KH2FM (Garden of Assemblage Mod) Installation & Info

May 4th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Welcome to hopefully the new KH2FM Randomizer layout with the Garden of Assemblage World Map Mod I've been working on for a few months! What the Garden of Assemblage Mod does is that it takes Garden of Assemblage and restructures it into a World Map where each entrance takes you to a different world.
  3. Google Docs Version:
  4. - You will need to get it from the Google Docs Version as of now since the pastebins linked here are super outdated and now private.
  6. Installation:
  7. You will need PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-3200 to fully play this Mod as it has a unlimited Cheats limit as far as I'm aware of instead of the 1064 or so limit that older PCSX2 versions have, which this Mod has over 10,000 codes. To note, the most recent dev version should work too. Once you have PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-3200, you'll need to copy & paste all of this, put it in a Notepad/Wordpad, and save it as "F266B00B.pnach" while making sure "File name extensions" is checked in the "cheats" folder:
  9. If you want to use a English Patch for this, then you might need to rename the pnach file depending on the English Patch you're using. If you have English Patch Rev 5 (Xeeynamo's), you do not need to rename it. With English Patch Rev 6 (Sora6645's), you'll have to change F266B00B to "B7398B17" when renaming the pnach file. If you're using either English Patch Rev Final (Sora6645's) or CrazyCatz's English Patch, you'll have to change F266B00B to "FAF99301" when renaming the pnach file. Only issue with English Patch Rev Final as far as I'm aware of is that the Battle Levels do not work properly while CrazyCatz's English Patch is not compatible with Randomizers and the Promise Charm might not be available?
  11. Also make sure "Enable Cheats" is enabled on PCSX2's "System" tab and I hope you enjoy playing through this Mod, which makes KH2FM basically more opened! :)
  13. WARNINGS: Do not use Magic and Dodge Roll as Roxas, as he will T-Stance and can result in a softlock! Another one that BigSid found is make absolutely sure the last thing you do in the Equipment Menu before entering Simulated Twilight Town is to equip any weapon on Normal Sora. Drive Forms should be fine as long as you're not in Valor Form, Master Form, or Final Form!
  15. Randomizer Build (Only use for Randomizers!):
  16. If you want to do a Randomizer, then you'll have to either not use a English Patch, use Xeeynamo's English Patch (Rev 5), or Sora6645's English Patch (Rev 6), as it's not compatible with CrazyCatz's English Patch.
  18. Info:
  19. Xemnas -> The World That Never Was
  20. Xigbar -> The Land of Dragons
  21. Xaldin -> Beast's Castle
  22. Vexen -> Halloween Town
  23. Lexaeus -> Agrabah
  24. Zexion -> Olympus Coliseum
  25. Saix -> Pride Lands
  26. Axel -> Twilight Town
  27. Demyx -> Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
  28. Luxord -> Port Royal
  29. Marluxia -> Disney Castle/Timeless River
  30. Larxene -> Atlantica
  31. Roxas -> Simulated Twilight Town (Same world as Twilight Town, but is considered a "different" Twilight Town created by DiZ.)
  32. Entrance -> 100 Acre Wood (Book is permanently removed from Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden.)
  33. Exit -> Space Paranoids (Computer Reaction Command is permanently disabled except for a cutscene.)
  35. To beat the game on the Non-Randomizer Build, you will need to finish All Worlds, otherwise the Reaction Command at the door in Altar of Naught to enter Final Battles will not be there. You can finish any world in any order you want.
  37. Hollow Bastion and Space Paranoids has been restructured a bit to prevent any backtracking between those two worlds, while Simulated Twilight Town is fully explorable after defeating Axel II.
  39. Since the Data Organization XIII fights have been replaced with worlds, they are now hidden somewhere within the world their respective portals take you after finishing the last visit. Most of the Absent Silhouettes have also been relocated as well and their Data version will be available to fight right after defeating their Absent Silhouette version by re-entering their portal.
  41. Some quality of life stuff have been added as well: 1st part of the Pete fight in Olympus Coliseum is skipped, finishing Hollow Bastion 1st Visit takes you to the end of 2nd Visit for Baseball Charm, forced visit to 100 Acre Wood is skipped, having to go get Merlin before entering Timeless River is skipped, forced Light Cycle is skipped, and Dragon Xemnas is skipped going straight from Armor Xemnas 1 to Armor Xemnas 2.
  43. The Promise Charm has also been added to the game as well, which will be needed to unlock and fight Lingering Will after finishing Disney Castle. It can also be used to open a alternate way to Final Battles and level grind once All Worlds is finished and obtaining the Promise Charm.
  45. You'll still need all 5 Torn Pages to finish 100 Acre Wood and Magnera & Thundaga to finish Atlantica. You'll also now need to get Ice Cream & Picture from the end of Hollow Bastion (3rd Visit) to start the 3rd Visit of Twilight Town.
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