0. Adrian's Gift

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  1. Siegfried smiles at Adrian. It's a broken, sad little thing, but it's more than he'd offer most of the people who approach him with a message these days. But then, he was more fond of Adrian than he was most people.
  3. "Thank you, Adrian," he responds, quietly. More dim than usual. Eyes unfocused. More grey than blue.
  5. "How are you doing?"
  6. (Siegfried)
  8. As per-usual, Adrian's slits remain tired and heavy. If anything was clear, it was that he didn't want to be here. But with his new promotion, it was doubtful he was going to leave anytime soon.
  10. ''No problem, I am not sure what he wants...'' But how was he doing? ''I am fine, no need to worry about me. I closed off some loose ends and pushed past a lot of things. And with Aurora most likely not intending to come back, after Calael banished her at the moment... At least things will maybe quiet down a little.''
  12. Or rather, he didn't have to see her face. Or his face, thankfully. Because surely if Aurora wasn't going to come back, despite probably being told she isn't banished... Then he would only follow, like the lost dog he really was.
  14. ''What do you plan to do now? If anything, you should work on developing a new ability. If you ever want to achieve the things you aim for, you need to improve.''
  15. (Adrian Rowan)
  17. Siegfried appreciates that, about Adrian. As a man who has been a wayward soul his entire life, who has wandered Agartha and tried to escape his various responsibilities for countless years, running from his home, and then his friends, and then the war...he's also always watched people like Adrian, who rise to the call of duty, regardless of their feelings.
  19. He coveted that level of resolve, sometimes.
  21. "I have an idea," he says with a shallow smile, eyes lacking their usual mirth. "That' A mixed bag. We'll see what happens with that situation - can never be sure, hm hm? No way of knowing what the future may hold."
  23. Everything about him is haggard. His voice. His movements. It's like he's already got a foot in the grave. What ties him to Agartha is simply obligation at this point...but he'd get better at hiding it again. Pain always came before the numbness.
  25. "Yes, I...I meant to ask you about that. Do you mind if we go to..."
  27. He pauses.
  29. "The house?" He says softly. "I wanted to see if I could find Taiga's notes on Wayfinding. I had them at one point...but he took them back, after I nearly got imprisoned by Sors in Dawn."
  30. (Siegfried)
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  34. To move forward, wasn't that all he could do? People had already thrown their luggage on him, could he even refuse? He had to take care of the Dragons, he had to take care of Levengard. People didn't want him to die, he had to live for so many different things.
  36. Was it even resolve at this point? But in a sense, it wasn't obligation like Siegfried felt. In fact, Adrian still had that fire burning deep within him.
  38. But... Was it a flame to even grow anymore? Or was it a flame that wished to unleash upon everything around him. To simply feel the warmth of his ire, as it dances around-consuming everything in its path. To burn those bridges, to burn those cities... And those who had wronged him, for such a long time.
  40. His eye twitches, but he simply snaps out of it. Turning his attention back onto Samael for a moment, he lifts two fingers up. Harshly jabbing Siegfried's forehead, enough to even make his head jolt back.
  42. ''We can go to the house, but you need to wake up. You know, everyone's dead and I got dumped with so much bullshit. I'm tired of people being selfish, that's my job. So pick yourself up, and at least make an effort to look confident and proud around me.
  44. You shouldn't forget I am a Dragon, and even in tough times like these. I demand confidence and respect.''
  46. Sighing, an icy breath leaves his maw. Before he moves past Siegfried. ''Taiga gave me those notes before he passed, offering to even teach me things about it. He never forced wayfinding on me as Ethan did, he was gentle... And I even considered it. But I think it's not for me, but you? I think it would be good.
  48. Let's go get those notes, just make sure when you are done with them or... Don't need them anymore? Bring them back to me, I would like to keep them safe. So don't go off dying with our father's notes.''
  50. Rolling his eyes, if Siegfried would follow... Adrian would lead!
  51. (Adrian Rowan)
  53. "...I-I...
  55. And there he was again. Staggering, stuttering. Nothing like himself. Absent of the countenance of what he'd dared in his folly, in his arrogance to believe he was. The boy that ran around trying to touch every soul he met was replaced by the man that hid from his own shadow and searched mirrors and reflections for a hint of those he would never see again.
  57. But there he was again, wasn't he? Stuttering. Slumping. Couldn't even look the taller man in the eyes.
  59. Shoulders squared, like his parents - not Nik and Taiga, his blood ones - had shown him. Chin up. Never let them see you flinch. Effortless. Everything, effortless. The dashing revolutionary. The charming hero. The man who makes the impossible, possible. That man can never scream in pain, can never panic, can never be at a loss for what to do. He takes a deep breath, and walks forward, after Adrian.
  61. "You're right," he says, and means it, and already, he sounds like the weight of worlds has been lifted from his chest, "Nobody likes a little bitch."
  63. Falling into step behind Adrian, he can't help but smile at the mention of their father. He wasn't alone in this world. Not yet. He still had friends...he still had Clara...he still had Adrian. And until it was time to go and reunite with Godfrey in the great beyond...
  65. He would be okay.
  67. "I'll make sure they get back into your hands," he vowed. "I swear it. You know, you make it sound like you're a dragon, guarding your treasure. It kind of fits you, Adrian..."
  69. Hands up, behind his head, one foot forward. It was all any of them could do.
  71. "The grouchy old dragon that protects a vault of hidden treasures. That'll be you someday, I bet."
