How Chrysalis Got Her Groove Back VIIII

Nov 13th, 2016
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  1. >"My queen? My queen? Are you alright?"
  2. >"Do you wish us to get you something, my lady?"
  3. >"Are you injured? Do you require aid?"
  4. >"Say something, your highness!"
  5. >For the past ten minutes, Chrysalis had stood at the mouth of the hive frozen
  6. >Her eyes were wide and unblinking, her mouth partially opened
  7. >Her body was tensed from her tail to the tip of her snout
  8. >There was a look of unrestrained horror on her face, as if what she had just seen had broken her utterly and completely
  9. >And this, for all that stood waiting and watching, was not only worrying but disheartening
  10. >"My queen, lady Chrysalis," one of the general's said, poking the statue-like queen on her side. "My lady, please, speak to us!"
  11. >For the first time since she had looked through that telescope (which hovered by her head via magic), the queen blinked
  12. >She then leaned toward the telescope, adjusted it, and stared into it for a few moments before moving away
  13. "Oh horse apples..." she muttered once again, a far off look in her eyes
  14. >This was too much for her generals, who immediately sprung into action
  17. >"Sergeant, come over here. You must get a message to our lings over the hive. They need to be on the lookout for--"
  19. >As the queen mumbled nonsensically to herself, the other Changelings at the mouth of the cave ran around at a frenzied pace
  20. >A formidable shield wall was set up
  21. >Dozens of lings with spyglasses began to survey the desert
  22. >Changeling's horns sparked and crackled with energy as they readied their most powerful spells
  23. >"I have a lock-on on the group making their way here!" one ling shouted
  24. >One of the generals, haggard and breathless, marched over to him
  26. >"Does there seem to be anything unusual about them?" he questioned. "Can you detect a magical field around them? Are they casting any magic? Are they wearing anything that seems out of sorts? Do you feel odd?"
  27. >The ling shook his head
  28. >"Negative, sir! They seem to be completely unarmed!"
  29. >Making a face, the general looked at the other terrain-scanners
  30. >"What about the rest of you? You do see anything? Any hidden Equestrian soldiers hiding in that desert?"
  31. >"No sir!"
  32. >"Nope!"
  33. >"Nada!"
  34. >"I might--no, that was just a cactus..."
  35. >"We don't see SHIT, sir!"
  36. >Snatching up the spyglass from the ling beside him, the general quickly looked for the three ponies making their way toward the hive
  37. >Like his underlings had said, there didn't seem to be anything unusual about them
  38. >The guards wore the standard armor of the Crystal Empire's Legion, while the stallion in the middle only wore a simple hood to shield himself from the punishing sun
  39. >Only one of them was a unicorn, and from what he could see that unicorn wasn't casting any spells
  40. >There was also no amulets, or anything that seemed remotely magical on them
  41. >They just appeared to be three envoys
  42. >Three envoys with a fruit basket, but three envoys nonetheless
  43. >But, if they were the case, why was the queen acting so… strange?
  44. >Eyes narrowing, the aging general turned his attention back toward the unicorn standing in between the two crystal ponies
  45. >His face was partially covered from his hood, so he couldn't see his face cleared, but there seemed something awfully... familiar about him
  46. >The general couldn't quite place him, but he was positive that he had seen the colt before
  47. >Perhaps it was during the invasion?
  49. >Maybe he was a soldier that had tried to defend the city?
  50. >Before the general could wrack his brain, however, another general was standing at his side
  51. >"What do you think we should do?" he asked. "Should we refuse to see them? Should we attack?"
  52. >The older general grimaced
  53. >"There will be no ATTACK, Seventeen. You know that," he whisper-shouted, leaning toward the ling so that the queen wouldn't hear.
  54. >"Then what should we do?" the younger general demanded
  55. >They both quickly looked over their withers at the statue-still queen
  56. >"Oh horse apples..." she muttered again
  57. >The two generals looked at each other before they frowned
  58. >"...Our king said that no harm will come to the hive," the elder said. "He was told that the Equestrians would do us no harm."
