ANRI / NORI meeting tomorrow: you're cordially invited

May 14th, 2015
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  1. Colleen Huber, NMD
  2. Today at 6:12 AM
  3. Hello, NatChat members.
  5. ANRI / NORI has been growing and having larger meetings each time . Due to seating limitations and lunch planning, please let us know today if you would like to attend. Lunch will be served, our treat. Please call the number below if you would like this.
  7. Our next quarterly meeting is tomorrow, Friday, May 15, noon, at the usual place, my clinic in Tempe:
  8. ******************************
  9. Between McClintock and Rural Rds., north side of Baseline, next door to the First Credit Union.
  11. Our website is, recently overhauled by Nick, our webmaster.
  13. There is a lot on the agenda:
  15. 1) What is our role as compounding physicians?
  17. In the new regulatory environment, there have been many changes since October 2013. With new fuzzy lines of jurisdiction, there are some power grabs going on right now that affect us. Most notably, and related to us, the FDA has claimed more reach than ever before. The AZ Pharmacy Board has claimed the right to regulate all prescribing physicians, as the pharmacy profession also tries to position itself as practitioner/pharmacists. This up-ends the historical relationship between doctor and pharmacist. Federal law on the books would seem to pre-empt a lot of this activity, but we should leave it to our attorney to advise us on that at our meeting.
  19. The discussion has come up as to how we reinforce our role as compounding physicians, in order to preserve this role that we have always had. On the continuum from raw source material to extracts, tinctures, concentrates, homeopathic preparations, etc. for non-sterile use at one end of the spectrum, to compounded sterile products at the other end, and limitless products in between, we naturopathic physicians have compounded throughout our history, and there has been no patient harm as a specific result of that. It seems obvious that there would in fact be considerable and widespread patient harm if such compounding were to be prohibited.
  21. Therefore, let's discuss ways and brainstorm strategies to reinforce our role as compounding physicians.
  23. 2) Any and all research that you all are doing is welcome for review. You may distribute an abstract in advance or later, if you like. You have the floor to speak about your research, so just let me know by the time we start the meeting please. Just know that you will be approaching a welcoming, friendly audience. We may offer ideas for tweaks on your approach to your research, but ultimately we find common ground. So don't think you are walking into a lion's den.
  25. We exist in order to encourage naturopathic research, not to squash it.
  27. 4) Grand Rounds / Case Review: Anybody who is working toward a specialist designation, or simply wants advice on a case, or would like to educate the rest of us on lessons learned from a case - you have the floor as well. Please bring your cases to discuss if you like.
  29. All of this is subject to your approval, reorganizing, reprioritizing, debate, introspection, transcendence, grandstanding or even total upheaval and revolt, if you must, at the next ANRI / NORI.
  31. Looking forward to it!
  32. Colleen Huber, NMD
  34. Naturopathic Oncologist (FNORI)
  35. President, Naturopathic Cancer Society,
  36. Secretary, ANRI / NORI,
  37. Medical Director, NatureWorksBest Cancer Clinic,
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