Inside The Mind of A Fetishist

Sep 13th, 2015
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  1. Applejack's hooves hung over the edge of the dinghy, and her reflection shined in the mirror calm lake water. You looked over, she looked bored. A line of rope was clinched between her teeth. Quite honestly, you were bored too. You got up at the crack of dawn, grabbed Applejack, hoped in the boat, and sped out into the middle of the lake before any pony else could come along. You just wanted to be alone with Applejack.
  2. Already on this camping trip you've either seen or watched Rarity sneeze about a hundred times, but you lost interest. Rainbow Dash had a few good sneezes, especially around the camp fire last night. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie sneezed, but you weren't interested. Twilight let out a sneeze or two on the hike up. The only pony who didn't sneeze was Applejack! It sort of bugged you and you wanted to see it. You had no other reason to this little fishing foray in the middle of a lake at 5am, other then to possibly witness Applejack sneeze.
  3. You had a thing for sneezes. A strange calling, a niche, a kink. You didn't know why, but since you were young you always liked sneezes. Some like hooves, ears, plots, whatever. You liked sneezes from a good looking mare. You never told no one, you just took enjoyment when it happened.
  4. The silence broke as you looked up. You heard air air being sucked in. Is Applejack preparing for a sneeze? Her hoof in front of her mouth and eyes squeezes shut. But no, she yawned.
  5. “So why did we head out before any pony else could join us?” Applejack didn't look your way, but you had to think quick.
  6. “I figured I needed the most rugged and capable pony to help me catch some fish for breakfast.” You felt accomplished and proud of your lie.
  7. “But we don't eat fish.” Applejack looked over with a blank face at you.
  8. You were taken aback by the shear simplicity of her response, that you had no good answer.
  9. “Well, you know.” Then you trailed off and looked across the water. The morning fog still covered the lake, and the sky was still a cold blue shade as the sun slowly rose from the east.
  10. You were beginning to lose patience, but you had nothing to induce a sneeze from her. You only packed water. It was a last minute decision, even though you were up most of the night thinking about it. You slept next to Fluttershy in your tent, but she wasn't your kind. What was nice, is she went to sleep right away and was very quiet the entire night. She was a light sleeper and woke up twice, but didn't make a fuss and fell asleep quickly enough.
  11. You glanced over at Applejack who was once again staring at the water. You wanted to break the ice more. Maybe even risk bringing up sneezing, strike a conversation. You took all your guts and feebly came out with the your best ice breaker.
  12. “So whats up with Rarity sneezing so much yesterday?”
  13. Applejack finished a yawn and smacked her lips twice before she answer. “She always does.”
  14. You waited, hoping for more, but no. Applejack ended the conversation right away. Shut down. Rejected, you thought of a way to keep it going.
  15. “Some of her sneezes sounded pretty weird though, right?”
  16. “I guess.” Applejack replied.
  17. “Does anyone else in Ponyville sneeze that much?”
  18. “I reckon.” Applejack said raising her hat up a second to rub her forehead.
  19. “Do you have a funny sounding sneeze?”
  20. “Doubt it.”
  21. You weren't sure if this conversation was attracting unwanted attention to yourself, but you kept risking it.
  22. “How do your sneezes sound, Applejack?”
  23. Applejack paused and rubbed her chin. “Like a normal sneeze.”
  24. You were going mad. “...And how does that sound?” Yours eyes wide, your voice now guttural.
  25. “Atchoo.” Applejack said with no enthusiasm.
  26. You lowered your head. You failed. You had given it your all and even asked stuff you wouldn't usually ask. You leaned back and and lowered your hat over your eyes.
  27. Minutes passed and the boat slowly drifted. The sound of nature began to penetrate the early morning silence as birds began to chirp and other wildlife began to stir.
  28. Suddenly, “Do you sneeze?”
  29. Again, you were surprised. You hated answering anything sneeze related about yourself, you actually liked living in denial by saying you never ever sneezed to people. How were you going to answer without her possibly discovering the guise you had set for yourself. Clearly others would think you have a sneeze fetish if you answer. Then quickly your rational thoughts came in and you answered, Applejack.
  30. “Rarely.”
  31. She nodded at your answer and then there was silence for a few moments.
  32. “I usually stifle my sneezes.” Applejack said.
  33. Is she really starting a sneeze conversation? Your insides began to feel happy and your heart perked right up. I warm, light, butterfly feeling began to tickle inside of you.
  34. “Isn't stifling bad for you? Like you could blow out your brains?”
  35. Applejack chuckled. “I've felt like my brains were gonna burst after some sneezes sometimes. I can sneeze very hard.”
