Jul 26th, 2019
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  1. Pichi is her own woman and will act according to her wishes, but generally will assist Eli if he asks. No actions are needed on his part to do so. She has no Hit Points or defenses - her boon makes her more durable than normal Pixies and she can take care of herself. Use familiar rules if I don't cover something and it would make sense.
  3. Pichi can:
  5. - Manipulate objects up to sizes meant for Medium-sized people, and can shrink such items to her own size (Tiny) and back again, as per the Shrink racial power, below.
  6. - Fight creatures size Small and below (including swarms made of creatures that size). She may use Valiant Strike using Eli's Strength, with her tiny Vicious Bastard Sword (1d8 damage, +3 proficiency, +1d12 per plus on crit). She may issue a Divine Challenge to such creatures as well, using her Charisma modifier of +4. She always deals full damage to Swarms.
  7. - Sprinkle Pixie Dust on an ally, very temporarily granting them flight, as the Pixie Dust racial power, below.
  8. - She has a Reach of 1 instead of 0, silly 4e!
  9. - She can share spaces with other creatures.
  10. - She can fly! Albeit not very high. She has an altitude limit of about thirty feet, or six squares above the ground for casual flight. She CAN fly higher than that if pressed but it's an exhausting effort unless there's strong wind in her favor.
  11. - She's Tiny! And with most of what that entails. She's also rather hard to notice if not looking for her. She's not sneaky, but performs fine as a scout and won't be caught if she's not sent into the heart of a heavily guarded location.
  12. - She can speak Seelie, and communicate with fey beasts, but not normal animals. It seems not being a vegetarian has some consequences for some of her natural Pixie magic.
  13. - Her good rapport with Eli so far manifests in a supernatural bond between the two, allowing Eli to use Streetwise and Bluff for appropriate checks - including fey knowledge and some fey-related rituals. Hidden Campsite among these, returning to its full power with Bluff.
  14. - Lay on Hands, once a day.
  16. Shrink
  17. Pixie racial utility
  18. At Will
  19. Minor Action
  20. Melee 1
  21. Target: one object sized for a Small or Medium character not containing or contained by anything and not carried by another character
  22. Effect: "The target shrinks to a size appropriate for a Tiny creature's use. The new size ends at the end of your next extended rest unless the shrunken target is on your person. The size also ends if you or another pixie uses this power on the shrunken target. While shrunk, the target keeps its game statistics, such as damage dice and weight. A shrunken weapon, however, becomes an improvised one-handed weapon for a non-Tiny creature."[HotF:28]
  25. Pixie dust
  26. Pixie racial utility
  27. Encounter
  28. Move Action
  29. ranged 5
  30. Target: one ally
  31. Effect: "The target can fly up to 6 squares as a free action."[HotF:28]
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