Lyra gets her wish

Mar 26th, 2013
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  1. There was this really interesting pony named Lyra who had read about humans in an ancient book that was long forgotten and ever since she was extremely interested in them and tried to convince others that they were real and told all of the other ponies about how they didn't have wings or horns but they had these beautiful amazing things called hands that were able to manipulate things in the most intricate and incredible ways but none of the ponies believed her so she went to Twilight and asked her if she could turn her into a human and twilight said that she could but it would take a lot of work but Lyra was okay with that so they spent a few months working out the spell and when Twilight had it done she told Lyra that once it's done she won't be able to turn back and that she would stay a human forever and that she would also lose her ability to do magic so Lyra thought about it a whole lot because that's a really big decision but she ended up deciding that she would prefer life as a human so Twilight performed the spell and turned Lyra into a human and the first thing she noticed was that without fur she felt really naked so she draped a bed sheet over herself and when she turned around Twilight was suppressing a giggle and said "Hehe, your boobs are in the wrong place now" but she said it jokingly and Lyra laughed with her so now that the whole ordeal was over with she started her life as a human and found that she absolutely loved it especially how she could grab things so easily without using the magic which would sometimes be confusing, the hands were a huge upgrade even though they couldn't reach as far but that was okay because she was super tall now and that's how Lyra became a human and luckily Bon Bon was okay with it so they remained together even though others looked at the couple in weird ways sometimes.
  2. The End
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