The Cave-Lost Troll Tribe

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  1. General Mechanics
  2. Rolling higher gives you better results. Rolling below half the number is generally a failure and rolling above is generally a success. Rolling about or below the multiple of five there can indicate an above average or below average success or failure.
  4. Our civ stats
  5. Technologies go in this order, primitive, crude, basic, intermediate, advanced
  6. Crude fishing
  7. Primitive spears
  8. Crude shelter
  9. Primitive fire starting
  10. Primitive wood carving
  12. Civ Stats
  13. Your civilization has specialists. These make accomplishing a certain task faster and easier with better results. They do have to undergo some form of training, and may not do well in other fields. They are displayed in rough percentages, because lines of work blur into each other, and little separates a sage from a Mage or a farmer from a builder.
  14. Military-decreases crime with increasing population and fights for you.
  15. Scientists-research things for your civilization and provide new opportunities from technology.
  16. Workers-they can build things and can operate large set ups of technology involving menial labor.
  17. Craftsmen-they make specialized objects and can make more with more technology available.
  18. Sage-they research magic things, and provide more opportunities through magic.
  19. Mages-these practice the magic that wizards produce.
  20. Farmers-these produce food when given the technology to so so, and may be agricultural or fishermen.
  21. Artisans-like craftsmen, but keep the populace happy and entertained, and produce art objects.
  22. Commoners-unskilled in any trade, usually the younger members, who can aid the others, resulting in small improvements in productivity.
  24. Resources
  25. Food-keeps the population alive, and increases the likelihood of it increasing in volume.
  26. Lumber-used to fuel fires and make things out of, be careful of deforestation.
  27. Rocks-used to build strong and non flammable things.
  28. Ores-processed to produce metals, which may not build things but can make things.
  29. Morale-improves the quality of work and is produced by food, culture, being healthy and alive, and not having to do work.
  31. Magic
  32. Cannot be advanced very quickly, it depends on the musing of a sage. Sometimes they have inspiration, sometimes they don't. Having more sages to bounce ideas off makes inspiration happen faster, but not all are fit to be a sage.
  33. Necromancy-the magic of the dead, though not all of it is raising their corpses and draining life force
  35. Spells
  36. Consult-Summons one ancestor spirit to the twin iron spears that will remain for half a day to answer questions.
  37. Summon-Summons spirits, untested, only an idea in the mind of a sage. Spirits will only perform dignified work.
  39. Battle
  40. In battle, just make plans and order around the troops as if you were their general. Roll a d20 while doing so. I will post the results of the battle or skirmish, which may require additional orders.
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