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  1. username: molliermag
  3. password: min suga
  5. kakaotalk id: molliermag
  7. full name: zhao zi qing
  9. birthday: june 20, 1999
  11. nationality: taiwanese
  13. ethnicity: taiwanese
  15. hometown: taipei, taiwan
  17. height: 173 cm
  19. weight: 45 kg
  21. face claim: vivi (loona)
  23. backup: mei qi
  25. slot: dragon fruit
  27. backup: raspberry
  29. rates:
  30. vocal: 70/100
  31. rap: 30/10
  32. dance: 95/10
  33. teamwork: 97/100
  35. personality: zi qing is incredibly sexy, she is the sexy one of the group and is a powerhouse on stage. she is also incredibly smart and has an IQ of 162. she is very nurturing, especially to the younger trainees. she is very supportive of everything her members do, and love helping them on their solo endeavors. she is unconditionally living, even if you do wrong by zi she will still love and support you. she is empathetic. she knows how everyone feels and tries to help them as best as she can. she is very outgoing and silly. but some of her downfalls is that she is moody, she’s moody most of the time but when she’s one her period she’s the absolute worst, you don’t want to even talk to her. she is also passive, she just accepts it and moves on not wanting to start a fight. if something terrible happens she is unable to let it go, for example when her brother told her he would rather see her dead than see her as an idol. even though he apologized she still wasn’t able to let it go. and finally she’s her dependent on the other members, she can’t do much without them.
  37. background: zi qing was born and raised in taipei, taiwan in a very close knit family. when she was 2 she started taking dance lessons emphasizing ballet. when she was 8 she started taking singing lessons because she knew she wanted to become an idol. the first time she knew she wanted to become a kpop idol was when she heard snsd’s debut song for the first time. in 2012 she auditioned for DOJO Entertainment through a global audition in taiwan. she trained for 3 years when she was given the opportunity to debut in 2015.
  39. trivia: -she has a boyfriend who is in the military
  40. -she has a dog named romeo
  41. -she loves to eat
  42. -she is an amaizng cook
  43. -give her any song and she can freestyle to it
  44. -she would die if she doesn’t have at least 3 cups of  coffee a day
  45. -she has an IQ of 162
  46. -her younger brother is an SM trainee
  47. -she can speak korean, mandarin, and english
  48. -she really wants to be nominated for a bbma
  49. -she works out twice a day
  50. -she was a contestant on the unit
  51. -her best friends include do-yeon, somi, mark, luca, kun, jackson, and chenle
  52. -she has adopted the nct dreamies
  53. -she went back to taiwan for 7 months during their hiatus
  54. -she loves to shop
  55. -she went to new york city for 5 months during her trainee days to study ballet at the joffrey ballet school
  56. -her brother and older sister died during her hiatus
  57. -she lives in gucci
  59. family: zhao ying yue | 58 | mom | coo of zhao apparel |
  60. zhao wang shu | 60 | dad | ceo of zhao apparel |
  61. zhao hui yin | 25 | older sister | was the head designer at zhao apparel | (deceased)
  62. zhao yu yun | 29 | older brother | vice president of zhao apparel
  63. zhao zheng | 15 | younger brother | SM trainee
  64. zhao yu yong | 7 | younger brother |  elementary student |  (deceased)
  66. what is her greatest strength: her loving personality. the fact that even if you do wrong by her she can still love an accept you is one of her greatest strengths.
  67. what is her greatest weakness: the fact that her family doesn’t support her. she thinks that family is one of the most important things in life and the fact that her family doesn’t support her kiosk her inside and makes her want to quit the idol life every time something goes wrong
  68. what do you really want: she really just wants to make her family proud she ants to show them that there is a reason why she left home why she isn’t going to college or becoming the future cop of zhao apparel. she just wants to prove her family wrong and make her younger brother proud of her because this was always there dream, that she would one day feature him in one of her music videos
  69. how does she act when angry: she is very defensive and almost never backs down. she gets very heated and blows up and screams at her members
  70. what is her greatest fear: amusement park rides especially roller coasters. she hates heights and there’s just something about them she refuses to ride them, maybe it the way her stomach drops she’s not sure but all she knows is she hates them
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