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  1. HaoZip 2.5.7982 release notes:
  3. New Features:
  4. added support for Blu-ray UDF, the perfect speed extract most Blu-ray (blue) ISO files
  5. the new smart model and full-speed mode selection
  6. new intelligent mode and full-speed mode, allowing you to freely adjust the compression / decompression process of the CPU and memory footprint
  7. right-click menu to add "other compression command"
  8. right-click menu to add "other compression command," a key to rapid Custom right click menu
  9. significantly increasing the picture viewer performance
  10. significantly enhance the performance image viewer, loading speed reduced by 50%, 30% increase in fluency
  11. the new picture viewer at the top of the drop-down menu
  12. Picture Viewer to increase at the top of the drop-down menu, user-friendly quick set picture operation
  13. added format associated with the selection window, you can set a specific file format picture viewer with a good pressure to open
  14. significantly optimizing the RAR-volume sorting function
  15. significantly optimize the RAR-volume order function, improve fault tolerance, the new self-extracting sub-volumes of identification
  16. Trojan Scan "tab optimization, the new multi-function scan engine options, other current The interface engine is strong research and development
  17. optimized compression and e-mail functionality, the new mail client on the subject of multiple auto-fill support to increase the attachment as the text of the message header and message content
  19. Improvements:  
  20. performance optimization, enhance details of the experience more than 20
  21. optimize diagnostic information tips, new abnormal lack of sub-volumes lead to extract the user prompt
  22. revise and improve 24 Picture Viewer shortcut keys, perfectly compatible with most popular image viewer habits
  23. beautify designed picture viewer plug-in frame
  24. re-designed picture viewer associated with the main program icon and icon
  25. pictures Viewer, right-click menu to add "picture format" option
  26. double-sided scanning the details of the Trojan state optimization
  27. a good pressure to optimize translation of the English version of many words
  28. some of the focus and text optimization improvements
  30. Bug fix:
  31. a repair operation may lead to some good pressure process resides the problem
  32. Trojan scanning encrypted archive repair, the repeated prompts for a password
  33. fixed in special operations may lead to uninstall and then install not normally associated
  34. fixed number of good pressure when opening the main window, cascading problems that may occur
  35. fix the MD5 scan a single file when completed shall not move. Until the progress bar is completely full, the complete bar is displayed at full BUG
  36. repair of the menu bar drop-down list expanded, "Ctrl +" shortcuts unavailable
  37. fixes some of the scenes, the right-ICO format icon, small icon of a good pressure disappears
  38. several pressing skin repair more than 14 theme download, delete the stuck pressure
  39. fixed text viewer choice under winxp "associated program "does not work
  40. fix the program to remove the self-extracting zip SFX module that may arise
  41. fix some of the English version of the layout of the dialog box dislocation problem
  42. fix handle the pressure uninstallation, manually bind to the taskbar program does not synchronize the good pressure remove the problem
  43. fix the definition of sub-volume size does not support the full-width characters in the input problem
  44. fix the skin to download a good pressure in the case of Suman stuck shut down the problem
  45. fix the address bar to use in extracting the window up and down arrows to select the target path, skip the first history
  46. fix the compression is completed using the command line displays 96% completed
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