old pony tf story

Dec 27th, 2015
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  1. You're sitting on a bench a good ways into a local jogging trail. You yawn a little as you hold your phone over your friend's hands as he packs his pipe.
  3. "I don't know why you didn't do this in the car" you say
  5. "It just slipped my mind" he says
  7. You just shake your head as you keep your phone steady, noting that the fireflies seem to be out tonight. After a good minute he hands you the pipe, and tells you to hold it as he puts the ziplock baggy away. You shove you phone back into your pocket and hold the pipe waiting for him to take it as traditionally he takes the first hit.
  9. "Nah man, you start it." he says
  11. You shrug and take out your trusty bic lighter, and you take the first hit. You pass the pipe off to him and hear him take out his own lighter to take his hit. You never were able to get it rolling on the first hit, hence the tradition of your friend always taking it first, not to mention he always insisted on supplying the weed. Suddenly you go into a coughing fit, which is rare for you, and holy shit what a coughing fit it is. Your friend laughs and calls you a bitch, all you can do is nod slightly and try to stop coughing. After about a minute you stop, your throat burns and your eyes are watery.
  13. "You gonna be okay, dude?"
  15. "Yeah... Yeah, just give me a sec" you gasp out, your throat feeling a little hoarse.
  17. You take a drink from your water bottle, which helps soothe the burning in your throat, then you gingerly take a second hit.
  19. "What did you say this was called again?" you ask exhaling, rubbing your throat a little.
  21. "The guy fucking called it 'Smile Smile Smile' but looking it over it was definitely nuggs. The rest of the shit he was selling all looked like schwag, and these nuggs were like half the price!" he said sounding pretty fucking stoked.
  23. You let out a little 'heh' when he told you the name, and you gave him a celebratory fist bump over the deal he got, as you took your next hit. It wasn't long before the bowl was cashed, and though you didn't often, on account of you being a lightweight, the two of you went through two more bowls before getting up and stumbling towards the end of the trail where his car was parked.
  25. Well he wasn't stumbling, you wondered how frequently he had to have smoked to get such a high tolerance. Soon you see his car in the distance, and soon the distance is covered. You trip and scrape your palms on the asphalt before you open the car door and crawl in giggling, while your friend laughs his ass off at you. He could tell you were too far gone to carry on a conversation so he dropped you off at your place, you mumbled out some goodbyes and several thanks before you left his car and proceeded to nearly face plant again. This sets him off on another laughing fit. Giggling yourself, you roll over on the lawn, sit up, and down a water bottle before standing up before repeating the goodbyes and thanks. You wave as he drives away and you enter your house. You make a beeline to your bed where you strip down to your boxers and pass out giggling softly as the room is still spinning.
  27. When you wake up the room is still spinning, but thankfully at a much slower pace. You look at your phone and it's past noon already. "Holy shit I'm still high" you think you sit up on your bed and slowly look around your room. You try to stand up, but you fall back down on your matress. You try to hoist yourself back up into a sitting position but find that you can't, and then you start freaking out. You notice you're sweating profusely and starting to pant. You feel off, weird, all over. More than pins and needles, it feels like you've been hit with an anesthetic. You feel numb but you can also feel that something is wrong.
  29. You try to drag yourself over to your phone. You reach out for your nightstand, you find that it takes all of your concentration to move your arm, but when it comes into view what you see makes all of your concentration drop, along with your arm, but you angle your head to look at it. Your hand was, well, you couldn't really call it a hand anymore, but it resembled something, something you see on /mlp/ all the time. It looked like a god damned hoof. You try your best to flex fingers that are no longer there and all you get for your effort is seeing your new hoof flick a couple of times. You've been doing this for a while now; everything still feels numb and you shift every so often but you're too panicked to do anything but try and get your hand back.
  31. That is, until some lime green hair starts to obscure your vision. That snaps you out of your hand panic as you look over to your other arm and see the same thing has happened there. You try to flex your toes as you look back to your legs only to see that your heels had elongated, and your shins warped all while you were busy thinking about your stupid hand, hoof, whatever. You were now a quadruped, and you knew what kind. You got an intense vertigo as you felt something happening to your eyes, you squeeze them shut to avoid passing out. While your eyes are closed you feel something happening to your face, you remember back when you had braces and clench your jaw as you feel everything stretch. You scream into your mattress. You can't take all of this happening at once. You still feel too numb to notice everything but when you open your eyes again you can't help but notice your new muzzle.
  33. While you open and close your jaw a few times your hearing goes out for a second then comes back and you find you're able to hear a lot better, you know what happened as you can feel your new ears swivel as you pick up new sounds. You can hear bones and muscles stretching into new alignments. You notice you're being covered in a fine pale magenta coat, but your attention is immediately drawn towards your tailbone. You give all your effort to shove yourself onto your back, you've basically slid out of your boxers now as you can see that your body has gotten smaller. You watch with morbid curiosity as your tailbone lengthens and the same lime green hair that's on your head grows out, you notice that it's somewhat curly. The numbness begins to subside as you stare at your now alien body.
