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  1. Amidst the Ruins
  3. 6.2.1
  4. [at an intersection]
  5. Sayaka: *After asking Madoka and Homura, I've finally come to Kamihama...*
  6. *...but now what exactly should I do?*
  7. Sayaka: "...mmm..."
  8. "...Well, at first glance it seems like your normal town."
  9. Madoka: "But strange things really are happening..."
  10. Sayaka: "Then, should we investigate these 'strange things'?"
  11. Madoka: "That sounds good..."
  12. Sayaka: "These... rumor... things? Or maybe..."
  13. Homura: "The Wings of Magius..."
  14. [flashback to Ai-chan's barrier]
  15. Alina: "Honestly..."
  16. "Just before, that ribbon one was such a pain to deal with..."
  17. "Alina is in a bad mood now."
  18. Madoka: "Ribbons? Was that Mami-san?"
  19. Alina: "Ah... It was something like that..."
  20. "Well, she's already become material for my artwork."
  21. [back to the street]
  22. Madoka: "She said that, but..."
  23. "I haven't confirmed that it's true!"
  24. "I believe that Mami-san is okay!"
  25. Homura: "Yeah!"
  26. Sayaka: "Right!"
  27. "Then, let's look for leads on this Alina person."
  28. "Well, do you have any information on her?"
  29. Madoka: "Umm..."
  30. [flashback to the helipad]
  31. Yachiyo: "Alina... You mean the up-and-coming young artist?"
  32. Alina: "You know of Alina?"
  33. Yachiyo: "The reincarnation series drawn with carbonized creatures..."
  34. "It was so revolting yet beautiful that it left quite an impression on me..."
  35. [back to the street]
  36. Sayaka: "A young artist, huh..."
  37. Homura: "...Might she be listed in some kind of exhibition book?"
  38. Madoka: "Ah, that might work!"
  39. Sayaka: "I see. Then, in order to find one of those..."
  40. Homura: "We need to go to a library?"
  41. Madoka: "Yeah, yeah!"
  42. Sayaka: "And if she's in one of those books, then the artist's information might be listed!"
  43. Madoka: "Then, let's go check out the library!"
  44. Sayaka: "Alright, let's do it!"
  46. 6.2.2
  47. [It's evening on a city street]
  48. Sayaka: *In order to find clues leading to Alina, we went to a library and investigated photobooks of artwork...*
  49. Sayaka: "We couldn't find anything..."
  50. Madoka: "Yeah..."
  51. Sayaka: "But we can try another library!"
  52. "And aside from libraries, where... Where else could we look..."
  53. Homura: "Let's do a search and see!"
  54. Sayaka: *The results included libraries, schools, the city hall, and public archives...*
  55. *But among those one name stood out.*
  56. Sayaka: "The Kamihama Recording Museum?"
  57. Homura: "Is it a museum where they collect... recordings?"
  58. Madoka: "It sounds kinda amazing!"
  59. Sayaka: "Okay, then how about there?"
  60. Madoka: "Yeah, if it's a Recording Museum..."
  61. Homura: "It seems like they might have a lot of documents!"
  62. [fade to gray]
  63. Sayaka: *And so we set off towards the Kamihama Recording Museum...*
  64. [at the ruined museum]
  65. Sayaka: "Uwah..."
  66. Madoka: "It's... just ruins..."
  67. Homura: "If I look again, it says 'Already shut down' here..."
  68. "I-I'm sorry!"
  69. Sayaka: "Ah, don't worry! It's not your fault."
  70. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  71. Sayaka: "The name sounded so perfect that..."
  72. [she senses something]
  73. Sayaka: "Huh...?"
  74. Homura: "That was...!?"
  75. Madoka: "This feeling!"
  76. Sayaka: "Mami-san!?"
  77. Homura: "I felt it from somewhere inside the museum!"
  78. Sayaka: "Yeah, same here!"
  79. "I never expected that it'd end up being directly connected to Mami-san!"
  80. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan, we hit the jackpot!"
  81. Sayaka: "Hehe, we sure did!"
  82. someone: *Who's there!?*
  83. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  85. 6.2.3
  86. [in the museum]
  87. someone: *Who's there!?*
  88. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  89. [a white and black wing show up]
  90. black wing: "You..."
  91. white wing: "What are you doing here!?"
  92. [screen wipe]
  93. Madoka: "It's those people!"
  94. Homura: "The Wings of Magius!"
  95. Sayaka: "Them!?"
  96. [screen wipe]
  97. black wing: "Oh? You know of us?"
  98. white wing: "We'll have you explain in detail exactly who you are!"
  99. Sayaka: "This seems bad..."
  100. Madoka: <Homura-chan...>
  101. Homura: <W-what do we do, Kaname-san?>
  102. Madoka: <How about the two of us stop these people.>
  103. <Sayaka-chan can go to where we felt Mami-san's presence!>
  104. Sayaka: <Wait a minute! I can't leave you behind...>
  105. Madoka: <At the least, each of us is your magical girl senpai, you know!>
  106. <And also, I'm worried about what's happened to Mami-san...>
  107. <So you have to hurry!>
  108. Homura: <That's right, Kaname-san!>
  109. <Miki-san, go on ahead!>
  110. Sayaka: <...>
  111. <I got it, senpai!>
  112. black wing: "If you do not cooperate nicely..."
  113. [Madoka transforms]
  114. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan!"
  115. [Homura transforms]
  116. Homura: "Go now!"
  117. black wing: "Wha—"
  118. white wing: "What are you—"
  119. Sayaka: "I'll be taking my leave!"
  120. (Mami-san, you're there, right?)
  121. *And when I arrived at where I sensed her presence...*
  122. [we see Holy Mami and Iroha]
  123. Mami: "Forgive me, Tamaki-san."
  124. "I would have liked to speak with you just a bit more."
  125. Iroha: "..."
  126. Sayaka: "Wait just a moment!!"
  127. Iroha: "!?"
  128. [Sayaka appears!]
  129. Sayaka: "What are you doing here, Mami-san!?"
  130. [battle]
  131. [in the park at night]
  132. Sayaka: *Mami-san as I met her in Kamihama was not who I remembered her being...*
  133. *And on top of that...*
  134. (Becoming a witch...)
  135. *After leaving the Kamihama magical girls, I repeated those words I heard over and over again...*
  136. *...But I just couldn't understand it...*
  137. (What should I do? Madoka... Homura...)
  138. (I just don't get it...)
  139. *But for now, I have to hurry and get to Madoka and Homura...*
  140. (But...)
  141. (My heart feels heavy...)
  142. (Mami-san...)
  143. [flashback to the museum]
  144. Mami: "This is who I am now..."
  145. "Miki-san, get out of my way..."
  146. "We can discuss further once I've erased them..."
  147. [back to the park]
  148. Sayaka: (Why would she say that?)
  149. (And how on earth should I explain this?)
  150. (That magical girls will become witches in the end...)
  151. [fade to gray]
  152. Sayaka: *My head was swirling with all sorts of things...*
  153. *I couldn't make heads or tails of any of it...*
  154. *But even so, I have to meet up with Madoka and Homura...*
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