duty again today.
  4. >Your superior officer was surprised the first few times you volunteered for extra work, but she stopped being surprised after a few weeks.
  5. >If there's an extra shift to take, you usually go for it.
  6. >Your one true cause is the defense of others, and it's a duty you take very seriously.
  7. >Shining Armour is an inspiration to you and to all guard-colts everywhere, and you have a poster of him in your personal quarters.
  8. >[spoiler]On the ceiling right above your bed.[/spoiler]
  9. >It's not gay, though.
  10. >You just want to see the representation of who you are and what you should aspire to when you wake up and when you go to bed at night.
  11. >It's a reminder that you're just as good as a mare, no matter what society tells you.
  12. >That even a lowly Lieutenant like you can make a difference, if he just tries hard enough.
  13. >Today is Hearts and Hooves day.
  14. >You almost forgot.
  15. >But just because ponies are out there enjoying each other on this holiday, doesn't mean that evil will take the day off.
  16. >So, like you said; you volunteered for guard duty.
  17. >You overheard some of the other guard-colts talking about their plans.
  18. >They've long since booked the day off, and they're all going to do something suitably romantic and mushy and it's going to be the only thing they talk about for WEEKS.
  19. >You know you're an odd colt.
  20. >You never really liked that colty stuff.
  21. >You took after your mom more than you took after your dad.
  22. >You were always roughhousing with the fillies when you were a colt, and you hated hanging out with the other colts.
  23. >You'd call yourself a janefilly, but you're too boring for that.
  24. >Janefillies hang out with their female friends and they're just one of the gals, but you don't really have that many friends outisde the guard to speak of.
  25. >You kind of put ponies off, and you don't really meet the sort of expectations that mares are looking for.
  26. >And you're okay with that.
  27. >Despite what a shameful part of you secretly hoped for, you didn't expect a mare to ask you out for a date on Hearts and Hooves day, so you didn't bother booking it off.
  28. >Despite knowing full well that you wouldn't find any notes from a 'secret admirer' slipped into your locker, or maybe a bouquet of flowers waiting for you outside your sleeping quarters, you still felt antsy about today.
  29. >You hate how disappointed you felt when you reached your post, and it was just another day for you.
  30. >And so here you are, standing guard on the look out for ne'er-do-wells.
  31. >You don't move an inch as pairs and groups of special someponies walk around, playfully chasing and nuzzling each other.
  32. >Morning turns to day.
  33. >Day turns to evening.
  34. >You don't normally feel lonely, but on a day that's meant to celebrate together-ness, you can't help but feel extra-alone right now.
  35. >It's silly...
  36. >Maybe it's the purely stallion part of you that dad encouraged; probably the one colty thing he managed to bring out in you.
  37. >But deep down, you sort of hoped that maybe there was a mare out there for you, and today would be the day she acted on her feelings for you.
  38. >It's stupid.
  39. >It's embarrassing.
  40. >It's downright foalish.
  41. >It's not happening, but you can't help but feel disappointment creeping up your chest, making you blush with shame.
  42. >Just a dumb colt's fantasy.
  43. >Look at you: a Lieutenant who fantasizes about his knight in shining armour to sweep him off his hooves.
  44. >As soon as your shift is over, you're going to go home and crack open a cold cider.
  45. >Then, you're going to think about your patrol duty for tomorr-
  46. >"Noble Cause?"
  47. >Your ears perk up, and your head snaps back up into proper position.
  48. >You didn't even realize you had let it droop.
  49. >Your long-time partner and good friend, Brazen Shield, is flying towards you.
  50. >And in her mouth is a-
  51. >?!?!?
  52. >You feel a blush spread on your cheeks, but it's not out of shame.
  53. >In Brazen Shield's mouth is a rose.
  54. >This can't be for you.
  55. >You feel hope and disbelief wage war against each other.
  56. >Disbelief is backed by experience and a cold sense of realism.
  57. >But Hope has your own stupid nativity fueling it, and that's a damn powerful force.
  58. >You settle on "cautiously optimistic" and leave it at that.
  59. >Like any pony who regularly has to manipulate her environment with her mouth, she's learned to talk around the rose caught between her lips.
  60. >"Your shift ended half an hour ago. I was wondering if you wanted to maybe..."
  61. >Now, you're not the only pony who's blushing.
  62. >"...go get something to eat? It's late, so there's bound to be a few restaurants that will have a table for two open."
  63. >You are Noble Cause, and you are a guard.
  64. >You've spent hours being trained not to react, even if a foal is jumping in your face specifically to get a reaction.
  65. >But even now, you can't do anything to stop the shy smile that's worming its way across your lips.
  66. "I.... I'd like that."
  67. >Maybe not being so colty isn't a death sentence for your love life after all.
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