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  1. [13:34] Feeling its more violent tendencies building up the demon decided to vacate Crafthold instead moving towards the west side of the continent. Its explosive power having grown since being coming a Kaor, It needed a good opponent to test its new control of its anti magic occultism abilites.
  3. As it approached the western side of Agartha it would notice a rural village near the outskirts of it didn't seem like the perfect staging ground for an invasion. Quickly descending the demon would slam its massive body into the ground like a meteorite. Landing near the outskirts of the village.
  5. Demonic occultism swirling around the creature forming a black mass of energy. Since obtaining Kaor stage it gained new mastery and control of its occultism it was now as simple and easy to use as breathing was summoning black orbs numbering in the thousands.
  7. As the demons rage began to build more of its kin began to arrive. By now the villagers were in a panic sending what few magiguards that idle there from Huangzhou in to attempt to let the villagers escape in time. However Ra'Kamel would make sure that wouldn't happen its bloodlust and eagerness to kill only got stronger and stronger.
  9. (Ra'Kamel)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [13:43] Since his evolution into Karon not only did he gain full control of demonic magic but he also gained access to a new power. Gravity magic. Manipulating the gravitons within the air the demon created dense pressure. Hardening the air into a hammer like then using its occultism to manifest it into a weapon.
  14. The Ra'Kamel roared sending shockwaves of occultism spiraling towards the air only increasing the waves of gravity being spent the air vibrated and the demon made its move. Sending the bombardment of shadow spheres to annihilate the town.
  16. Despite their best efforts the magi guards that got close to him were unable to resist the anti-magic distortion the demon could create quickly draining them of any chance or hope to oppose him.
  18. With a flick of the demons arm it sent a blade of gravity enhanced by its demonic power to slice and rip apart the first two guards that approached him. Using its ability to make its body weightless it quickly shifted its position near the last 4 guards. Summoning a black hole in the center of them.
  20. The dark spiral began pulling them in crushing their bodies and grinding their bones into pure dust. The carnage however did not end. It did not waiver a single bit turning its eyes onto the defenseless invalid mortals the creature would spur its anti magic particles towards them preparing for a final attack.
  21. (Ra'Kamel)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. [13:55] Streams of anti magic began nullifying the villagers not only did it erase their magic power but Ra'Kamel's magic had begun to penetrate deeper than merely absorbing mana. Their emotions, Their feelings, Sensations, Their mind all of it was reduced to Zero.
  26. The occultic mana that surged within the anti magic had mutated into a far more terrible power. One that even Ra'Kamel could not have predicted. The demon screamed in laughter as his bloodlust only continued to rise. His abilites were growing exponentially and he would do whatever it took to become an Archon no matter the hardships.
  28. But unlike that foolish mortal boy he would not die he would not be reduced to ashes to achieve his goal. No his goal would be achieved without going to such dire lengths.
  30. With a spark of enthusiasm the creature began creating more surges of its refined occultic power. Yet even though his new power was manifesting well it would seem it only affected those who werefar weaker than him. the creature would have to continue growing with its abilites if it intended to absolve all creatures.
  32. Just like the void who birthed it the Demon would spread mayhem and death. No longer just a mere observer it would be an incarnation of the void. As the carnage came to an end and all the villagers were either ripped to shreds or other wise disposed of the demons bloodlust had only slightly bee reduced. It would leave for now but it would soon return the wester continent and perhaps be the calamity that strikes on another village perhaps one that was far better guarded.
  33. (Ra'Kamel)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [14:16] As the last village was left poorly defended the demon decided to move to another one, Its bloodlust left unsatisfied and its hunger for power only growing. As it quickly broke through the sky it would take position over another village. It seemed there were many more guards than before at this one however most were not magi.
  37. As the Ra'Kamel made its descent its occultism began spurring out of control. The newly forged Kaor was still unable to fully control its abilities but with such a one sided it battle it mattered little how much he could control it. The air began to shake trees in the air began to bend over and snap at their bases as if bowing towards a King.
  39. Ra'Kamel used its abilites to manipulate gravitons created a large dense hammer from the air, Manifesting it with his occultic powers the black weapon held tightly between its hands.
  41. As it lifted the massive creation into the air he would begin to strike the ground sending a vicious blast of pressure to poor over the village blasting open any defensive structures they could have attempted to fend it off with. The pure negative energy swelled within the atmosphere it didn't take long for other demons to be attracted by the blood and death and not long after spreading it themselves. Attacking the villagers as they attempted to escape the horror from the void.
  43. Any guards who were brave enough to step towards the Kaor would quickly and violently meet their end being crushed by intense gravity or struck down by a violent curse from the void causing them to attack their allies in a frenzy. Although what was most horrifying about the creature was its ability to erase mana and emotion rationality and desire.
  45. Those who were able to be in contact of it were quickly overtaken by its ability the world would turn grey and their minds would be eclipsed causing them to quickly lose all hope. The void demon continued onwards spreading carnage and death as he moved within his wake.
