Feb 27th, 2016
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  1. Hanky Panky’s notes vs. Drephen:
  3. (get on my level cinci)
  4. ==Edgeguarding==
  5. *If Drew can jump and air dodge to stage, he will 90%+ of the time
  6. **Exploit by pulling up from edge around a second earlier. He can't fade back so nair / d-smash are both safe
  7. **Drew sometimes baits this and delays his up-b so he can get safely back to edge, but not enough of the time to change optimal response
  8. **Almost always d-smashes after air dodge. Punishable with nair
  9. ***If he goes for grab instead, can I buffer roll?
  11. *Drew recovers low, making it very hard to reverse turnip throw float -> bair his recovery
  12. **Drop lower after turnip throw and nair / bair? Very high risk high reward situation, since double jump necessary to get back
  13. **Turnip drop / d-throw turnip? Since the lower recovery gives Peach more time to set-up something
  14. **Grab edge -> pull up nair / d-smash / d-tilt still probably the standard and correct option most of the time
  16. *As of recently, Drephen will sometimes do the M2K tricky up-b where it looks like he's going for stage but gets edge
  17. **Hard to exploit. Pay careful attention to where he starts his up-b -- Drew isn't perfect at it and misspacing gives away what he wants to do
  18. **Only at higher percents. Below 100%, I don't think Drew ever goes for this
  20. *If Drew is on the edge...
  21. **Comes up with aerial ~5-10% of the time
  22. ***Terrible if I can catch it. Run up shield -> nair, turn around and wd to edge at most percents
  23. **Wavelands on the other 90-95% of the time
  24. ***Something that works fairly often is run-up grab, but this is really hard to time because Drew can stall as long as he wants, and I can't afford to misspace the approach
  25. ***Mix-up with dashdance to force aggro option oos?
  28. ==Neutral==
  29. *Drew catches turnips 80%+ of the time
  30. **Reduce turnip pulls? This makes neutral way harder, though... probably not right. Lowers value of all other options
  31. **Use turnips more defensively, maybe. Throw turnip over side platform and float low, e.g.
  32. **Hold on to the turnip slightly more often to force Drew to give up space, since he'll often wd back to try and catch the turnip
  33. **Turnip throw down as approach? Weird spacing but maybe viable
  35. *How do I approach?
  36. **Armada uses a lot of low float bairs and restricts space. Works against Drew fairly well, but need to consider game tree
  37. ***What are Drew's options (assuming aggressive because passive options just lead to a loss of space)?
  38. ****Run up shield (not super common in this spot)
  39. ****Run up grab (also not super common, but Drew will go for it if I float low enough)
  40. ****Run up d-smash (common)
  41. ****Dash attack (common)
  42. ****Run up and aggro fair (I know Drew does this sometimes but I'm not sure about frequency)
  43. *****Nair / u-air possible but very rare so don't worry about these
  44. ***Bair will beat all options that aren't shield. If Peach gets clipped by dash attack or d-smash, then Peach is probably too close?
  45. ***Space bair on shield. It's amazing but has to be timed perfectly to not get shield grabbed
  46. ***To deal with Sheik's shield options, occasionally do something aggro after float bair
  47. ****Run-in grab, run-in nair -> grab, etc.
  48. --
  49. **What if I'm facing Drew and can't / don't feel safe about turning around and going into float?
  50. ***Fair and nair both okay but not amazing
  51. ***Run back and pull turnip sometimes
  52. ***Wavedash back -> d-tilt good, too. Catches dash attack and creates enough space to dodge everything else if well-spaced
  53. ***Should also consider single jabbing at times to catch dash attack / him running in
  54. --
  55. **What if Drew's camping platforms?
  56. ***Just pull turnips. Aggro aerials aren't good because of Drew's campiness / platform movement options. Throw up from center stage; hold onto stitch if I get one
  57. ***Maybe I can threaten intermittently on small stages?
  58. --
  59. **What if I run out of room?
  60. ***Spot sucks. Can spam low float aerials but if Drew's right under the platform and cornering me he can outspace them
  62. ==Getting Punished Out of Neutral==
  63. *What to do after I get grabbed?