  59. >”They could have been lying, sir," the other protested
  60. >For a moment, the older general considered treachery before shaking his head
  61. >"No... no. We must trust in our king," he proclaimed, standing up a little straighter. "And if he wishes us to trust these... ponies, then we shall do so."
  62. >The younger general released a lungful of air through his nose
  63. >"...Very well," he muttered, hesitance coloring his tone. "I shall tell the troops not to treat them as hostiles when they come within range."
  64. >"Have a small group of lings go out and escort them so that they may speak to her majesty post-haste," the elder said, rubbing his temples with a hoof. "Also, while I do my best to help her majesty to retain her senses, have the troops ready themselves for any funny business. I may trust our king's judgment but I am practical enough to know when to be cautious."
  65. >Saluting, the younger general rushed off to do as he was asked
  66. >The elder's orders were discretely passed to the other generals, who then passed them to their underlings
  68. >A small group of lings were sent out--unarmed of course-- and the bulk of the soldiers were placed at the back of the cavern, no longer with spears at the ready but still prepared for any mischief
  69. >Sighing, the old general took a few deep breaths, trying to ignore the emotions raging through the hivemind
  70. >He turned back toward the queen, to see a trio of medic lings standing around them, their equipment out and in use
  71. >"My lady, can you hear me?"
  72. >"..."
  73. >"My lady? Can you hear my voice?"
  74. >"Horse apples..."
  75. >"My lady, I need you to focus on my face. Now, can you hear me?"
  76. >"Why in the name of the thousand-faced god would they send HIM here? Don't they know what that would..."
  77. >"My lady, I'm going to yank your tail. Please turn your head and cough. My lady?"
  78. >Making his way over to his queen, the general looked over at one of the lings looking her over
  79. >"So what seems to be the problem?" he asked nervously. "Is there something the matter with her majesty?"
  80. >The medical ling, who had a stethoscope pressed right about the queen's chest plate, hummed thoughtfully
  81. >"There doesn't seem to be anything PHYSICALLY wrong with her," he said
  82. >His horn glowed, bathing Chrysalis in a green aura
  83. >The queen barely seemed to notice it as she continued to mumble to herself
  84. >The medic ling hummed to himself again
  85. >"And there doesn't seem like any odd magic has gotten a hold of her," he continued, scratching his head
  86. >"Load of horse apples..." Chrysalis mumbled as one of the lings gave her tail a hard tug
  87. >The general bit his lip
  88. >"So there's NOTHING wrong with her?" he asked
  89. >"Not from what I can see," the medic said, placing the stethoscope around his neck
  90. >"Then WHY is she acting like that?!"
  91. >The medic shrugged
  93. >"I have absolutely no idea."
  94. >Biting his lip, the general looked over his wither
  95. >"Well, you're going to have to figure it out NOW. The envoys are coming and--"
  96. "General, what's going on?"
  97. >The general stiffened
  98. >Spinning around, he saw that king Anonymous was staring at him not five feet away, an eyebrow raised
  99. >"M-My lord!" he squeaked, his stomach drooping as he quickly looked over at the queen
  100. >Anonymous, following his gaze, looked over at his wife
  101. >"...Hon? Are you alright there?"
  102. >If Chrysalis heard him she didn't give any signs, still staring at nothing with her mouth partially opened
  103. >Anonymous, flanked by his personal guards, made his way over to Chrysalis, the trembling general, and the medics
  104. >"Chrysalis, my queen, hon," he said, snapping his fingers in front of the ling's face
  105. >When that didn't work, he knelt down in front of her
  106. >"Chryssi. Hon. Love of my wife," he said, lightly slapping her face
  107. >When THAT didn't work he quietly "humphed", a small frown on his face as he got up and dusted himself off
  108. >"Huh... It seems like my dear wife is discombobulated."
  109. >He turned toward the general, who dryly swallowed
  110. >"Two, why in the name of Caesar's ghost is my wife discombobulated?"
  111. >A shiver ran up Chrysalis's spin
  112. >"Horse apples... Horse apples..."
  113. >"I-I don't know, my lord," the general said, bowing his head. "The queen was speaking to us, but then--"
  114. "Oh sweet Celestia on a pogo stick was it HOT out there!"