  46. (Ra'Kamel)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. 14:36] It was the first time for Sun to truly stroll through the northern forests. There was a level of wonder, yet caution in every step he took. Icy-blue eyes wandered across the various coloured tree tops, a calm overtaking his body while winds whistled through leaves. Though he had come out here to vent some aggressions, think over his life in general, they couldn't help but feel a momentary peace.
  50. That was until out from a bush, a blithering non-magi screamed at him, madness evident in their eyes as they stared. A dagger was sent towards him, easily deflected by Sun while the non-magi already found himself unconscious, caused by gravity adding a few G's to his head.
  52. Why was he attacked? Now that they listened closely, what were those noises going on in the distance? A comical staff was held and they quickly followed the path from where the non-magi came from.
  54. Every step brought him closer to the chaos, screams now echoing in his ears, "What the..." Already now he could see it, a beast standing there with a large 'hammer'. Seemingly playing with the villagers, causing them to attack one another, while only swinging when it seemed the fell into boredom.
  56. Soon he'd walk out of the forest, into the chaos, slowly stepping towards the unknown. Even with the villagers still going at one another, slowly dying to their own friends, family, Sun still just stood there, staring at the 'thing'.
  58. They were not brash, they were not careless. Instead he carefully stood there, staring, his voice speaking up, "Nethadrin, or Kaor?" It was a simple question, one followed by a cosmic sheen forming across the staff of the teen.
  59. (Sun Heifang)
  60. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  62. [14:47] Ra'Kamel could only enjoy watching the cascade of crimson blood spill from the mortals. Although he felt Ipos words more true this level of violence was necessary at time some lambs needed to be slaughtered especially those without power.
  64. Eventually however the dominion of demons would reign over the more adept ones leading them on the correct path very soon in fact this will become a reality. Picking up the hammer he the demon would shift it onto its shoulder walking effortlessly on the villagers crushing their back and ripping apart their bodies with mere flicks of his fingers distorting gravitons to break apart any who crossed him.
  66. However the demons march came to an end, for a brief moment a boy stood in between his path seemingly unaffected from his power within this range. A slight scowl formed on its face as he looked towards the boy. "Keekaka I am a Kaor of the void, I suppose I take on the traits of both Nethradins and Demons but as I exist now in this world I am a demon. " As the boys question was answered the demon began to purpose his own."And what of you? Are you of Huangzhou or Gehenna? " The creature could tell the boy was at the very least an adequate magi to be able to resist the steams of negative anti magic occultism without losing his will he must've at the very least been strong.
  68. It waited for the boy to respond and of course the villagers that still had their wits about them fled to safety if not to be hunted down by the lesser and tera demons that flew over head.
  69. (Ra'Kamel)
  70. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  71. [15:00] A cold chill filled their stare, as they watched backs be crushed, bodies break apart from the sheer gravity of the situation. Lightly he'd give a simple sigh, the tail. of their staff being impaled into the ground.
  73. "I'd like to deny speaking about that...But etiquette, you answered my question, I'll answer yours. Huangzhou." It was a simple answer, one laced by an attitude that seemed to place himself as something 'different' then all the villagers that were being one-sidedly slaughtered.
  75. Heavy steps were taken, moving Sun closer, but what was truly noticeable was the fact that every step brought him higher into the air. Until they were levitating a few feet off the ground, staff pointing straight at the Kaor.
  77. "Last question then, why?" Already the magi seemed to be primed, ready to fall intobattle at a moments notice.
  78. (Sun Heifang)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. [15:09] The demon watched as the boy moved himself towards the air, The domain the demon had set up from himself effortlessly using the gravity magic to sustain itself within the air. As the boy drifted closer towards him answering the question it had purposed it the veins of occultic energy began to stir, It was clear the demon had not been fighting at its full strength mainly sending those brave enough to approach it to a slow and painful death.
  83. But as the boy uttered the words Huangzhou occultism bled from the veins spewing out a cloak of shadows around the creature fully enveloped in the shadowy aura that flickered like a flame the demons eyes narrowed in on the small figure.
  85. "Keekakaka Its quite obvious isn't it? You're all my enemy! " without holding itself back the demon amplified the gravity of its body shifting its body into a weightless and drifting into the sky at great speed rushing towards theboy prepared to tear his head clean off.
  87. The air trembled as the Kaor got close and as it did the hammer made from hardened darkness began to form again within its hands. The massive weapon quickly falling down towards the boy sparking with anti magic particles in an attempt to crush his body in one fell swoop. The demons violence its anger it had been something that had raised from itself for a long while and it would not stop unless its blood lust and power had been tested against a stronger foe.
  91. (Ra'Kamel)
  92. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  94. [15:19] Upon hearing the sudden declaration of the Kaor, the body of Sun flew backwards away from them, "Not exactly what I meant when I asked...But it's a good enough reason!" Upon moving away, thin purple tendrils began flowing around his body, fragments of time moving in and out of his body in strange patterns.
  96. Hardened eyes stared, as the various elements that Sun controlled patrolled the outskirts of his body. Cosmic rays, orbs of time, gravity, it all pounded against one another. A hand would be raised, "May the stars watch over me and be in my favor! With their assistance, I will purify you." It was a strong exclamation, followed by him immediately bursting into battle.
