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White Victims of Black Crime - 1255 - Baerbel Poore

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  1. 1255
  2. ----------------
  4. January 7, 1981
  6. Location: Louisville,KY
  8. Victim(s): Baerbel Poore 20
  10. Attacker(s): Kevin N. Stanford 17,David Buchanan 16,Troy Johnson 17
  12. Description: Baerbel was getting ready to shut down the Checker Oil Station that she worked at to support her infant daughter, when Stanford ordered her back into the station at gunpoint. Buchanan attempted to open the store’s safes while Stanford took Baerbel into the restroom and raped her. Bunchanan soon joined Stanford in the restroom, and they took turns raping and sodomizing Baerbel. Stanford then took Baerbel to a separate location where, after letting her smoke a final cigarette, he shot her in the face at point blank range, before shooting her a second time in the back of the head. They then returned to the station and took $143.07, 300 cartons of cigarettes, and a gas can.
  14. Archive.is Link(s):
  15. https://archive.is/dnUwF Stanford’s death sentence is commuted to life in prison by Gov. Paul E. Patton, who refused to sign the death warrant 6-2003.
  16. https://archive.is/7y9ku A writeup of the crime page 1 of 2.
  17. https://archive.is/127cF A writeup of the crime page 2 of 2.
  18. https://archive.is/0gwfD Casefile from Standford’s appeal.
  20. https://archive.is/m2Pea Baerbel’s find a grave memorial.
  21. ----------------
  23. https://archive.is/VGqNY Poore surname info Ancestry.com.
  24. https://archive.is/rzJhu Poore surname info house of names.
  25. https://archive.is/6yfMT Poore surname info surname database.
  27. https://archive.is/aV1z2 Schultz surname info Ancestry.com.
  28. https://archive.is/A93zF Schultz surname wikipedia entry.
  29. https://archive.is/351ip Schultz surname info house of names.
  30. https://archive.is/BB0Z5 Schultz surname info surname database.
  32. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/157957323/ingrid-helen-poore Ingrid Helen Schultz Poore’s (Baerbel’s mother) find a grave memorial.
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