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  1. [01:53] Ebon Night: So I do have a question.
  2. [01:53] Shanti Jay: oh? sure! ask away~?
  3. [01:54] *Ebon Night giggles "why are you not churning in my nuts like a proper cocksnack that we both know you are"
  4. [01:57] *Shanti Jay chirps and blushes deeply, stuttering awkwardly at the question "c...churning in... your nuts...? I... I um..."
  5. [01:58] *Ebon Night grins and nods to the avian, smirking confidently as she reaches down to rub over her thick length "of course, you, in my nuts, now" she annunciates to her, step slowly closer and purring lightly as she wiggles her hips teasingly.
  6. [02:05] *Shanti Jay lowered her crest, looking down at the umbreon's length. the avian's face red, while she shuffled her wings, gulping "b...but... I... I..." the bird gulped, her own length peeking out of her slit as she kept looking at the umbreon while her hips swayed, almost hypnotized
  7. [02:06] *Ebon Night giggles lightly and smirks "mm, no more buts, except for yours vanishing down my cock" she teases lightly, purring as she begins her slow stalk towards the avian, continuing to sway her hips side to side now, her cock bobbing about, a bead of pre on her tip as she smiles, licking her lips.
  8. [02:13] *Shanti Jay shivered slightly and looked up at the taller umbreon as she walked closer to her. she could have run away, or even better, spread out her wings and flew off. instead, she just fluffed up slightly her feathers, and dropped to her knees, looking up.
  9. [02:15] *Ebon Night smirks lightly as she watches the bird drop down to her knees "mmm, now that is a good little cocksnack, let's get you into your proper home" she growls gently, chuckling as she brings that cock right up to her face, that musky scent quickly overtaking her sense of smell as she purrs in pleasure, teasing the bird with the sight of her cock right in front of her.
  10. [02:25] *Shanti Jay shuddered and leaned forward. the avian opened her beak, licking up a bit of pre from the tip of the umbreon's cock. shuffling a little her wings, and cupping her hand talons under your balls, her own cock growing hard between your legs as she cooed out faintly "a..wkh... y...your...cocksnack..." she mumbled out, taking a deep breath of that intoxicating scent, lidding her eyes
  11. [02:28] *Ebon Night grins and purrs in pleasure as she felt her balls cupped and teased by the avian snack and churrs. She smiles lightly and rolls her hips forward, grinding her cock up against her beak, cooing happily as she licks her lips "indeed, my cocksnack, soon you'll be nothing but frothing jizz sloshing about within my nuts" she growls down to her, forcing her to inhale more of her scent, rubbing that pre over her beak as she moans out.
  12. [02:34] *Shanti Jay blushes deeply and gulped... looking down at the umbreon's balls, kneading eagerly over them. the thought she might soon be churning and sloshing in between your thighs should have made her want to fly away, really. but, she was stuck in place... eagely licking along the underside of that shaft, and moving one of her talons over your cock, stroking along its length... trying to please you, while her own length dripped some pre on the floor "w..where... where I'm supposed to be..."
  13. [02:37] *Ebon Night listens to her repeated words, a grin on her face as she coos and nods "mm, that's right, where you are supposed to be" she hisses gently, mrowling out as she moans happily from those teasing strokes "mm, now for the most important part, putting you where you belong" she growls down to her, pulling back before smirking and pushing forward, her tip pressing to her beak for a moment before beginning to stretch and wrap over her face, slowly beginning to engulf the avian within that thick poke-cock, the scent within her length even stronger.
  14. [02:44] *Shanti Jay gasped and opened wide her eyes. her smooth beak nudging against that tight hole, just before it began stretching and squelching around her face. she tried to say something, but couldn't really speak with her beak held shut like that. still, you could feel her shuddering heavily, her hand talon stroking along the bulging underside of your cock. once again, common sense told her to flee... but instead, she delicately wriggled her beak side to side, trying to ease it deeper within your cock. rrkkhh
  15. [02:47] *Ebon Night grins and moans out happily as she doesn't feel her struggle away, but instead, wriggles to help push herself deeper into that length. She coos out happily, panting as she watches that length crawling along her beak, sealing her into the depths of her length and mrowls in bliss, panting as she continues rolling and rocking her hips forward, her cock engulfing more of the avian, her tip crawling over her head, sucking her into those moist and cummy depths of her length. She grins and shudders, biting her lip as she reaches down, rubbing the bulge she made within her cock "hnngh, looking better already, cocksnack" she growls, not even having bothered to ask for her name.
  16. [02:54] *Shanti Jay clenched her talons, letting out a shy, eager moan as that hot, slimy flesh crawled further along her face, claiming her head. you could feel the corvid part her beak just a little, licking along the inner flesh of your shaft. her wings shuffling and spreading open, before tucking themselves tight against her back, to avoid getting in the way. you could feel her pant out and coo in delight, one of her hands reaching between her legs, gripping her own shaft. not that her name really mattered, after all... seeing how she would soon be nothing but seed sloshing and burbling in your nuts
  17. [02:58] *Ebon Night pants happily, cooing in pleasure as her cock throbs and pulses heavily around the avian's neck, squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, each tug and pulse working the bird in further down that length. She mrowls sweetly, her hands rubbing over those bulges slipping down her cock, her tip beginning to work over her shoulders, chest and the start of her wings. She smirks as she felt her tuck them in, smart move or else they would have gone in either way. She mrowls cutely now as she shivers in bliss, her cock squeezing down on her again, cum oozing around her form, soaking into her feathers as the Umbreon coos in lust, reaching down to grab at her hips to help tug her into that cock and towards those growling and gurgling nuts.