  72. (Siegfried)
  74. Good, because even in times of pain. You have to maintain that surface, to show that you couldn't just topple over by a gust of wind. No, words meant nothing in the end. And most of the time, that's the only power people had over you.
  76. Words.
  78. Noise.
  80. ''Exactly, so keep your chin up. If not for yourself, then do it in place of those that can't anymore.'' Huffing, he blows cold air out of his nose. ''And I trust you will, and it's hardly about its value in this case. The tome was given to me by Taiga, so I would like to keep it close. Anything with value doesn't matter to me, it's who I received it from''
  82. Bringing a finger up, he jams it into his ear and twists it a few times. ''Maybe I am already grouchy, but I would hate to turn old. My treasure is more than just items, it's more than just coin. You'll realize that in due time...''
  84. And sometimes, you couldn't keep your most treasured things safe. When they were so fragile, sometimes you had to let them go... But you could never replace them.
  86. ''Let's go, before I start breathing fire everywhere.'' His tone sarcastic, as he leads them off.
  87. (Adrian Rowan)
  89. Adrian Rowan unlocks the door.
  91. Adrian Rowan locks the door.
  94. Adrian Rowan says, "Wait here."
  95. Adrian Rowan unlocks the door.
  97. Adrian Rowan has entered the room.
  99. Adrian Rowan locks the door.
  101. Returning with the Elisheva's Tome On Spatial Magic, he hands it out towards Siegfried.
  103. The house itself was in an odd state, with tables flipped over and pots destroyed. The entire building seemed dark like no one has even lived inside of it for a long time. Yet; there were few things untouched. The piano was fine, with its seats intact. And the corner with books and notes, a diary of sorts left on the table.
  105. Weirdly, with how much alcohol was left in the cupboards... None of it was touched at all, but bloody clothes do dangle over a watery dish. The water murky and red, clearly not meant for drinking or cleaning with anymore.
  107. This was his escape, where no one got to see his mess.
  109. ''Here, I expect it back. And when I get it back, it best be when you have learned the magic. Because I expect free transport around Agartha, you know.''
  110. (Adrian Rowan)
  112. Adrian Rowan drops Elisheva's Tome On Spatial Magic.
  114. Adrian Rowan picks up Elisheva's Tome On Spatial Magic.
  116. It's...strange. Hollow. Seeing a place he'd frequented so often as a teenager looking like this. Before, it'd been a source of warmth, of hope. Taiga had occupied it, and sometimes Niklaus, and good cheer and fun had been the overall demeanor of the place. And
  118. It was downright depressing. If it wasn't for the talk he'd just had with Adrian, he would be moping in here, all over the damn place, infact. The lad can't help the momentary frown that mars his recently reinvigorated face, but then, afterward, he goes right back to smiling, like nothing here was out of the ordinary.
  120. "There's some redecorating that's been done. Has a 'haunted house' aesthetic. I dig it."
  122. He walks over to the piano, his boots thudding against the wooden floor. A hand reaches down, and slides alongst the piano...the keys resonate through this place, which Taiga, Niklaus, and Godfrey had once called home.
  124. He stops.
  126. ---
  128. Siegfried, Taiga, and Godfrey all in this home, all at the same time.
  130. Alive.
  132. ---
  134. For the first time since Godfrey's passed, Siegfried smiles, and it's genuine. It's warm. He isn't frowning because something is over.
  136. He's smiling because it happened.
  138. "Thank you," he breathes, breathlessly. To Niklaus. To Taiga. To Godfrey. To Adrian Rowan, still at his side. "Thank you so much..."
  140. A single tear rolls down his face as he looks up, overwhelmed with enough emotions to overload a nebula. Grief, joy, acceptance, rage, passion, doubt, regret, all is taken in. The pain keeps him alive.
  142. "You guys are the best."
  144. The pain reminds him that he is human.
  145. (Siegfried)
  147. Adrian slipped in a bag of coins, mostly to keep Siegfried going. He didn't know if the boy had many coins himself, but Adrian had more than enough right now.
  149. This place was a mess because of him, it seemed he had taken the time to trash it. Out of anger? Out of many things. While even harming himself in the process, it wasn't something pretty or nice to think about. But this place truly was like a haunted house, entering it only made it seem like a murdered had happened here.
  151. ''Don't mention it, just make sure you learn. I don't want this to be a waste, Taiga would be angry if you didn't use it properly. Each section can guide you, and if you have any questions I can't answer them.
  153. This is all you, Siegfried. But I also have a project I plan to work on, despite how gloomy I may be. I am going to meet the spirits of the Dragons, to try and convince them that I am a worthy cause.
  155. No.
  157. I am going to make them feel as if I am the one that deserves respect and confidence in their presence. So then, when I call upon their aid as a guardian. My body will feel empowered by their spirit, as they aid me through combat and many other things.''
  159. Similar to Thera's call upon the Spirits, as Adrian's focus was on the Dragons. The Guardian that floated above her head, Adrian planned to summon his own.
  161. His own Holy Dragon Guardian.
  163. ''Is there anything else you need? You can always come and ask me for help or other things, just don't do anything drastic.''
  165. The urge to tell him to forget about love, to not put himself out there for anyone but himself was present. But would that be selfish of his own experiences? To feel so betrayed, it didn't mean others did too. Another icy breath is pushed out before he moves to the door unlocking it.
  167. ''Let's head back to the square.''
  168. (Adrian Rowan)
  170. Adrian Rowan unlocks the door.
  172. Adrian Rowan locks the door.
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