Vortex Wave 2

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  1. [03:26] Inanis asks, "Are you going to contiue to stare at me?"
  2. [03:28] "Oh, no. I'm just wondering what a little Nethradin like yourself is doing venturing our alone like this." This creature of Helheim is approached by the hunting Kitsune, though she doesn't take long for the ignition of flames to shroud her form threateningly towards the other darken spirit.
  4. Red eyes and obsidian skin gave away its unnatural figure there, and so she'd pursue.
  6. "Who are you bound to?"
  7. (Miyo Yuumi)
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. [03:34] The creature merely stood with no inflection having seen this mortal prior before he knew already more or less who they were and what they were attempting to do. Screaming winds gathered around them and the force of the horrid souls it had consumed began emerging from its body, Hands, faces of the dead and other horrid and suffering essences swirling around them. " Does it matter? It seems you've already decided what it is you plan to do. There's no reason to play coy or pretend."
  12. Bloodlust spilled from their eyes, Unsure of the kitsunes power but prepared to do whatever it needed to in this situation. Reaching for their pocket the Nethradin dropped a smoke bomb onto the ground of the caverns aiming to use the confusion of the sudden cloud of smoke to make its escape.
  13. (Inanis)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [03:35] Inanis drops a smoke bomb and aims to escape. Using the winds to carry it away.
  17. (Inanis)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [03:38] Miyo pursued the Nethradin who opted to escape! The girl creates a barrier of fire magic all around him that spirals upward to encase Inanis before he's able to escape!
  21. (Miyo Yuumi)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. [03:49] That vortex of fires envelop around the Nethradin. An upward formation of white fires spiral upward like a cage to trap Inanis within. The Kitsune's intentions were clear against a Helheim Spirit then and there, though no maliciousness exuded from her.
  26. Juiweihu's harmonization of her astral body, then sun, empowers the little one with everlasting flames permeating to their pinnacle. Instead of malice, the warmth Miyo emits is a soothing one.
  28. "No, it doesn't matter, Nethradin of Sors Ultovex." She's seen this one, she knows him as she's scouted the Mountain for so long with her significant other previously many, many times.
  30. Amongst those beautifully bright, luminous, hot flames that Miyo possesses is an elegant vortex above that forms of those condensed fires-
  32. But their unification takes on the form of a massive sphere that burns bright. Like a sun within that darkened cavern they're within, and as her eyes momentarily closes for the sight of mana to be viewed, she can spectate the Nethradin's movements by the oscillations wavering amongst strings of mana.
  34. Empathetic mana extends further to grasp at the other's power level and such detailed information of their darkened, manifested silhouette under that closer golden pair, but around her and the view of Eternia's boundary, she touches upon it in order to call for it to manifest alongside her.
  36. Where that 'star-like' white fire collects, a Phoenix forms within, "Come, Genmei," she speaks softly in a whisper. The Palpable calling of this Firebird stretches out, and flames disperse, leaving that bright orange beauty above, flying.
  38. "For you'll be cleansed and returned to where you belong," she says! Intentions made, the Phoenix's octaves play with lovely song as she glides forth towards the darkened entity to wash it from Eternia- pursing battle.
  39. (Miyo Yuumi)
  40. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  42. [03:58] The Nethradin would be trapped no where to go in this situation, The flames of light closing in on them and the Kitsune moving closer their flames flickering strongly Inanis felt themselves going dizzy by the swirls of heat. Its instincts were more or less correct in that they weren't going to be a match for them...and yet they had no choice but to stand and defend themselves against the pursuer.
  44. Remembering their binders words they stuck to them, Allowing for whatever shame or guilty to wash over them, None of that mattered any more, They had to make their intentions clear, They had to force the results they wanted into their actions. if they wanted to combat the Order they had to learn to face it with no inhibitions.
  46. "Come then barer of light, Whether its death doesn't await for me this day..." Winds continued to grow stronger, Inanis aiming to pull the very oxygen from the flames in an attempt to counter act the heat of the zone of flames.
  48. Gathering itself they prepared to defend for whatever assaults' the Kitsune had prepared for them it was all it could do.
  49. (Inanis)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [04:14] As the oxygen is reaped from her dwindling white flames, Miyo pursues. All that's left thereafter is a circular marking of scorched, hardened land where Inanis stands amidst.
