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  1. Jun 30 13:28:15 control kernel: [3901541.490996] node[13243]: segfault at 1009b1994 ip 0000000000750f3b sp 00007fff2affa8e0 error 4 in node (deleted)[400000+879000]
  3. > ::jsstack
  4. 7fff2affa8e0 0x750f3b
  5. 7fff2affa950 v8::internal::Runtime_QuoteJSONString+0x21a
  6. 7fff2affa978 0x14255090618e internal (Code: 1425509060e1)
  7. 7fff2affa9c8 0x14255a1368e7 JSONSerialize (2f0cdd44e469)
  8. 7fff2affaa90 0x142553039979 SerializeObject (2f0cdd44dd19)
  9. 7fff2affab08 0x14255a136548 JSONSerialize (2f0cdd44e469)
  10. 7fff2affab98 0x1425584f9127 SerializeArray (2f0cdd44d9c9)
  11. 7fff2affac10 0x14255a1367a1 JSONSerialize (2f0cdd44e469)
  12. 7fff2affacd8 0x142553039979 SerializeObject (2f0cdd44dd19)
  13. 7fff2affad50 0x14255a136548 JSONSerialize (2f0cdd44e469)
  14. 7fff2affadc0 0x14255094b142 stringify (2f0cdd449f81)
  15. 7fff2affae28 0x142555615cce <anonymous> (as res.json) (2a34206fd6b9)
  16. 7fff2affae80 0x1425556ba789 <anonymous> (as res.send) (2a34206fd671)
  17. 7fff2affaeb0 0x14255a167804 <anonymous> (as <anon>) (6925ecdbd79)
  18. 7fff2affaef8 0x14256b192738 <anonymous> (as <anon>) (6925ecdbfa1)
  19. 7fff2affaf20 0x14256b127dc6 <anonymous> (as <anon>) (6925e5f4981)
  20. 7fff2affaf58 0x14255090a96e <ArgumentsAdaptorFrame>
  21. 7fff2affaff0 0x1425556e150b forEach (2f0cdd44d519)
  22. 7fff2affb030 0x14255090a96e <ArgumentsAdaptorFrame>
  23. 7fff2affb068 0x142555610fac <anonymous> (as _each) (1d25682c9d81)
  24. 7fff2affb0b8 0x14256b192571 <anonymous> (as taskComplete) (6925ecdbf59)
  25. 7fff2affb0f0 0x142554243602 processImmediate (1af6e0b0bdb1)
  26. 7fff2affb128 0x1425509245e7 <InternalFrame>
  27. 7fff2affb1b0 0x1425509118b7 <EntryFrame>
  28. 7fff2affb240 0x61a7b7
  29. 7fff2affb290 v8::internal::Execution::Call+0xc8
  30. 7fff2affb310 v8::Function::Call+0x14a
  31. 7fff2affb380 node::MakeCallback+0x5d
  32. 7fff2affb3d0 node::MakeCallback+0x52
  33. 7fff2affb400 0x83367f
  34. 7fff2affb430 uv__run_check+0x42
  35. 7fff2affb480 uv_run+0xf4
  36. 7fff2affb510 node::Start+0x148
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