Jan 2nd, 2014
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  1. >You are Waspy, and you are on a mission in the beepony hive
  2. >you are spying for more information on the bees plans
  3. >but currently you are doing a favor for Hexferry
  4. >she asked you to get her some of the best honey the beeponies keep hidden deep in their nursery
  5. >as you slip past a few guards you finally arrive to the price, tubs full of the best honey one could hope to find in Equestria
  6. >you dig out a jar from your satchel and scoop some of the sticky nectar into it and close it
  7. >there, final objective completed, time to get out and report back to the village
  8. "Hey, you there, what are you doing?!"
  9. >you freeze, a guard has spotted you. You quickly set the satchel and the jar behind one of the tubs before the guard can see them as he trots to you
  10. >"Uhhhh, just having a little snack... sorry"
  11. >you offer the guard your best sheepy grin as you rub the back of your head
  12. >the guard sighs and relaxes
  13. "Ok, just don't let yourself be caught, everybee's so uptight around here lately. I won't report you, since I also happen to like the stuff"
  14. >the guard walks to the cat and scoops a little of the honey into his hoof and eats it
  15. "Mmmm, so good. You want any?"
  16. >the guard offers you his hoof and you decide to humor him so you could bail
  17. >as you open your mouth the guard suddenly jams his whole hoof into your mouth and subdues you to the floor
  18. >before you can even begin to struggle you notice that you are bound by wax to the floor, your rear legs spread out in a rather compromising way
  19. "But you know... as a guard, I can not let you go unpunished..."
  20. >the beepony guard caresses your behind with his hoof, spreading your cheeks a bit as you squeak in suprise under the wax ballgag you have in your mouth
  21. >damn this guard is good with using wax
  22. "I've been looking at you..."
  23. >your heart skips a beat, have you been found out?
  24. >the guard moves his head near your ear
  25. "You're rather cute"
  26. >you blush at the words the guard whispers into your ear as he starts to gently nibble on it
  27. >you can't help but to feel a bit shameful as you feel shivers running down your spine
  28. >the guard stops his nibbling and gives you a kiss on the cheek, causing you to blush
  29. >i-it's not like it feels good or anything
  30. >the guard walks to the tub and gets some honey, and drips on your back
  31. >it feels warm, gooey and nice, which also causes a certain part of your own to awaken slowly in your loins
  32. >but then you feel something else, your anus starting to relax and feel tingly
  33. >you blush even more deeper shade of red at your own body's arousal
  34. >the guard seems to take notice of this
  35. "Well, look at you, already getting this hot and bothered, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet~"
  36. >your body involuntarily shudders at the mention of more pleasant gentle pleasure
  37. >suddenly you feel a tongue on your back
  38. >the guard is now licking the honey off of your body
  39. >now you feel thankful for the ballgag of wax in your mouth as a few muffled moans escape your mouth
  40. >the guards tongue is like warm moist velvet, massaging your back gently, trailing slowly towards your butt
  41. >you pull on your wax binds as the guard stops just before arriving there, leaving you yearning for more
  42. >you push your butt upwards as much as you can, signaling your need
  43. >you do not care anymore, the pleasure is now filled your mind with the haze of lust
  44. "Oh I can't tease you anymore when you look so cute like that..."
  45. >the guard spreads your cheeks and starts to lick the entry to your cavity, hungry for attention
  46. >his tongue feels amazing, teasing your hole by drawing circles and gently prodding against your gates
  47. >the guards ceases the action
  48. "these are in the way"
  49. >the guard smashes your wax restraints to pieces, allowing you to move
  50. >you push your head against the floor as you lift up your behind and move your tail out of the way
  51. "Good boy~"
  52. >the guard drips honey onto your hole as you claw at the floor in anticipation for penetration, moaning your muffled moans
  53. "I can't take it anymore"
  54. >your thoughts exactly
  55. >you feel the guards stiff member being pushed strongly against your honey hole as it slips in easily and you bite onto the gag
  56. >it feels intense, the honey working as a sticky lubricant, gently stinging your insides slightly
  57. >the guard grunts and pushes deeper, sliding against your inner walls, sending shivers from deep within you and making your now fully erect member leak precum
  58. >you push your butt against the guard as he hits he innermost deepest parts of you
  59. >he's member is huge, and you can't help your own body from shuddering beneath him as you give your own butt a little shake while he's within you
  60. "Heh-heh, you're really liking this aren't you?"
  61. >you turn and look at the guard, silently pleading him to get even rougher with your eyes, and give him a nod
  62. >you must have looked extremely erotic as you feel him twitch strongly within you as he pulls back and starts to ruthlessly pound your behind
  63. >you won't lie, it hurts a bit, but it also feels good
  64. >it hurts so good
  65. >you start to move your own hips violently against the guard in a lustful daze as your own dick twitches with each of the guards thrusts, now leaking an impressive amount of precum
  66. >the guard is now moaning like a wild beast himself
  67. "Aaaargh screw it!"
  68. >the guard pulls out and flips you around so you are lying on your back and removes the ballgag
  69. >"Don't stop, mo-"
  70. >you can't even finish your sentence as the guard rams his raging cock back into you and resumes his brutal pace
  71. >your eyes turn to the back of your head as you start to moan wildly, your own dick now twitching like it is going to explode
  72. >and explode it does while the guard still keeps pounding you, sending your own seed all over your face and into your open mouth, but you take no notice of it
  73. >your mind is not working properly anymore as the world turns to black and you feel pleasure good enough to drive you insane spread into every part of your body
  74. >your hole keeps throbbing, gripping against the guards shaft as he keeps ramming into you and just as the orgasm starts to subside, a familiar tension spreads violently into your body
  75. >your body twitches violently as you experience another orgasm, dick twitching violently without shooting anything out
  76. >and as it starts to lessen another, and another and another
  77. >you loose count on how many times you experience orgasm as your body moves in the throws of passion without your control, your bowels moving like they would have gone mad
  78. >the guard pulls out with a wet pop and shoots his hot and thick load all over your chest and face
  79. >you lie on the floor, catching your breath
  80. >your hole feels sore and loosened from rough usage
  81. >you try to get up but soon notice that your hoofs are too weak for it, so you just lie on the floor, covered in cum, panting
  82. >the guard gets up and shakily makes his way to you and gives you a kiss on your cheek
  83. "That was great, if you ever feel like doing that again, you know where to find me. Now let's get you cleaned up honeypie~"
  84. >you can't help but to blush as the guard scoops you into his hoofs and carries you bridal style while flying towards what you presume to be his private quarters
  85. >maybe the report can wait for a while...
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