CSTT 312 livechat Andre Tuesday August 29 2017

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  1. CSTT 312 livechat Andre Tuesday August 29 2017
  3. Andre Taggart in His Own Words
  7. Live chat
  8. Connie Worcester​spy ring in congress, compromised over half our Gov. blakcmail , bribes, pedos etc.., to bad nobody gives a flying fk. sad...
  9. Ross Madden​np there was a big fight on twitter though and now theres bad blood
  10. Harri Honkanen​battle of earth can not be won by chattering monkeys
  11. Vinnie Bruno​Queen Tut. .,Everyone seems to like Obama. ...never brought in this Fundamental Transformation of United States of America
  12. Dewey Bueno​YES remember the seal attack --- it was as though they knew we were coming? -
  13. queentut​True brought in deep state
  14. phil c.​@Dewey Bueno They were compromised
  15. Jason Goodman​no, we had and interview set Martin, GW pissed him off, Casey said "Andre canceled cuz he's pissed"
  16. gypsy​Dewey Bueno - emerging threats sub cttee
  17. Ruby Jewells​Ross oh that's to bad! I really like George. After all he started this investigation
  18. Sis Ann​Did anyone call DOJ today, if so what needs to be said? Been away for a week with no wi-fi
  19. Martin Rizzi​I am sure anyone will agree that George would have done a more effective interview and would not have gotten off into racial issues and so on rather kept to the questions never asked or answered.
  20. Sarah Heinemann​Dewey Obama through Imran killed our Navy Seals and I want the truth and justice!
  21. Ross Madden​Ruby They are both awesome, but i think better on their own, but a reunion show would be nice
  22. Harri Honkanen​he said she said but I think... LET'S ARREST THE TRAITORS
  23. Susan Lauper​everybody likes George he works day and night hard to keep up with all his videos
  24. A ZAPP​Excellent job JG!
  25. Slow2Wrath​AMERIPHOBIA.... for all the "Isalmophobic" word slingers
  26. Martin Rizzi​we had and interview set Martin, GW pissed him off, Casey said "Andre canceled cuz he's pissed" Oh I didnt know this. Who is casey?
  27. Amy Beachluver​Jason did a great job, Andre is on record now....let it go drama queens
  28. Mark H​This guy is just covering his own ass
  29. Sarah Heinemann​Sis Ann I called yesterday
  30. Ruby Jewells​I just don't think Jason should bad mouth George
  31. Sally Chance​Great job Jason!
  32. Cat Reinhart​Can some one help me and tell me what happened between George and Jason
  33. Amy Beachluver​Freedom of speech
  34. Ross Madden​George just wanted this so bad and andre's not ready for the spot light.
  35. Vinnie Bruno​Queen Tut. ...Diversity and Inclusion Management Advisory Council. ...Huge....,Channing Phillips. ..Refugees. ...Immigrants. ..,Hate Speech Republican Conservative
  36. King James​Fight among yourselves while the real enemies steal your country away from you !!
  37. Martin Rizzi​Jason I dont think I could necessarily have done better still...
  38. Patti Pacana​This is Gw guy. Wake up
  39. Lloyd Braun​15 to 30 minute interview at the most.
  40. Susan Lauper​Most of us would cover our asses take guts when U have a family
  41. Ross Madden​Get Andre ready for Friday's trial. Everyone needs to write him letters.
  42. Sis Ann​@Sarah what was the message, I also want to call, but want to be on target!
  43. Barbara k​Omg thank you
  44. Katrina Parham​good word Ameriphobia I'm so using that from here on out
  45. Harri Honkanen​no future for monkeys
  46. King James​Good job Jason !!
  47. queentut​Jason...Andre's on the record...great work
  48. Willmar Castro​This guy is a cuck lol
  49. lvjojo​a great interview jason
  50. Slow2Wrath​Ameriphobia- the fear of a free people
  51. Ross Madden​@Jason Goodman would it piss Andre off if we sent him a shit load of letters?
  52. Mark H​Taggart could be a real hero
  53. David Lear​Thanks for setting up this interview, Jason. And thank you, Andre for sharing your story.
  54. Martin Rizzi​"Taggart could be a real hero" Well, he could be.
  55. Dewey Bueno​LOL GW reaction - Live
  56. Kathy Kane​You're a GOOD MAN Andre!
  57. Ruby Jewells​George will just always be my favorite 😀
  58. Harri Honkanen​and the adventure continues
  59. Susan Lauper​maybe a dead hero
  60. Martin Rizzi​Ameriphobia- the fear of getting bombed
  61. Katrina Parham​all credits to you on Ameriphobia
  62. Dewey Bueno​George is live
  63. Susan Volwiler​Thank you both for an incredible interview. No one could have done better!
  64. Barbara k​Andre you are a great man for doing this
  65. Susan Lauper​God is this country corrupt
  66. queentut​Need Taggart in Congress...till then stay away from open bars...
  67. Sis Ann​Americans should come together for our country instead of all this fighting, it's just crazy that people can't see the big picture!
