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  1. Key: MaryExz
  2. IC Name: Ramen (Spirit Doll)
  3. Why do I want this rank?: Firstly, there's already a Turtle Hermit, a Crane Hermit would be an excellent Ying to their Yang in terms of RP. Ontop of this, I feel as if I could promote more RP as a teacher role such as Crane Hermit, instead of something else currently, such as a leader role.
  5. RP Sample: idk how big you want this
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Ramen steeled herself battle. "This is a good chance! We'll force them to exhaust their resources so we can take what we need and leave!"
  9. And finally... The moment of impact had come.
  10.   Near the special forces' feets, a flower of light bloomed instantly, without a sound, leaving a burning impression in the eyes of those who would stare at the spectacle.
  11.   And just as suddenly, the light disappeared. Short-lived and beautiful; truly like a flower...
  12.   The collision of the blast on the sandy surface raised a tremendous amount of dust.
  13.   With the ensuing chaos, the entirety of the Earthling Team was able to successfully land the first strike and regroup, using the dust as cover.
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