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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. VeñN: yoyo
  4. VeñN: damn
  5. VeñN: scaling team
  6. In-Game
  7. VeñN: the riven's smurfing
  8. VeñN: I'll just take care not to feed
  9. VeñN: sounds good
  10. VeñN: lmao
  11. VeñN: ez win
  12. VeñN: they should ff now
  13. VeñN: wtf
  14. VeñN: just happened
  15. VeñN: maybe I shouldn't have tpd
  16. VeñN: idk
  17. VeñN: cool
  18. VeñN: she's retarded
  19. VeñN: ah
  20. VeñN: she has tp
  21. VeñN: thought she didn't have tp
  22. VeñN: classic riven player
  23. VeñN: this is kinda over for me
  24. VeñN: I shouldn't have tp'd down
  25. VeñN: fun
  26. VeñN: how do you do it
  27. VeñN: smurfing on the 0 counterplay champ
  28. VeñN: with an early gank
  29. VeñN: and a cheese invade
  30. VeñN: gotta be so insecure
  31. VeñN: sure
  32. VeñN: the instant w
  33. VeñN: 60% wr
  34. VeñN: my dude
  35. VeñN: I win this game
  36. VeñN: counter
  37. VeñN: play
  38. VeñN: dude
  39. VeñN: you're smurfing
  40. VeñN: and playing
  41. VeñN: riven
  42. VeñN: just sad
  43. VeñN: so sad
  44. VeñN: I did
  45. VeñN: but you're better than me
  46. VeñN: so you held q3
  47. VeñN: imagine smurfing
  48. VeñN: and shit talking
  49. VeñN: carrying your hardstuck jungler
  50. VeñN: you
  51. VeñN: are
  52. VeñN: smurfing
  53. VeñN: don't
  54. VeñN: shit talk
  55. VeñN: blows my mind you're so fucking sad
  56. VeñN: you'd shit talk worse players for being worse
  57. VeñN: loo at me
  58. VeñN: under tower
  59. VeñN: it's fucking impossible mate
  60. VeñN: your w
  61. VeñN: is insta cast
  62. VeñN: I wish I could predict
  63. VeñN: but it's not humanly possible
  64. VeñN: look at youi
  65. VeñN: a cocky smurf
  66. VeñN: miles ahead
  67. VeñN: and freezing the lane
  68. VeñN: that's just fucking dumb
  69. VeñN: what do you want me to w
  70. VeñN: what can I w
  71. VeñN: when you cast w with your q3
  72. VeñN: it's fucking impossible
  73. VeñN: lucian
  74. VeñN: shut your fucking mouth
  75. VeñN: you fucking piece of shit
  76. VeñN: am I a pro player?
  77. VeñN: no
  78. VeñN: you're the fucking smurf
  79. VeñN: lucain my bow
  80. VeñN: my boy
  81. VeñN: I can lose this game for you
  82. VeñN: if you want
  83. VeñN: I will run it down
  84. VeñN: say one more thinig
  85. VeñN: dan I will make sur
  86. VeñN: you lose
  87. VeñN: look at you
  88. VeñN: counter
  89. VeñN: play
  90. VeñN: aiight
  91. VeñN: then
  92. VeñN: you've decided it ryze
  93. VeñN: I'm running it down
  94. VeñN: you've decided it ryze
  95. VeñN: thanks to you
  96. VeñN: I'm gonna int
  97. VeñN: I said
  98. VeñN: one more negative comment
  99. VeñN: and I was running it down
  100. VeñN: well done
  101. VeñN: you pinged my r
  102. VeñN: like a little cunt
  103. VeñN: gg
  104. VeñN: roven
  105. VeñN: roven
  106. VeñN: roven
  107. VeñN: roven
  108. VeñN: you can't fucking type
  109. VeñN: lmoa
  110. VeñN: wp lucian
  111. VeñN: wp
  112. VeñN: still shit talking
  113. VeñN: whilst smurfing
  114. VeñN: how sad must your life be
  115. VeñN: I tried
  116. VeñN: and got ganked
  117. VeñN: with no helkp
  118. VeñN: against this smurfing cunt
  119. VeñN: yeah
  120. VeñN: cool
  121. VeñN: 60% wr
  122. VeñN: over 90 games
  123. VeñN: definintely not the fact that this riven is a main d1
  124. VeñN: nothing to do with that
  125. VeñN: lmao
  126. VeñN: congrats
  127. VeñN: handed the win
  128. VeñN: by a smurf
  129. VeñN: wp
  130. VeñN: I guess
  131. Post-Game
  132. VeñN: how dare I
  133. VeñN: how dare I be beaten by someone way better than me
  134. VeñN: and it's insane that you actually flame whilst smurfing
  135. VeñN: look at this ^
  136. VeñN: this is a smurf^
  137. VeñN: sure
  138. VeñN: 60% wr
  139. VeñN: but I'm bad
  140. VeñN: ah yes
  141. VeñN: that would sort it
  142. VeñN: have you played against a smurfing riven before?
  143. VeñN: you can if you want
  144. VeñN: I'm used to being able to take certain trades
  145. VeñN: because the level of players
  146. VeñN: YOU'RE AN ADC
  150. VeñN: jesus christ
  151. VeñN: you're still ranged
  152. VeñN: and had botrc
  153. VeñN: so you can definitely kill her
  154. VeñN: if she picks the wrong fight
  155. VeñN: are you telling me
  156. VeñN: she wasn't smurfing?
  157. VeñN: tell me
  158. VeñN: did I intentionally lose the game?
  159. VeñN: agreed
  160. VeñN: but did I intentionally lose the game
  161. VeñN: exactly
  162. VeñN: and then did you see how I died
  163. VeñN: did you see how?
  164. VeñN: were you watching
  165. VeñN: no
  166. VeñN: buuuut you didn't
  167. VeñN: mentally not able
  168. VeñN: that's why I have a 60% wr
  169. VeñN: 60% wr
  170. VeñN: 60% wr
  171. VeñN: what's yours
  172. VeñN: 51%
  173. VeñN: damn
  174. VeñN: you're insane
  175. VeñN: teach me more
  176. VeñN: but you're telling me
  177. VeñN: I'm not able to play the game
  178. VeñN: and I int
  179. VeñN: but my winrate
  180. VeñN: which is entiraly solo
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