Planetary Eater - short

Jun 12th, 2016
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  1. Clouds burned at her nostrils. Fleeing with the casual snort. The land looking up to see the thick overcast grey start to bend and dip inwards until it parted to reveal a friction infused snout pushing through the atmosphere towards her prey. The maw opening to inhale the weather and intake the debris. Entire quarries worth of delectable topsoil rushing over her tongue and filing into her girth as she neared her final landing.
  3. Baring her teeth and opening her maw wider everything went silent. Then a terrifying crunch as she dug her jaw into the planet's jostling crust. Her moans growing louder as rivers of her saliva poured from her maw and made mush of the soil barring her feast from proceeding. So she started to chew and gnash, slowly letting the flavors of the arboreal forest she had let her maw land upon mix with the layers of cake-like topsoil. Marbled by the crunch of ancient fossils and rocks deep beneath while she tried to pull her jaw together and get a full sampling of her titanic meal.
  5. There was a slow and steady progress to her madness. Her jaw gnashing but not quite closing as she lifted her head back. Once more out to space where she could lean her head back and allow her OWN gravity direct the flow of all the succulent juices flowing inside her mouth. Slowly the bulge of planetary mass in her mouth caved to her will, turning into a softened shape of an egg before she balled it up in the back of her throat and finally swallowed. Murring as the bulge flowed in soft lurches down her throat and plopped into her massive middle. The stripey goddess looking down at herself, and her oh so precious cargo, and erped when she felt one of them kick.
  7. “Oh, you want more?” Her eyes flicked to the massive M-Class feast she had found, of the crater that was bigger than most city-states back home, and licked her maw clean, “Alright then my darlings, just a little more~”
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