  64. **If I miss the tech and am on the ground, do not get-up attack more than 15-20% of the time. I do this too much and Drew appropriately baits it
  65. **Possible to mash out; Drew pummels too much before throw
  66. **Do NOT DI d-throw in. Drew can JC tipper u-smash on reaction, so DI in is only good if I can get to a platform. Take the fair
  67. ***JC u-smash stops working at high percents right before kill percents, so taking u-air is preferable from 100-120% on stages with high ceilings
  68. **At low percents, Sheik can get chain grab if DI out. Maybe up to about 10-15%. If DI in, u-tilt and u-smash both possible
  69. ***Sometimes, if I DI in, Drew will bait the nair out of hitstun by shielding. Try to get behind him if aerialing out of hitstun
  70. **If Drew d-throws and I hit the platform, he will ALMOST ALWAYS waveland on and grab. He can react to the tech options
  71. ***Occasionally miss tech to throw off his timing. Not sure what correct frequency is, but probably around 50% until he adjusts
  73. ==Recovery== (prioritize this; weakest part of my game vs. most good people)
  74. *What if I don't have my jump / float?
  75. **Just up-b as soon as possible and take the hit
  76. ***I don't think it's worth trying to fake him out on the edge. Drephen usually doesn't fall for it which means he can react to it if he's careful
  77. ****Maybe occasionally at very high percent where the hit would otherwise kill me. I guess it's similar to his up-b to edge at high percent
  78. **Up-b from below the stage is dangerous
  79. ***Slightly better if he's not already on the edge; otherwise he can time the pull up and I die
  80. ***Still not amazing if he's on stage, though. D-tilt trades and then he can CC the up-b and follow-up
  81. ****Up-b from slightly further away so d-tilt misses? But then needle hits and that's even worse
  82. *What if I have my jump / float?
  83. **Recover high if possible. If I can force bair or u-air and avoid it, then I come down safely
  84. ***Although Drew is usually patient in this spot if I'm floating above him trying to get back to stage...
  85. ****Fall and air dodge left / right / down? Or come down with bair if he's behind me
  86. **Be very careful about air dodging from off-stage because Drew will mainly wait / dash dance and then grab
  87. ***Air dodge to platform OK because of shield drop options, mostly. Drew will usually either waveland on and grab or u-tilt from underneath
  88. ***Air dodge also OK out of float where Drew typically goes for some aerial option and I can get through him
  89. **Fair 100% if I need to create space. Nair / dair both bad, and I'll never be facing the right way for bair.
  90. *What if I'm on edge?
  91. **Get-up attack can be OK at times if he misspaces, but not good generally
  92. **Jump up kind of bad? I can react at apex of jump but Drew will usually fair before I can do anything, even if I hold back after jump
  93. **Roll usually punished by grab
  94. **Get-up probably should be the preferred option since it requires a hard read to punish immediately
  95. **Up-b stall bad because d-tilt (mentioned above)
  96. **Should look into what Armada does more. Are aerials from the edge ever any good? What about jumping up and air dodging / wavelanding?
  98. ==Miscellaneous==
  99. *Other Drephen habits not mentioned yet?
  100. **After Shino stalling, Drew will try to grab turnip and waveland to edge in one motion
  101. ***I have enough time to dash attack and knock him out of the jump after hearing the catch
  102. ****If Drew starts to go back to edge after catching turnip, I should probably not do this
  103. **If Drew catches a turnip and is close to me, he will almost always sh throw and then run in for grab
  104. ***Really hard to counteract... nair oos should work but sometimes I grab the turnip somehow? Grab should also be considered
  105. **Drephen loves to roll
  106. ***Dashdance occasionally in spots where he commonly rolls
  107. ****After fc aerial from safe distance, e.g.
  108. ****Or in a tech chase situation where he expects my typical aggro follow-up, e.g.
  109. *What do I do when Drew has invincibility after respawn?
  110. **Typical response is to shield on platform (planning to shield drop), float very high above him with turnip, or float off-stage with turnip
  111. **Should probably do more things involving top platform after he moves off of it
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