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Psyke-Out Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Unlike the previous interviews, Bom-Pom is hosting this one at the newly constructed Prodigy Center! It's a pretty great place, packed with modern conveniences and technological devices! Pske-Out is let onto the grounds by a robot guard and directed through the facility to a room set up for interviews for Gen Prime! Bom-Pom herself sits at a desk with a futuristic looking robot standing at her shoulder. "Come in and take a seat," she instructs, gesturing to an armless, brightly colored chair on the other side of the desk.
  3. machinegunblues: When he enters, the kid seems to be wary of and keeping his distance from the robot. 16ish, though it can be hard to tell with metas. Below his heavily styled 'hawk rests a tightly fastened blindfold. Despite this fetter, the first thing he asks just as he's about to plop down at a chair in front of her desk is: "..Is that a cheerleader outfit?"
  5. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom raises an eyebrow, leaning forward a bit to examine the blindfold. "It is. I like to look cute when I'm out fighting crime," she grins and sits back. "I think I'm the one that's supposed to be asking the questions though."
  7. machinegunblues: "Fair enough." He sits casually, eyeless gaze focused on nothing. Psychic sonar pulses strongly, rendering the room in as thorough detail as it can manage. To the lone other organic its prescence would manifest as nothing more noticeable than a brief, static-y sensation on exposed skin. "Ask away. Call me Psyke-Out. Or, uhh, Rob. Not big on the secret identities thing."
  9. GeneralFreedom: "Ah, so I see. Well I'm Bom-Pom, or Becky Neven." She gestures over her shoulder to the robot. "This is Tutor, my... co-leader." She pouts a bit at being forced to admit that. The robot nods its head. "Good day. I'm here to represent the interests of Becky's father, who is funding this team."
  11. machinegunblues: He nodded. "That'll take some getting used to. No offense, not crazy about bots. Can't really do shit to 'em, which makes me nervous. But I'll deal.
  13. GeneralFreedom: "No offense taken. I'm here for your convenience," Tutor says politely. Becky coughs to get the attention back on her. Or whatever you'd call psychic senses. "With introductions out of the way, how about you tell me a bit about yourself. Have you been doing much hero work? And do you have any experiences that might help you on a team like this?"
  15. machinegunblues: Rob exhales and leans back a little in the armchair. "Where to start? Been flying solo mostly, but I've worked with folks when they're in my neck of the woods. Ran a couple of ops with New Vigil... I know my way around. If you wanna know what I can do- if the name didn't give it up, I'm heavily psy-active. Been that way since I was nine. Dunno how, don't remember. Only know that whatever happened, the surge of psychic energy... pretty much blew my eyes out of my skull. That's why this." He tugs on the blindfold. "It's gruesome and sunglasses help with that less than you'd think."
  17. GeneralFreedom: "Ooh. I see. So you definitely have some previous experience. That's not required, but it's definitely appreciated." She makes a face at the story of eye popping though. "Sorry to hear about your power emergence being so... violent." Tutor speaks up next. "You have full control of your abilities now? If you need any help, you should know that the Prodigy Center can certainly offer it."
  19. machinegunblues: "I'm always trying to figure out how far I can push this thing, learning new tricks. But if you're asking am I gonna go Carrie on you guys outta nowhere, no. I got it handled... What's the Prodigy Center?"
  21. GeneralFreedom: "The building you're standing in," Tutor states. "It will serve as the headquarters for Ms. Neven's new supergroup."
  23. machinegunblues: "Oh," he said, a little embarrassed. "I know what you're wearing the same way I know you're five-two, five-three and wear a flower pin in your hair. Or that Tutor has a thing in the middle of his chest and a Y-shaped visor. I've got my own way of seeing... Kinda stuck with audio books and braille forever, but other than that, I don't want you thinking I'm gonna hold you guys back."
  25. GeneralFreedom: "Almost five-four," Bom-Pom mutters before clearing her throat. "I was going to ask about your perception, but you do seem capable. I'm not worried about that. Perhaps though, you could give us a bit more detail on your powers?"
  26. "And any other skills you may have," Tutor adds.
  28. machinegunblues: "OK so, tell your robot not to freak out." From his cargo pockets he withdraws a pair of knives. Rubber training knives, not real, probably bought for this occasion. He throws them into the air, and before they can fall they -float- and begin a perfect orbit around his forehead. "Like I said, telekinesis. If those were real I could launch them fast and hard. I can do telekinetic force-bursts if I drop everything and focus on just that. Telepathy isn't my greatest but I can defend me and other people from it well enough. Skimming surface thoughts and emotions, telling if someone is lieing or not.. that kinda thing I can manage too. And there's this." He snatches his 'knives' and extends the one empty forearm. It is rapidly sheathed in roiling, unnatural purplish-pink energy that tapers to a point like a blade. "Teleblades, till I think of a less shitty name. They don't cut - they drain 'mental energy', I guess."
  30. GeneralFreedom: Tutor doesn't flinch. It does give the feeling it could act at moments notice though... or that it's not worried about Becky's safety. Bom-Pom nods along, watching the knives float. "Impressive! And we don't have a psionic on the team..." Tutor glances over at her a moment. "It's not like we're running a scavenger hunt, Ms. Neven." He turns and addresses Psyke-Out while Bom-Pom rolls her eyes. "Finally, what do you hope to get out of this team? What drew you to seek us out?"
  32. machinegunblues: "Don't get too impressed. I can't do all this shit -at once-. Only got so much mojo. And uhh.." He folds his hands in his lap and looks down, thoughtful. "It'll sound like a cop-out, but purpose. I don't know what the fuck to do with me, and neither does anybody else. Not my parents, not my friends, not my dorky, well-intentioned guidance counselors who'd never figure out what it's like to be like -this- in a million years."
  34. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom gives a soft, genuine smile. "Well... That's what this group is kind of for." Tutor nods. "Gen Prime isn't just a team. Trevor Neven wishes for this group to provide an opportunity for young metahumans and heroes to find themselves and become a credit to society. The Prodigy Center will have many opportunities for counseling and guidance as well as training, if needed."
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