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Jul 9th, 2018
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  1. Hey, dudes. ✌️
  3. I was just DM’d about this episode recently and before that I never even knew you guys existed so I’m a little late to the party.
  5. I’ve got some quick corrections and critiques for this particular episode. I believe these are important criticisms to make because without acknowledging the errors and inconsistencies with your statements and logic, it severely diminishes your overall argument.
  7. - The models on The Manhammer’s base aren’t “rape models” from Dakkadakka. They are “Sub-Series” models by Manufaktura Miniatures LLC. That is “Sub” as in “submissive” (opposed to the “dominant” or “Dom” in BDSM communities). I’m pretty sure you were probably totally unaware of this, but you’ve unknowingly made yourself look like you are sexually-intolerant bordering on actual kink-shaming. This even has been pointed out by a female member of the 40K community, in fact. LGBT+ and specifically fetish communities definitely would take offense to labeling such behavior as “rape fantasy.”
  9. Furthermore, The Manhammer assuming the role of the “Dom” (if that truly was the case) would make the interaction between the male and female parties absolutely consentual if they were - in fact - actual living people, and not - in fact - little resin miniatures. This was clearly an error in judgement and inference without knowledge.
  11. - The Totenkopf isn’t actually a “nazi-symbol.” Did the Nazis use it? Yes. The Nazis also used Sig Runes as symbols for the SS but that doesn’t make the Sig Rune nor the entire range of Nordic Runes a “Nazi Alphabet”, does it? The Totenkopf dates back to at least the 1800’s and was used as a symbol of Germanic military valour and dominance. It was also used to show that they had no fear of death and could wear its visage proudly (this was especially the case with 19th Century Hussar light cavalry). By relying on Dan’s Grandfather’s “common wisdom” instead of actual historical fact, you’ve destroyed any chance at legitimacy for your claims. In a parallel example, would you go so far as to say that Nordic peoples shouldn’t get Valknut tattoos because that symbol also happens to be utilized by a large number of white supremist groups? It seems reasonable that any person of a proud German heritage could legitimately put a Totenkopf on his warmachine - especially in a game that is specifically about galactic warfare. Actually, it’s incredibly reasonable. Once again, an error in judgement and inference without knowledge.
  13. - As a sidenote before we continue: You’ve actually unwittingly villainized yourself by calling Reece Richard Robbins a “fucking idiot”, and an “arrogant stupid man” who sounds like “he’s gargling on broken glass.” Regardless of how you feel about the actions and attitudes of Mr. Robbins, rather than taking the high road with sophisticated and polite discourse, you resort to name calling which instantly destroys the legitimacy of your stance against him (and makes you look, at the very least, just as bad if not much worse).
  15. You absolutely should publicly apologize for these statements as they sound disgusting and pathetic and make both of you look aggressively petty, in comparison. Your bold statements are far worse than any sort of “excuse” or “support” for the Totenkopf Knight that you perceived to be offensive could ever be. Especially since, the image itself is not offensive in origin (only your perception of it is).
  17. - The Manhammer and The Monster Energy Legion have been a parody of 40K on the @segstudio Instagram page since day one, well over a year ago. It’s an energy-drink-brand-legion who’s Primarch is a meat-headed goofball wearing a top-hat. You know Alex Armstrong from FMA: Brotherhood? Basically like that, except he’s living in the 40K universe and is a ballin’ playboy. Like, common now... let’s be reasonable. There was no “backpedaling to explain the model by using parody as an excuse.” You’re just plain wrong on this one and you should definitely have done more research before making such a bold claim. Furthermore, The Manhammer is clearly a baller, not a pimp. The term “baller” is used countless times on multiple posts while the term “pimp” (to describe him) isn’t used once. I believe what happened is that you and Dan projected your own interpretations onto a pre-established narrative. Basically, you created a false-boogieman to fight against when there wasn’t one to begin with. He is just filthy rich and livin’ it up as a fake Primarch, that’s all. I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion of labeling him as a pimp unless it was solely based on your own engrained prejudice and bias. Furthermore, he’s wearing a top-hat, not a fedora. Such simple mistakes like this really devalue your opinion since it really questions your actual basic functional knowledge. If you’ve been paying attention, that completes a trifecta of examples of “errors in judgement and inference without knowledge.”
  19. Let’s stop there, for now. Basically, what it comes down to is that you are essentially using subjective feeling instead of objective reasoning to interpret... pretty much everything, I guess?
  21. I’ve also got a couple of quick but important general criticisms too:
  23. - The moment Dan started actually yelling about how socio-political issues (in a game where adult men play pretend with little plastic soldiers) was serious business, you really lost any chance at professionalism with your discourse. It was almost like a tantrum, really. It’s important to remain grounded and professional otherwise people just plain stop listening to you and write you off as a whiney petty hack.
  25. - The part of your podcast where you both proclaimed that if you received public apologies and the offending models were thrown away you’d invite the “offending parties” back into your hobby... Doesn’t that seem a bit egocentric? A little narcissistic? Are you guys displaying a grandiose sense of self-worth a bit too much? Maybe even a little bit too “gooble-gobble one of us”, eh? Perhaps it’s engrained attitudes such as those that truly keep normal functional people from joining the hobby, not just some little plastic booby-models.
  27. I urge you two individuals to issue a series of public apologies. You’ve (knowingly or unknowingly) shown intolerance and prejudice against fetish/hyper-sexual communities of people and your verbal assault on Reece Robbins is unacceptable behavior when trying to grow and maintain a healthy thriving community. As you two even said in your own podcast... it’s important to own your mistakes, make your apologies and then we can grow together as a community. 🤗
  29. If a public response of some kind is not issued from you within three days I will go ahead with posting a formal criticism and critical analysis of both your podcast and you two as individuals, in your own right. I hope that we can come to a satisfactory conclusion with these unfortunate events, that you have learned something and that you become better people in the future.
  31. I am hoping for intelligent discourse while anticipating an “instinctual banhammer” reaction. It’s time to show me the fibre of your fabric, gentlemen. Your move. 💪🧐👍
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