Walnut - Caramire

Feb 23rd, 2014
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  1. >Hexferry was a nervous wreck as she stood looking at herself in the mirror.
  2. >She had signed up for a fashion competition all because of Caramel, Cejire, & Sepia teasing her about Anon being the judge, & her not originally not interested because she couldn't stand Anon rating her on her looks.
  3. >Puffing out a sigh, Hexferry knew it was already too late to back out, & standing on her hind-legs she took a close look at her chest fluff which she commented on being too small to impress the judges.
  4. >Going back on all fours Hexferry then looked at her cutest non-traditional miko, Sepia gave her in the corner of the changing room.
  5. >Hexferry knew there was no way she was going to wear that without making her fluff bigger.
  6. >Thinking about how she should have drunk more milk when she was younger Hexferry started to hear several grunts come from the changing room stall next to her with a mare having trouble.
  7. >Hoisting herself up to peer into the stall next to her Hexferry could see Mocha trying her hardest to put on a plain white button up shirt with a blue tie that matched her imperial blue detective beret, & black pants but was stopped by her fluff.
  8. >Getting a devious idea Hexferry jumped down, & went out of her changing room & all the way to Caramels house & her room to retrieve Caramels hidden stash of roofies, some scissors, & water bottle which Hexferry dumped the foodies in before coming back to the changing room with the fashion show about to start.
  9. >Knocking on the door Mocha answered still trying to put on the button up shirt.
  10. >Telling her the show is about to start, & wishing her good luck Hexferry handed Mocha the roofied water.
  11. >Taking it, & saying thanks Mocha went back into the changing room trying to put on the white button up shirt.
  12. >Minutes then passed before Hexferry heard a slump inside Mocha dressing room, & knew the roofies kicked in.
  13. >Going inside Mocha's changing room stall with her unconscious Hexferry put on a smirk as she took out the scissors to cut Mocha's fluff.
  14. >Hexferry later won 1st place in the competition, & Caramel later found a drugged Mocha inside the changing room stall saying "Dear Diary, Jackpot."
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