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Aug 14th, 2013
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  1. (sorry for my english) I've lurked this board for quite a while now, but this is basically my first post here. I'm pretty sure I'm safe posting what I know here without getting in trouble. I visited the inside of the compound through a help of a mutual friend of mine in October 2011. Contrary to what believed it's not a cult per se. It's a hideout and a temple of a outcast part-ashkenazi (old rothschild) part-egyptian family (scared lineage). The family has other estates like this all over US, but mainly europe particulary in germany and france. They are not really considered one of the 'rothschilds' (in reality they at odds with them), mainly because they are part of another branch originating even before the main now so infamous 'rothschild' dynasty. Though that's another story altogether.
  3. I first heard about this place from a family friend in 09 and we snuck our way in late 2011. I've extensively studied secret societies in particular so you can only imagine how scary it was. I have one particular friend from a family that's part of the 'old-money' in Italy who was instrumental in getting access to the compound. I don't want to tell more, but it wasn't even that hard to get in as it's unoccupied most of the time. Getting the security fixed was the the only hassle. The place is called 'northwest temple' / 'temple of menes' and it has some unworldly properties. The place basically has only one function. It has a a thing what they call 'the room'. Straight up I got to say me and my friend promised not to talk about this.. I don't know why I even wrote here. I will only describe the setting, but the spiritual matters won't be unconcealed on no terms, because it's a privilege to know and experience... cont'd
  5. I could write a whole book about the place, but I'll try to cover the most important. There's one main building (with it's location being historically and geographically highly significant) with couple of other small buildings in close proximity. The mansion is grandiose with under the building a massive maze of intersecting rooms. The indoors resemble a typical, but highly luxurious mansion with few egyptian references, but the underground corridors are another world. There was a extraordinary stairway with red carpet and statues on each side of the stairs that lead down. Once you reach the underground you see long long long corridors to every direction. We had some idea of this from the research, but it was beyond what we expected. It was dark and the lighting was really off putting. There were locked doors each like from 20 meters along the aisles. There's heavy occult symbology everywhere, paintings, statues, floor and walls (mainly egyptian). It tooks us like an half an hour to find the entrance to 'the room' we were looking from the start. I get chills down my spine recalling the hallway that lead to that door. It had most terrifying 3000 year old egyptian statues from the akhenaten era lined up like gods with their hands crossed upon their chests.
  7. It was known that you could only enter the room alone and I was really hesitant about about the whole thing. I can't even describe what went through my senses upon entering. The enormous hall was made of crystals from floor to ceiling, it was like a radiant heaven, like an infinite limbo. An endless white crystal plane. This is all I can describe. It's really hard to fit the whole experience into one post. I'm also pretty sure they know of our visit by now.
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