Akibaranger E02 TL Notes

Dec 29th, 2014
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  1. Akibaranger E02 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - This week's monster is called Shibuya Kouzorinahigenagaaburamushi, which translates to "Picrid Aphid", scientific name Uroleucon Picridis.
  6. - The Power Rangers SPD dub features the full Dekaranger cast dubbing the roles of their american counterparts (except for Swan, who was probably too old to play her younger counterpart). Full Circle!
  7. This dub was in fact heavily promoted some months ago due to the involvement of the Dekaranger cast. Here's a video if you're curious -
  9. - "itasha" is an otaku term for a car decorated with decals of characters from anime, manga or videogames. You can read more about it on the wikipedia entry:
  11. - The naming scheme for Machine Itassher reeks of a Rider reference, since a good deal of Heisei Rider bikes follow that same naming scheme (i.e: Fourze's Machine Massigler, Den-O's Machine Denbird, etc)
  13. - Possibly redundant note ahoy: The "big bro" Akagi is referencing is Kabuto Raiger, the oldest of the Gouraiger siblings in Hurricaneger.
  15. - Presumably (and I really mean "presumably" since I don't see any credits in the OP or ED about it) the stunt actor hired by Hiroyo to convince Akagi to come back is played by Deka Red's suit actor in Dekaranger, Hirofumi Fukuzawa. He also (again, presumably) plays Delusion Deka Red at the end of the episode.
  17. - 大それた力 (dasoireta chikara) is a play on Gokaiger's Ultimate Powers 大いなる力 (ooinaru chikara), with a similar execution to Decade's Final Formrides. To convey the similarity in the name, we'll be translating it as Penultimate Powers.
  19. - The weapon Deka Red transforms into is based on the Dekarangers' D-Wapper.
  21. - Next week's monster, and basically the reason why we decided to translate the monsters' names, is literally a very, very gay monster. GuriribaboizutekiB.L.kichikuzeme can be broken down into this:
  22. Guririba = "Green River Light", A real dopey transliteration of Midorikawa Hikaru's name. He does a lot of gay voices.
  23. Boizuteki = Boys-style = man-on-man
  24. BL = Boys Love
  25. Kikuchizeme = A top in gay stuff who's a total asshole and probably rapes the shit out of some meek bottom into submission
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