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  1. @blacklist
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  4. The Steemit @Blacklist uses a range of metrics to determine who's a repeat offender of plagiarism, hate speech, bullying, ongoing power-abuse and so on. The Blacklist is computer-generated and is updated irregularly to make sure bad behaving accounts get a quick flag so that other upvote-bots can avoid upvoting the blacklisted accounts and simply skip to the next post. The @blacklist-project is a much wider and further stretching authority than any of the singular up or downvoting guilds currently running on steemit, it is also complimentary to current projects in the same genre which are to keep the steem-blockchain unattractive for scammers, spammers and miserable trolls who are caught bullying or go after steemians in a power-abusive behaviour and so forth and so on.
  6. The @blacklist account is a very serious project who aim to grow over the years with supporting bots and guilds respecting the black flag as the black flag is computer-generated by a popular opinion from a wide range of always active members of the community.
  8. There are one way to get off the blacklist once you are on it, and that is to change your behavior from evil to good over your next 40 posts. Once you have reached that number you must send 40 STEEM to the @blacklist account with "REVIEW" in the memo. Someone from our staff will then manually look at your blog within the next 24-48 hours and remove you from the list if your account now qualifies for it.
  10. The Blacklist contains between 200-500 accounts at any given time. The list grows or shrinks depending on user behavior (1) and user-reaction (2).
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