  54. The natural world opposed the other by evidence of that Phoenix and her inhibitions to cleanse the Nethradin.
  56. Through the flames of the Phoenix.
  58. The blessed Kitsune strides forward within battle as fires erupt around within the cave, illuminating it intentionally to assist with keeping proper footing. Mana is fed to Genmei, and in return she grants Miyo with some of its own power to heighten her emotions and abilities..
  60. Thus, as willpower drives higher than those incredible white blazes and materialize slightly amongst her backside, the ever-growing power could seem significantly more immense, though vaguely detrimental to her frame as they lick at her skin, searing it lightly.
  62. Except, wave after wave of fire pushes forward towards Inanis in the distance. One strike after the next of the Phoenix, too, ensures that light touches of its tangible embodiment are sewn up and fixed, though it's likely that the Nethradin's life-draining abilities could ensure its own body stays intact- She was a young Phoenix, anyways. Not yet having reached the fullest of her abilities, yet the hunting Kitsune opts to continue in her pursuit regardless, despite the distance and draining mana.
  64. Balance. The two manifestations opposed one another of their arcana, though, her willpower and ambitions never halt amongst endeavors gone after, especially when it meant sewing up the damage that Sors Ultovex has caused, and she'd try to start with Inanis!
  66. But surely the darkened other could manage to slip away amongst the environment of the caverns in that distance between them.
  68. (Miyo Yuumi)
  69. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  71. [04:28] Inanis was of course, A sly and calculating devil, The flames would come towards them despite being unable to match the power Inanis could douse them by sucking all the oxygen into themselves walls of fire and strikes of the Phoenix's burning talons made doing this a constant struggle.
  73. Screaming winds continued to howl, Cosmic mana swelled up allowing them to steal more and more mana from the star despite the celestial objects reluctance in aiding the corrupted spirit its power was pulled against its will further distorting its existence. The flames burned the already darkened spirits body, Flames so hot they could burn through the veil of death and back
  75. Yet Inanis control of winds to defend themselves were his saving grace. Enchanting his body to reduce the burns and draining the young Phoenix's life energy to reduce any damage on their body or that the flames inflicted upon them. Each strike was harder, faster and more powerful than the last, He could tell this foe was someone he could not triumph in his current state...More power...More energy...How could he hold on to such things when he was so weak?
  77. It was unclear yet clear all the same, Inanis needed to continue their training and even so the results of their training was still showing, Using winds to propel themselves they avoided, Blocked and out right dispersed the flames around them, Managing to escape the Kitsunes Phoenix and even their ability to pry into the mind of the Nethradin.
  79. The Nethradin continued to Usurp the oxygen from the flames reducing their power and allowing for a final explosion to leave a grand flash within the darkened cave system. Of course the oxygen and excess life energy they had been absorbing wasn't all for naught. Although Nethradin did not need to breath Naturally Inanis had found a way to make use of this overtly mortal trait to their own benefit.
  81. As the flash of the huge wave of Flames came roaring towards them they used this time to build the pressure of the stored wind magic within them, Condensing it, Compressing it, and finally releasing it through its mouth like a pressurized Air cannon, The Black winds howled and screamed as the massive gale force that had been taken from the pair had been used to strike the ceiling of the Caverns collapsing it and causing a massive Cave in.
  83. Even had they forced their way through Inanis was long gone, Perhaps already retreated towards the mountain. If anything Inanis was clever and used their abilities to defend themselves the entirety of the fight. Had he not been this cavern would have most certainly been his second grave sight.
  84. (Inanis)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86. [04:37] A vortex of gales blasted back the Kitsune's heat signature from pursuing Inanis as the Nethradin made its escape! Genmei and Miyo both had been pushed back- the Phoenix persistent through the forceful, powerful canon of air despite all as it dispels..
  88. Though what blocks their way is a collapsed wall! The Firebird opts to glide around, however, to inspect the caverns in the meantime as Miyo follows in tow of the swift creature!
  90. But.. nothing of the Nethradin's presence remains! They made their clean escape, unfortunately! By the time the Phoenix comes back, singing her song as it lands atop the Kitsune's shoulder, radiating with the Lifestream's magnificent energy, the fiery, willful protrusions dwindle, as do her flames to a degree that aren't as detrimental as before, but manageable!
  92. "It's gone, Genmei, but you did wonderful alongside me," she says. "We'll stick around longer, just in case."
  93. (Miyo Yuumi)
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