  68. Ruby Jewells​Oh ok going to George channel then ! Thanks for the info
  69. Harri Honkanen​HE SAID SHE SAID BUT I THINK...
  70. Dewey Bueno​lol are you two tag teaming?
  71. Katrina Parham​the way he can protect his family is it get his self all the way out there Stuff swimming in the shallow end of the pool because the sharks are going to get them either way the only way to get out
  72. Katrina Parham​the only way out is to expose them all that will make his whole family safe because then they can't touch him it be too obvious
  73. Cat Reinhart​If the people that are out there fighting for our country is fighting with each other how are we going to get justice this is not about money or how has more friends it's about pulling together
  74. Jan Masleid​What Press coverage this issue received did NOT include ''20 BlackBerry phones!'' Andre 'finally' made a statement to Luke Rosiak/The Daily Caller and it is critical to having a SPY RING IN CONGRESS
  75. queentut​Katrina ...yes
  76. Barbara k​Hey this is no easy task and everyone has walked into this not really knowing whstvthevhevkbhas bee
  77. Susan Lauper​easy to talk or talk is easy
  78. Barbara k​Messing uo
  79. Barbara k​Heck is going on
  80. Martin Rizzi​Andre Taggart has a small part in this. He is only important because George Webb found him.
  81. Barbara k​Still swallowing the red pill lol
  82. Arlene ONeill​Andre sees only his piece of the puzzle. No interest in looking into the how spread out and corrupt the whole picture is. Not enough time in the day. Just where they want everyone to be.
  83. Dr. S Taylor​great job @Jason Goodman
  84. Cat Reinhart​I don't want to have to choose I started with George but Jason is also a good reporter
  87. Harri Honkanen​Friday's INTERESTING
  88. Katrina Parham​yes queen tut fear ain't nothing but the devil he need to put on his big Marine underwears OD Green underwear on and get up there now Friday
  89. Natalie sq.footgardner​Thanks for your service Andre!
  90. Dr. S Taylor​just support both..we all have the same goals
  91. Martin Rizzi​"Jason is also a good reporter" Keep practicing. Don't interrupt, ever.
  92. MAGA 12​Jason are you still with Andre?
  93. Benjamin Knight​[message retracted]
  94. Harri Honkanen​the swamp hitting the fan
  95. Love GOOD​Thank you Andre and Jason!
  96. John Henry Baliton​don't forget to archive the video
  97. John Henry Baliton​good job everyone
  98. Katrina Parham​we all need to pray that Andre guess the strength and the courage to do what's right
  99. Harri Honkanen​good luck everybody
  101. Benjamin Knight​this story is all George, we all know that.. but Jason conducted a great interview.
  102. 2johns​schorchedan9el The VCBestor link appears to have been deleted. Sure would like to see it though.
  104. Amy Beachluver​George said Great interview Jason
  105. Katrina Parham​yeah it's been way too many blind eyes as it is
  106. Dewey Bueno​TAG Team
  107. Jan Masleid​Jason was attempting to explain to Andre Taggart how the equipment (many 'special' BlackBerries) might be KEY to Intel/investigators understanding how top secret projects might have been exposed.
  108. BEING HERE​Thank you Andre. You the Man! We need you now more than ever. You will be remembered well for speaking up. Don't let anyone hold you down.
  109. Dr. Pamela Marcum​Lord protect them all!
  110. Katrina Parham​did George and Jason pretend this break up so that they can get this interview from andre
  111. MAGA 12​who is still here?
  112. MAGA 12​I just started this from the beginning
  113. MAGA 12​missed the first 35 minutes
  114. Debbie Manson​Came here late need to go back and listen
  115. Sheri Herman​With so much at stake I hope Jason and George can get over their differences. I know Jason has reached out to George.
  116. KB KB​@King JAMES... Well said.... Idiots who want to always add drama/discredit / and give their opinion - WE don't care what you think of everyone...WE have a Country to save
  117. Katrina Parham​well you're going to love the
  118. Katrina Parham​interview
  119. Aisle 3​Hero!
  120. Stephen Tice​@MAGA 12 - I'm listening to what I missed now.
  121. MAGA 12​@Sheri Herman Me too! What did Jason say about it? Are they going to try and meet up?
  122. MAGA 12​@Stephen Tice me to! I missed a lot
  123. Stephen Tice​Looks like there are 250 of us yet
  124. MAGA 12​@Stephen Tice Was there any breaking news from this?
  125. Amy Beachluver​Alex Awan, lol
  126. Stephen Tice​@MAGA 12 - Confirmation that Imran is a scumbag, better count of the number of devices, exposing the fakenews about an inventory
  127. Joe Moss​test
  128. pingmurder​that Awan's various houses were under surveillance already when Andre moved in
  129. MAGA 12​@Stephen Tice did he say what stuff Imran wanted to sell him? I heard him mention Imran tried to sell him stuff from the house?
  130. Stephen Tice​@MAGA 12 - Andre was sure there was an ongoing investigation when he moved in
  131. MAGA 12​@Stephen Tice OH WOW
  132. pingmurder​just a TV and some furniture I think he said
  133. Jan Masleid​King James is only trying to encourage us to stay focused and work together. He is in favor of crowdsourcing. He is a good guy . I just listened to phone call 002 last night. He is a good guy. 😉
  134. Joe Moss​I'm sitting in front now and didn't see Jason leave
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