  35. That's when you notice the marks on your hips, two daisies, and you feel your stomach sink. You take a deep breath and kick your boxers off to confirm your fears. It must've happened while you were to busy staring at the more vital parts of your body but with you laying on your back, spread eagle, you can see that your dick is nowhere to be seen, and in it's place is a small pink slit. You stare longer while tears build up in your eyes.
  37. "Godda-" you begin to curse until you notice your voice has also changed to a fairly soft, very definitely female voice.
  39. You decide it's a good idea to wallow in self pity for a bit, it seems as though your strength has returned to your muscles as you toss, and kick, and sob for a good while.
  41. Soon you decide you should probably see if you can get around. It takes you a little bit, and the falling over you do reminds you a bit of last night, but eventually you get the hang of walking, trotting, and a little running. You walk over to your phone and look at the time, surprisingly all this has taken is two hours, which means you have a good four hours until your parents get home for their respective jobs. Your mind starts racing on what the fuck you're going to tell them, how the fuck does someone explain something like this anyway? Your thoughts are cut off some pressure in your abdomen. Fuck, you feel like you need to piss like a race horse.
  43. As you walk to the bathroom you hear the clip-clopping of your hooves echo through the hallway, jesus your house looks so fucking big now. It's just then when you hear some movement from the living room and you realize that you've made a huge mistake. You high tail it into the bathroom as your dog Sam notices you and gives chase.
  45. "Sam it's me go lay down!" you try to yell at the dimwitted rottweiler mix.
  47. For once it's a good thing you're smaller than him as it gives you greater maneuverability, enough to get to the bathroom and jump into the tub before he can get to you. Panting you look back to see Sam standing in the doorway to the bathroom barking at you. None of this has helped your bladder any. After yelling at Sam enough to get him to just wait there watching you, you eye up the toilet. You highly doubt you'll be able to balance yourself on the seat and piss, especially with your new equipment. Your ears lower as you look at the tub drain. Yeah, you figure you're going to have to piss in the tub. You do your best to squat over the drain, lifting your tail, you piss for quite a while. You're frankly surprised your bladder could hold that much seeing how small you've gotten. You use your hooves to manipulate the faucet to drain down any remaining urine, you sure as hell didn't want to have to talk about this incident to anyone.
  49. You turn off the water and climb out of the tub to see Sam still standing vigilant at the door to the bathroom, good thing he's afraid to actually come in here. You walk closer to Sam and he starts barking like an idiot again. After some shouting, and using as stern of a voice you can muster you manage to get him to calm down. Now he just seems curious. You walk over to Sam and extend out a hoof so he can smell you. It's the best idea you have, and luckily he seems to recognize you as he starts to lick your hoof and whine like he hasn't seen you in ages.
  51. With that you figure it's safe to leave the bathroom and maybe check the kitchen to for something to eat. You begin to walk towards the living room when you feel a tickling near the base of your tail, accompanied by loud sniffing noises. You turn around and give your dog a firm "NO" with the strongest glare you think you've ever given him. He just cocks his head and continues to stare at you. You pick your pace up a little as you enter the living room, trying to keep a fair distance between your canine friend and yourself.
  53. As you trot through the living room you trip on one of Sam's toys, your forehooves slip out from under you and you hit your chest on the carpet. As you begin to right yourself you feel the cold of your dogs nose hit your new genitals the unfamiliar sensation causing you freeze up. You realize what your hesitation just cost you as you see Sam's front paws on either side of you. You realize you haven't gotten back on to your forehooves yet and you quickly try to get to a standing position, but it is much too late.
  55. Sam bites down on the scruff of your neck eliciting an eep from you as you try to prepare for what he's about to do next. Sure enough you feel the horny canine enter you and start pounding away. You try to get away, but Sam just gets a better hold on you, the worst part of this whole thing is the fact that he isn't hurting you, much the opposite you feel waves of pleasure hit you. You can feel something building inside of you as you unwilling lose your virginity to the family dog. You moan, and writhe, and then you feel Sam hilt you, you feel the knot go inside and hear a squishy pop as you reach orgasm. You convulse underneath your pet as he repositions himself so that you're now facing opposite directions.
  57. You have been in this position for 15 minutes and have had plenty of time to think about the events that just occurred and you're entirely disgusted with this situation. You've tried pulling away but that just seems to hurt you both so you're fucking stuck like this until his boner dies down. One thing's for sure, you're never going to look at Sam the same way again, and after your parents are done freaking the fuck out about you becoming a talking pony, you are going have a discussion about getting Sam fixed. Right now though, all you can really think about is how much you want a bath, and a good cry.
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