  97. (Sun Heifang)
  98. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  100. [15:22] As the hammer fell it seemed the boy had avoided it cloaking himself within its own magic...However due to that fact the hammer instead feel upon the village crushing a great number of people and creating large hole directly underneath, If it hadn't been for both of their abilites to fly there would have been no solid ground for them to stand on.
  102. As the boy made his decloation to purify the demon it could only laugh and gather more strength within its body increasing its own power."Keakakaka you will be the who will be purified...pureified within the void! Keakaka "
  103. (Ra'Kamel)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [15:31] ** Ra'Kamel has inflicted an injury upon Sun Heifang. ("Curse of Negation", "The Umbral demon Ra'Kamel used its anti magic Occultism power to negatea significant portion of your magic power, While you can in some cases use magic the strain it puts on your body to summon mana is doubled of what it normally is. Due to the demon being in a blood thirsty frenzy the curse will only last a for 24 hours.", "Temporary", "Duration: Short (1 day)") **
  107. [16:08] As the demon moved towards its prey it forced distorted the forces of gravity against the boy however it seemed the boy was also skilled in utilizing gravitational forces, He was able to defend and attack against the demon's attacks while also using his own abilites to misdirect and distract Ra'Kamel with illusions.
  109. The influx of time magics occurred as well causing for Ra'Kamel's attacks to be slowed and his body to wither with against the grain of time. Avoding the blasts of meteors the demon would not falter using its anti magic occultism it would absorb a majority for the blasts when the boy came rushing in dressed within his cosmic magic the Ra'Kamel would meet him head on. The clash sending waves of occultism and cosmic energy through the area.
  111. The demon quickly overpowered the boy throwing him into the side of the village blasting through a few houses breaking them apart, A waterfall of gravity would fall upon his shoulders before thedemon came rushing forth smashing his face with a powerful combination of physical attacks enhanced with darkness punching kicking and whipping him with his tail.
  113. As the boy seemed to be regaining his footing sending time and illusion magic attacks at him the demon regained its posture as his mind was shrouded by illusions he quickly shielded himself with darkness and a field of anti magic reducing the damage of any attack magic that would come with in significant range.
  115. Ra'Kamel sensed magic power building within the boy, Gathering his cosmic magic to launch a powerful attack. As the voidling chuckles it accepted the boys challenge gathering massive amounts of occultic power within its own body, Inhaling the magic deep within its body.
  117. As Ra'Kamel prepared to fire off his strongest spell they would both release their attacks the meteor of cosmic magic meeting head on with the blast of occultic fury both attacks edging closer to either side however theoverwhelming power of the demons was far too much, With the anti magic wave poured over the demon he quickly erased a significant portion of the cosmic mana consuming the meteors attack power and quickly overpowering it with his own magic.
  119. The occultic blast would hit dead center breaking the boys body and searing it with occultic curses. As the boy plummeted towards his head the demon would quickly swoop in to catch him, Wrapping his tail around his neck holding onto it tightly."Keakkaka you fight well for a mortal, If I had slipped up or even held myself back a little I would have been the one to fail. Yet still this only proves how your race is still not comparable to mine. You are weak and must be guided into the voids graces." The demon roared moving the boy closer to his face.
  121. "And now, You will be branded to show all who look upon you that you have lost to me. I shall tell you mine name while you suffer and you will know the fear and the pain of defeat. The curse that will swallow your desires whole. Remember my claws were inches away from maiming you learn it well. " the demon moved towards the boy etching onto his forehead a rune that would transpose a curse upon him. The curse of Negation, The magic circuits within his body would be corrupted with anti magic occultism swelling into his body and flooding him with a negative flow. Using magic now would be difficult for the boy but Ra'Kamel knew he was not yet worth killing.
  123. " Grow stronger weakling and perhaps then I will take your life. "Crossing its arms the demon would cackle again and with a flick of its tail it would throw the boy into a near by tree. One final cackle would escape the demons throat before it began to make its way back towards the east satisfied in its own bloodlust.
  124. (Ra'Kamel)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126. [16:31] Clash after clash, the teen was noticeably unrefined in how he battled. Though they were fairly powerful, every attack, every blow they thrust towards the Kaor was countered. It all ended as their final cosmic meteor was slammed into by a strange power, they felt the skill weaken, crippled instantly before it was consumed.
  128. Occultic energy basted into him, launching his body into the ground, from there he was focused purely on healing his injuries as the Kaor fell into a monologue. It was a chance, one that Sun wouldn't give up.
  130. gazing towards the blue sky above, his eyes seemed to be able to see pass the blue obscurity, a small smirk on his face as they spoke, "The stars weren't in my favor this time...Next time, they will be." Upon finishing their sentence, a rune impacted upon their forehead.
  132. Feeling a crackle, occultic, corruptive energy flushed his circuits. It flushed through himlike a wave, leaving his veins popping out of his skin, muscles growing taut. Then with a bang, he was tossed into a nearby tree, leaving blood pouring out of the multiple wounds that laced his skin.
  133. No words were given to the leaving Kaor, instead the teen just sat there, wounded, gritting his teeth while staring to the blue heavens above.
  135. They would not forget.
  136. (Sun Heifang)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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