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  1. Morello - Lead Champion Designer
  3. * Passive: Xerath doesn't actually need this passive, and instead should focus on one that emphasizes ranged play. We'll be making this change in the next couple patches.
  5. * Seige Mode: Should not lock you down - that's an unusable character in LoL. Using it to pulse one long-range spell or to set up for a longer barrage is fine. It gives it multiple ways to use it, which I'm fine with.
  7. * Stun: If we do remove the passive, he'll never survive a real teamfight without this. Mages need CC and/or mobility to function. If we remove the free tankiness, this will apply even more.
  9. I appreciate the feedback (always!), but I'm generally happy with Xerath's design other than his passive, which we're going to change. I think the difference between "man, I wish this were better" and "THIS IS THE WORST WTFFFF" is pretty wide
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