HM:StH New Research

Mar 24th, 2019
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. New Research
  3. [Updated 30 Mar 2019]
  5. 1. Joe's 180AP nighttime fishing cutscene is not required.
  7. 2. Goddess Dress CS8 is not required, so CS7 need not be done on Monday. Once Gina's 200AP is reached, CS9 will trigger 7 days after CS7 (and force good weather as long as AP=200+)
  9. 3. Fail cake cutscenes must be triggered a day apart from each other, so after Katie has the recipe, don't enter café again until you have the book from Gina (120AP with Katie). This overrides the first failed cake (the skippable one). Then do Moondrop Dew as normal, give Katie Golden Egg and milk, then when you enter café to end, just skip first failed cake then exit and re-enter to end.
  11. 4. All EW cutscenes are required. If you fail to meet Gwen either time, you are locked out of the ending as she won't invite you again.
  13. 5. Louis gets +5 convo at Carpenter/Ronald's garden ONLY if you talk to him first; if gift first, his convo is +4. Outside toolshop is +4 regardless of order. Kurt shows same pattern at Lyla's garden (+5/+4), but not at Villa (+6 no matter).
  14. > Test all other chars at multiple locations, starting with +5's. Then try "day-off" locations that were first written as +4.
  15. > AP boost seems linked to text, which is based on situation.
  17. 6. Day-off testing:
  18. - DIA (Outside Villa +5/+4)
  19. - GINA (Outside Villa +5/+4, Inside Ronald's +5/+4)
  20. - GWEN (Brownie Farm +5/+4, Lake +6/+4)
  21. - JOE (Lake +5/+4)
  22. - KATIE (Cafe +5/+4, +4/+4 on rainy days)
  23. - KURT (Lyla's garden +5/+4)
  24. - LYLA (Carpenter +5/+4, Lake +5/+4)
  25. - LOUIS (Carpenter +5/+4, Ronald's +5/+4)
  26. - TIM (Outside Ronald's +5/+4)
  28. 7. AP gain appears completely text-based. The textbox that appears depends on multiple factors, such as NPC location, current AP level, state of subplots (i.e. whether certain cutscenes have been triggered), POSSIBLY other NPC AP level (to test), weather, etc. Therefore interactions that give 0 (i.e. multiple talks in same location) are not locked out of giving AP due to previous interactions, but comprise textboxes that are programmed to give 0 (but only display under those conditions). Current textbox/AP notes: https://pastebin.com/4d4Vb50e
  30. 8. AP gain is not text-based but text is tied loosely to situation. In-situ interactions, including intro, appear to apply a kind of nerf to future in-situ interactions on the same day (-4). However, if an NPC is intro'd while walking, the +2 convo is still available. There may be a nerf on future walking convos as well (-1?). All such nerfs are applied after taking into account gift/talk order.
  32. 9. Some locations, despite giving different boosts, seem to be treated as the same area, such that you can only get the boost from one or the other (per day), rather than the one applying the -4 "nerf" to additional boosts. For example, Lyla's garden vs. shop (both +4, so indistinguishable from -4 theory), and Gina outside and inside of Ronald's (+4/+5, but if you get the former boost, the latter is +0, NOT +5-4 = +1).
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