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  1. <size=150%><align="center"><b><u>General Rules</u></b></align></size>
  2. <size=75%><align="left">• No discrimination. This includes but is not limited to: Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and more.
  3. • No mic spamming, this includes ear rape, and music.
  4. • No cheating. This includes game modifications, and/or bug abuse.
  5. • No killing yourself as any role, especially SCP-049-2.
  6. • Don't harass people constantly.
  7. • Do not impersonate staff members.
  8. • Do not delay the round intentionally. This includes camping, or not escaping.
  9. • Avoid over the top toxicity. Staff may tell you to calm down if it gets out of hand.
  10. • Listen to staff all the time, no back-talking or insulting them.
  11. • Make sure that your in game name is appropriate.
  12. • Don't attempt to teamkill. This includes: closing doors on teammates, or opening doors to let SCPs in.
  13. • Do not go AFK for more than two minutes. You may be set to spectator, or kicked by staff.</align></size>
  16. <size=150%><align="center"><b><u>Teaming Rules</u></b></align></size>
  17. <size=75%><align="left"><color=#FF8E00>D-Class</color> are allowed to team with anyone.
  18. <color=#ff0000>SCPs</color> can team with <color=#008f1e>Chaos</color> and <color=#FF8E00>D-Class</color>
  19. <color=#FFFF7CFF>Scientists</color> can team with <color=#0096FF>Nine-Tailed Fox</color>, <color=#b3b3b3>Facility Guards</color>, and <color=#FF8E00>D-Class</color></color>
  20. <color=#0096FF>Nine-Tailed Fox</color> and <color=#b3b3b3>Facility Guards</color> should always prioritize <color=#FFFF7CFF>Scientist</color> lives over <color=#FF8E00>D-Class</color> ones.
  21. <color=#0096FF>NTF</color> and <color=#008f1e>Chaos</color> may kill the opposing team's foundation personnel equivalent at any time.
  23. <size=150%><align="center"><u><b>Extra Info</align></b></u></size>
  24. <size=75%><align="left"><color=#ffffff>We use <color=#B93227> SMod </color><color=#ffffff> to modify our gameplay. This means that when <color=#FF8E00>D-Class</color> escape while disarmed, they become <color=#0096FF>NTF</color>. The same goes for <color=#FFFF7CFF>scientists</color> into <color=#008f1e>Chaos.</color>
  25. <color=#00ff14>Friendly fire is Off</color>, along with <color=#00ff14>flashbang friendly fire</color> being disabled.
  26. <color=#ffffff>We also have <color=#00ffed>914 held items,</color> meaning you don't have to drop items in 914!
  27. <size=15%>We use custom plugins to modify gameplay.</size>
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