  115. >Every single ling in that cavern stiffened as a voice carried through the air, especially the queen, who paled
  116. "I don't know how you Changelings DO it! That sun was so wicked that I swear to the stars above that all of the moisture in my mane and tail is GONE!"
  118. >Shining Armor, Prince-Consort of the Crystal Empire and Ex-Captain of the Royal Guard stepped into the mouth of the cave as if he not only owned the place but drew the blueprints and built it
  119. >Behind him were a group of battle-hardened Changelings that looked like they very much needed a nap
  120. >Beside him were a pair of Crystal ponies that looked the same
  121. "My, my, MY does it look bigger in here than I thought!" Shining commented, paying no mind to the spears pointed at him as he made his way through the lings toward Anonymous and Chrysalis
  122. >"Halt!" one of the lings barked. "State your bus--"
  123. >Side-stepping him, Shining walked past the ling
  124. "It is far cleaner in this hive than I expected," he said, looking around. "A lot cleaner than back home. Then again, Cadence can't clean a thing to save her life..."
  125. >"H-Hey! I said halt!" the guard snapped, only to be ignored
  126. >King Anonymous, turning to face the stallion as he continued to chatter about anything and everything to anyone that he saw, raised an eyebrow as Shining stopped in front of him and bowed
  127. "It is very nice to meet you, my lord," he said gracefully. "I am Prince-Consort Shining Armor, at your service."
  128. >Chrysalis began to sweat, looking at both the unicorn and her husband
  129. >"Horse apples... horse apples..."
  130. >"It's very nice to meet you, Prince Shining," Anonymous said, bowing his head politely
  131. >Shining smiled
  132. "Please, call me Shining, your highness," he asked, bowing even lower
  133. >Anonymous carefully looked the stallion up and down before smiling
  134. >"Very well, so long as you just call me Anon. None of this “your highness” business."
  135. "Alrighty! If you insist," the ex-captain chirped with a little bounce
  136. >"So what brings you to our little hive, Shining?" Anonymous asked as Shining took a step forward
  137. "I was sent to parley with you and your queen so that you may release my little sister," Shining said, puffing his chest out
  138. >He then looked the king up and down
  140. "...But, before that, might I say that you look positively breathtaking in that sweater."
  141. >Anonymous looked down at his sweater
  142. >"What? This old thing?"
  143. "And those SLIPPERS! They match perfectly with your pants."
  144. >"Well, you look quite fetching in your cloak."
  145. "You think so?"
  146. >Both the human and the unicorn moved closer toward each other
  147. >Chrysalis, seeing this, let out a quiet whimper
  148. >"Oh please, I wish I could look so good in one of those."
  149. "Don't sell yourself short. I'd bet my horseshoes that you'd look a million times better in this silly old thing than me!"
  150. >Anonymous chuckled, placing a hand in Shining's wither
  151. >Shining, without missing a beat, wrapped a hoof around his lower back
  152. >"Why don't we go and get some refreshments before we begin all of this silly business?" the king suggested. "I'm sure that you and your men could use something to drink."
  153. "No stallion would love you better if I was given a glass of tea," Shining admitted, fanning himself with a hoof. "It has to be a hundred and ten degrees out there..."
  154. >"Come, come, if you'll follow me I'll make sure that you're seen to," the king insisted, the ling soldier's parting ways as the two made their way toward the back of the cave. "Now why don't you tell me about yourself, Shining, you seem like a really..."
  155. >The lings could only watch as the two, talking and smiling, disappeared into the hive with various levels of disbelief
  156. >In front of Chrysalis, there was the fruit basket that the prince had brought in
  157. >She was looking down at this basket, terror making her chest tighten
  158. >Now there were two of them in the hive...
  159. >Two crazy, weird, sassy stallions that could make a war seem like a tea party
  160. >The kind of stallions that would make a mare rip her mane out
  161. >She had TWO of them in this hive
  162. TWO!
  163. >Chrysalis, First of her Name, Leader of the Southernmost Hive, could feel the reaper breathing down her neck, could only say one thing
  164. >"Horse apples…”
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