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  1. Two fast moving streaks ran towards his back, aiming to pierce through it.
  3. Without showing any intention to turn around, with only the movement of his knees the three-headed dragon jumped up in the air, evading both streaks.
  5. One was the flash of a serpent sword, the other belonged to a blade of shadow.
  7. With the changing of the direction of their blades, the assaulting streaks painted a curve as they followed the jumping three-headed dragon. The slashes latched on to the three-headed dragon like serpents with a sickle shaped pose, ready to pounce.
  9. 'Trifling', thought the three-headed dragon as he spread his wings, intending to deflect them promptly.
  11. However with one of his three heads he noticed an attacker above him in the air. Recognizing the ground-air pincer attack, the three-headed dragon, instead of deflecting them, he turned his body so the attacks collided with each other.
  13. "Eey, it was noticed."
  15. Jumping down from overhead was a man wearing an eyepatch —— The One Who Envelops the Seas, Kouryuu magnificently clicked his tongue after the failure of the ground-air pincer attack. Fuming with a bogus sounding accent, he deflected the attacks with two clubs he had prepared. But that was not the end of it.
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