The Two great warriors [ Part 1]

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  1. There were once two warriors. They were on a quest to save the princess Felix-chan. If you are not familiar with typical princess stories, Felix-chan was locked up in a castle with a dragon named the Great Asmo. The king, Bashi the great, requested them to save the princess Felix-chan and they would be rewarded with gold that would last them 10 life times.
  3. At first, they denied the request.
  5. "Who in the right mind would want to save that ugly bint anyways," Cain admitted.
  7. "How dare you speak of the princess in such manner in the presence of the king you ugly Coward!" Raged the Elder princess.
  9. King bashi was baffled and appalled at what he had heard and sentenced them both to the dungeons.
  11. "Here ye, nein warriors are as great as us, no one other than us can save Felix-sama." shouted Mai-sama in a cocky tone.
  13. "Why are you speaking so highly of the pitiful princess that needs our saving and her noble family treating us like shit when they the desperate ones?"
  15. "SILENCE! You will be punished for your crimes according to the acts!" Bashi Bellowed.
  17. "We'd rather have you throw us out of town with some gold of course, due to the fact that you are still going to send us away to save your daughter anyways," Cain demanded in frustration.
  19. "OR you could try messing with the only warriors in the room and taste the sharp edges deep down where u pleasure yourself with that nasty crown of yours."
  21. "You shant be rewarded due to the fact you broken your acts," Bashi Reasoned.
  23. "And the dragon shan't be sleeping hungry tonight," Joked Mai-sama.
  25. “You think yee own us? We are merchants, we go where money is.”
  27. "I'll only pay you until you've done what you're told to do and that is if i feel like it. Now begone, i don't want my daughter waiting on your pathetic excuse of warriors." said the king.
  29. “Tsk tsk alright we shall save the wrenches for a abundant price but of course we will need proper gear. I’m sure you shall take care of that king Bashi?” Regarded Cain.
  31. "I will pay u part of your reward in advance so you can buy the gears yourself" said the king.
  33. "That is CHEAP!! You are a king! You should be servicing the soon to be saviors of the princess at least!" cried Cain.
  35. "You are making a joke of us warriors! We have a certain qualities we uphold! You cannot just treat us like this! You will have to pay a good price for what you have said KING!" said Mai-sama in a sadistic tone.
  37. "What qualities? From what i have seen from the both of you i don't see any qualities." The king laughed.
  39. Mai-sama, raging with anger, threw a punch at the king and he was knocked off his throne.
  41. The king, surprised by what had just happened, stayed down and did not immediately get up. Bashi soon regains his senses and call for backup.
  43.  “Guards!”
  45. The guards not long after bust into the chamber and aid the king in his cry for help for his protection against the warriors.
  46. Cain, who moves in closer to the fallen king, looks down at him smirking as if he was looking at trash along the streets.
  48. "Slipped my lord? lemme help you get back up."
  50. "WhaT! Dont touCH-!!" the King screamed as he was suplexed onto the floor by cain, injuring his neck in the process.
  52. Mai, who had sneaked up behind the King while this was all happening, bashes the king on the head as he was trying to recover from the suplex he just had.
  54. With the king's last breath before passing out, commanded the guards to get the warriors by all means possible. The warriors then unsheathed their swords that were concealed in their tunics and took stances for an oncoming attack by the guards.
  56. “I have your back if you have mine,” Cain uttered violently.
  58. The guards then charged at them with full force, but the warriors had slayed the guards one by one as they charged. With more and more guards approaching the king's chamber, the pair decided to make a emergency escape through the window. They yeeted the window like ninjas and scaled down the tower.
  60. "Phew, that was a close call. We would've been outnumbered if we had stayed there for another second." Mai said as he was gasping for air.
  62. "I know, that was very dangerous."
  65. -------------------------------------------------------END OF PART 1--------------------------------------------------
  67. -xf
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