Programming Language Concepts, Keywords, and Cheat Sheets

Oct 18th, 2021 (edited)
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"Keyword Cheat Sheets" or "Keywords" seem to be some of the better searches, resulting in the more useful resources for learning to code in a new programming language.
For example: "C++ Keywords" or "C++ Keyword Cheat Sheets"

Other generally language agnostic terms tend to be:
Data Types>Statements,Expressions>Variables,Functions,Constants,Operators, etc.

General Strategy:
Ultimately, it seems to be ideal to find keywords, cheat sheets, and similar reference docs for the specific language you are working with, then find some free source code for a simple program.
From there, you can reverse engineer the code, and teach yourself how to code a new language from scratch.

Programming Tutorials:

Microsoft Programming and Coding Tutorials
Microsoft's Introduction to Programming
BBC Bitesize Programming Constructs Tutorial

Programming Tools:

Visual Studio IDE
Notepad++ Code Editor

Programming Books for Free Online:

Clean Code
The Pragmatic Programmer
Design Patterns
Code Complete

Resources by provided by Ivan.

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