  18. [03:05] *Shanti Jay blushed heavily and closed her eyes, getting soaked in that thick, musky cum as she heard the muffled moaning and cooing of pleasure of the umbreon. each of those clenches slurping her in a bit further. soon enough, once you had a good enough grip on her, she let out a muffled chirp and began squirming a bit... not trying to get out, but rather, attempting to please her predator, slowly turning and shifting side to side within the tight confines of that thick shaft. her drenched feathers brushing along that sensitive flesh, sqwawking in surprise as your hand reached down to grab her hips
  19. [03:08] *Ebon Night moans out gently, cooing happily and panting in lust now, her hands gripping her hips tighter, squeezing into her feathered form and moans more, her cock pulling with her twists and turns, each motion of the avian within eliciting another moan of pleasure from the pokemon. She smirks and shudders, reaching down to grab her length, lifting it up to turn her world upside down and let gravity begin to assist in her descent, her beak and head beginning to push into her nuts, a pool of cum sloshing and burbling beneath her in wait, that musky scent completely overriding her senses now.
  20. [03:15] *Shanti Jay bawks and wriggled her head a bit, somewhere in the depths of your length... she took a deep, desperate gasp for air, right before she was plunged into that hot, thick jizz. you could feel her squirming slowing down a bit, leg kicking faintly  in the air as you lifted your cock up. her weight starting to deposit within your nuts, squelching and swelling out that lovely sac. her toes curling and clenching, while her own shaft throbbed between her legs "a..awwk..."
  21. [03:19] *Ebon Night grins lightly as she moans, feeling that weight starting to slip and settle into her nuts, cooing out in pleasure as she grins, reaching out and stroking that avian's shaft before it vanishes down her cock. She groans happily, cooing as she sends the bird slipping down her shaft, forcing more of her down into that pool of jizz, practically drowning her in that thick seed. She pants happily, biting her lip and murring softly, growling in bliss as she watches the last of those talons slipping down and out of sight with a final SCHLUCK, sending the bird plummeting into her sac.
  22. [03:27] *Shanti Jay closed her eyes shut as she was forced face first into that pool of cum by her own weight, feeling that hot, pulsating flesh crawling along her legs, and then, over her talons. you could feel the bird starting to struggle around for air, pushing at the inside of your nuts as she did, making them sway and wobble between your thighs. once the last of her talons was finally gone and eventually squelched into your balls, she shuffled around, rolling and turning within your balls, taking a deep breath of air, and panting heavily
  23. [03:29] *Ebon Night pants heavily as she grins, feeling the last of the avian slip down her cock, sloshing about within her sac, her cum soaking into her feathered form, tingling her body as she mrowls heavily "hnngh, oh fuck yes, you are going to feel so good" she pants again, her breath heavily as she growls in pleasure, reaching down and massaging her sac, sloshing and kneading her around within, coating her in that thick seed as it begins its process on melting her down into more thick seed. The Umbreon groans, her mind in heaven as she smiles, watching her nuts wobble about and listening to the cacophony of gurgles echoing out from between her legs.
  24. [03:34] *Shanti Jay panted out and listened to your nuts sloshing and burbling all around her... the avian sprawled back, gripping her length and stroking herself off. even when faced with the threat of being churned into cum, she didn't try to squirm out, but instead, she began kneading along your inner flesh with her talons, feeling your hands kneading, groping and stroking along her form from outside " I... I just hope you enjoy your cocksnack..." she chirped out, moaning herself in that tight, oppressive heat, not quite sure the umbreon could hear her anymore
  25. [03:36] *Ebon Night smirks as she heard faint mumbles from her nuts, though the sloshing and gurgles would drown anything out, she coos in pleasure, relaxing and massaging over her sac, pushing down on the avian within, listening to her nuts as the digest the avian slowly, churning her up, melting her feathers off slowly, churning and breaking her down as the Umbreon does indeed enjoy her cocksnack, loving the feeling of her softening and melting down within her sac, nothing to be left of her but maybe a few feathers and a load of fresh, thick churned cum.
  26. [03:43] *Shanti Jay panted out from within the tightness of your nuts. you could feel her movements slowing down a bit, her form growing softer and less defined. the lumps over the surface of your sac growing less and less defined, while it became increasingly more difficult to tell exactly what was cum and what was bird. after a few minutes, you could feel her talons pushing outwards, as well as a loud sqwawk as she arched her back, moaning out in delight, before she fell limp within you, giving a faint squirm every now and then. considering what was she up to, in there, it wasn't hard to tell why
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