  36. Oh. You liked that answer.
  37. “I haven't ever heard you sneeze.” You were shocked by what just came out of your mouth. Will she think that is a weird thing to say? Will she find me out?
  38. Applejack nodded as if approving of what I just said. “I don't sneeze much.”
  39. You cringed at what you were about to ask, but you had too. “Are there certain things that make you sneeze?”
  40. Applejack chucked again and got up and put her fishing line down. She slowly walked towards you and then reached around you, grabbed a water bottle, then sat down beside you. Her ample hips rubbed against mine. Some time had gone by, and you wondered if Applejack was going to answer or not. Thankfully, she finally did after she sipped some water.
  41. “You wanna see me sneeze or something?”
  42. A tingling, burning sensation burned across your face. You knew you were blushing. You could feel pins and needles run up your spine as Applejack's question was far too close for comfort. Did she figure you out? You could't answer as you mumbled out a few words that sounded like ''No's.''
  43. Applejack nudged your arm and put her hoof on yours and said, “Watch this.” She put her water bottle down and looked towards the rising sun as it peaked over the mountain tops and through the tree's. It was very bright. She then used both her hooves and began rubbing her nose. You didn't know if it was alright to stare, but you did anyways.
  44. Finally her breath hitched and you watched her chest expand outward.
  45. “Hehh . . . ehhhhhh . . . .” Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she quickly lowered her hooves and her nostrils flared. She leaned back then short forward, bending downward as she let out a force full and loud sneeze. “AAHHHHHHTTCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Her hip bounced up and then fell back down beside yours as her body trembled at the force.
  46. You could see the spray explode out of her nostrils and mouth through the morning sunlight. It was like a piece of art, and magical masterpiece! It was a rock solid performance and your body agreed.
  47. She ran her hoof under her nose then ribbed you.
  48. “Can you do that?”
  49. “What? Uhhh, Uhhh. No.” You nervously answered, you could feel the sweat. You really just wanted to wrap your arms around her and make Applejack yours.
  50. “I guess it is my special talent,” Applejack said smiling proudly. She continued, “I have been able to do that since I was a filly.”
  51. “C-c-can you do it as m-m-much as you want?” You stuttered after witnessing such an impressive display of sneeze art. You had to put the lunchbox on your lap as to not give anything away.
  52. Doing exactly what you had hoped, Applejack looked back up towards the rising sun and began massaging her nose. Moments later she was back in that euphoric pre-sneeze state you so much loved.
  53. “Ehhhhhh . . . “ Her eyelids fluttered. “Ahhh-HHHEH-AAATTCCHHHOOOOie!” She exploded a rush of air and rose from her seated position before falling back down, but sliding upon your upper leg. But this time, her sneeze didn't stop, it still was there! You watched in amazement as she raised her head once more and spit out a wonderful shower of a sneeze.
  54. “HeeeaaaaaaaAAAAATTTCCCSSHHOOOOOO!” Again, her body bounced up, but when she fell back down, her plush bottom landed on your lap, knocking the lunchbox from your grasp.
  55. Your world froze. Your pupils shrunk. Did Applejack feel your excitement you so much tried to contain? You didn't rush to push her off your lap, that would draw too much attention. Instead, Applejack continued to stay seated on your lap for what felt like minutes. She finally slowly got up, pausing, for what seemed like on purpose, when her butt was level with your eyes. She finally spun around and then sat back down on the other side of the boat. She didn't look up at you.
  56. Embarrassed, you picked up the lunchbox again and sort of shuffled through it. You didn't know what to say.
  57. Finally Applejack spoke, “You liked that?”
  58. You didn't know how to answer. “Liked what?”
  59. “You know what.” Applejack still didn't look up, but she had now picked up her fishing line and was pulling it in.
  60. “I guess. It was a cool talent.”
  61. “But you really liked it.”
  62. A cold chill hit you again as a numbness enveloped your body. She knows. You said nothing.
  63. Applejack smiled and then looked over at you. You looked up too.
  64. “I think we might catch more fish if we had brought bait.” She showed you the end of her fishing line, then pulled up your line to reveal neither had any bait. How could you neglect to bring bait? Certainly she knew you pulled her out here just to be with her. She probably thinks you are nuts!
  65. “Should we head back to shore?” You nervously said, knowing your cheeks were red once again.
  66. “I don't see why we should? It is pretty nice out here.”
  67. You were surprised by the quick response from, Applejack.
  68. She continued, “Besides, at least one of us is having fun. I know we can make that two.” Applejack's eyelids lowered to halfway as she slowly prowled towards you. Oh wowzah. She definitely knows.
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